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It is much easier to watch a regular movie than an SWF file on your devices especially on the go. I think the possible reasons are: the rare Flash SWF resources and the rare devices that with natural Flash SWF support.

Therefore, if you are pursuing the same flawless experience of viewing movies you had before, you may need a tool that can do the exact Flash SWF to movie conversion, so that you can enjoy your favorite Flash contents as easy as a movie on various devices anytime and anywhere you want.

A good Flash SWF to Movie Converter shall provide multiple solutions to make Flash SWF playback as easy as a movie. For example:

You can convert Flash SWF to movie in popular video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. so that you can play it in kinds of portable devices for immediate fun or upload it to Internet for video sharing.
How to Convert Flash SWF to Movie

You can convert Flash SWF to movie in DVD format VOB, then burn it to disc later with the assistance of a third-party burning program or your DVD drive.When it is done, you can enjoy the converted Flash content in a home DVD player with all family members for great fun.
How to Convert Flash SWF to Movie

You can also convert Flash SWF to movie format WMV, which is compatible with desktop video players like Windows Media Player and others more.
How to Convert Flash SWF to Movie
Besides, you can find more movie formats in the Style drop-down menu that will provide more SWF to movie platform/enjoyment, for example, the 3GP and 3G2 formats for cellphones, MOV format for Apple QuickTime and so on.

When you finalize the output movie format, the program will perform the selected SWF to movie format conversion after a short performance testing.
How to Convert Flash SWF to Movie

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