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How to Make a Simple Flash E-card?

To make a nice and impressive flash e-card is not that difficult as you think it should be. No matter you are the amateurs who prefer the easy wizard and existing templates to follow; or the professionals who would like to customize it more by Action Script, you can easily get it started and done.

Hands down! First, we do not have to make those complex flash components by ourselves; second, we do not have to make the flash e-card from scratch; third, we do not have to know Action Script or HTML…all we have to do is: pick your favorite template, add some interesting elements, and the last, assemble all the single pieces  together!

Preparation: a "what you see is what you get" tool named SWF Easy – a whatever flash animation maker with rich flash templates, vivid flash effects and easy operations.

Step 1: Choose how would you like to start the flash e-card making process. From blank window or from template.

Step 2: Edit the flash text from "Format" tab, where you can set the text font face, font size, color, bold, align, etc.


Step 3: Replace an existing flash graphic or add new graphics from "Resource" and "Component" tab.

Note for professionals: if there is no proper resources, you can also import them from your local PC so the resource library can be ever-extended.

Step 4: Add URL address for your flash e-card, so whenever your recipients click it, they will be redirected to your blog homepage, photo album URL, etc.

Step 5: Select one specific text or graphic in the card, click "Add Effect" button to add special effect for each item, and adjust its duration in the effect timeline.

Step 6: Export the generated flash e-card to your PC folder and save it in SWF format or embed it into webpage using the generated HTML code.

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