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How to Transfer an Interactive Flash .SWF Wallpaper from Computer to Phone

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A lot of beautiful wallpapers and screensavers are in flash .swf format and most of them are hosted on your computers.

Why to Transfer from Computer to Phone?

Basing on a resource-share concept, an interactive and animated flash swf wallpaper for computer can be definitely used as a screensaver on the phone, it’s just a matter of screen size and different resolutions.

Phone has more portable advantages than the computer, especially for mobile applications. Regardless of the fact that the computers nowadays are becoming smaller and smaller, phones are getting smarter and smarter, and at the same time, still remain small, convenient and easy to use.

What a Flash Wallpaper Can Be Converted to for a Phone?

At least you have the following options:

Convert it to video: a regular video format is usually accepted by most mobile phones and can be browsed directly via the default media players they have pre-installed.

Convert it to audio: this is the trend and it is true that most people will use their phone to listen to the music or radio programs.

Convert it to picture: this is quite new for some people but actually this is the most practical one because picture format, especially animated gif picture format, can retain the 100% flash animation effect and can be easily used as a wallpaper on the phone.

How to Transfer a Flash Wallpaper from Computer to Phone?

This can be done using bluetooth if both your phone and computer support it. Or you can use a USB cord.

Or it can be done using the above mentioned approaches, especiallyby converting it to the animated gif picture format.
The brief tutorial of how to achieve this conversion using a handy Flash SWF to Picture Converter below will explain how.

Step 1: Import the original Flash SWF file you want to convert into the program.
transfer Flash SWF wallpapers from computer to phone

Step 2: Choose the animated gif picture format from the drop-down Style menu and access its advanced settings page for more parameter options if necessary.
transfer Flash SWF wallpapers from computer to phone

Step 3: Click Convert to start the conversion after a short performance testing.
transfer Flash SWF wallpapers from computer to phone
Step 4: Transfer the converted file in the right format to your phone using its attached USB wire or wireless devices, and then set it as your phone wallpaper or screensaver to enjoy!

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