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A graphical program for customizing flash video player for website
Price: $99.95

Moyea Web Player Pro with function of adding ads is especially useful to such kinds of people: video share site designers; business men including both company and salesmen; forum administrators; teachers in training center; amateurs of personal site such as blog, personal sites and Myspace.

 With Moyea Web Player Pro, you can easily add ads into flash videos, and then generate a flash video player with playlist for your website, blog, e-store or forum to earn cash or get more business opportunities.

Why do I choose Moyea Web Player Pro?
Because the following advantages:

• Easily add videos from both local computer and website to your website. No coding skills or flash knowledge is required
• Add advertisements to any video at any point-in-time to earn cash or get business opportunities
• Perfectly customize the flash video player on player size, player template, background color, control buttons, playlist to get dazzling video effects
• Visualized navigation using thumbnail list below the flash video player
• User friendly interface, easy-to-use operation

With it, you can:

All-around, multi-angle publicize your products to enhance profit for business men
The flash video player allows you to show your products all-around from multi-angles: photos, interactive content in descriptions, adding advertisements to the videos, as well as directly linking to the products detail info.
Moreover, this flash video player can be uploaded to everywhere: company websites, e-store attachments, personal sites, blog, forum and video share sites, thus greatly enlarge your potential consumer number and boost your sales volume

E-learning tool, another profitable way for teachers in training centre
Moyea web player pro allows teachers to play their interesting lessons on websites, easily to add and change their lessons from time to time, thus lessons as well as the teacher can be appreciated by more and more students.
The new function of adding Ads to video can bring teachers extra business opportunity and profit

 Enrich content to your space for personal sites amateurs (blog, personal sites and Myspace)
Besides playing flash video from local computer, the flash video player can also play flash video from website by adding its URL to the playlist
Besides playing your precious photos in a flash video file for sharing with others on blog, Myspace and personal site, the flash video player can also play Ads you add
All of this can not only enrich content and increase visitors, but also earn cash and bring much business opportunity from advertisement.

Rich player template options, easy-to-use operation for video share site web designers
Moyea Web Player Pro offers abundant player templates and skins, and only several simple steps no needing professional knowledge you can make a dazzling flash video player. So it's especially useful to video share site web designers.
Moreover, the new function of adding Ads into video can earn cash or bring about much more business opportunity from advertisement.

Vivid video and audio contents make your forum uniquely for forum administrators
Frankly speaking, almost all of the forums current only contain words traditionally. Then how is it to be if your forum contains flash video playing? Especially one that can be inserted advertisements?
Can't it attract a large quantity of visitors? Can't you get much more business opportunity from advertisement?
With Moyea web player pro, all of this will come true.

Price: $99.95

Moyea Web Player Premium
A graphical program for customizing flash video player for website

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