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Check out evaluation about our Moyea SWF to Video Converters from users and Magazines/website editors, and try it by yourself and let us to know your opinion.

5 Diamonds

SWF video converter - Don't take our word for it, just ask our customers who we are!
Great! Thanks!
As I said – I am very happy with your software and use it often.
I must say that I can not think of anything that your software already can do. It is easy, fast and make a good quality videofile. I have tipsed a lot of my friends on the program. I use it more and more, converting videofiles and publish it to my customers websites. Again – thanks for your great work – and keep up with the good work.

- From Med vennlig hilsen

I did a search for your software. And I had heard other people discuss it too. Now I have about your 6 pieces of software that do different things. SWF to video. FLV to video, DVD Ripper, etc, etc etc. and all of them works fine!

- From Jay Burt

I found your website through Google. I was lucky that my search words matched your website offering. I may recommend to my friends about you. I will be uploading some family videos to my family websites!

-From Rajesh Madhawarayan