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How to Upload Flash SWF File to 4chan Imageboard

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Sometimes it’s much easier to share a Flash SWF file in image format because:

  • Flash SWF can be actually converted to various image format easily;
  • There are more image-sharing platforms available than Flash-sharing;
  • Partially sharing can be done using the Flash screenshot functionality.

Let’s explain point by point:

1. Convert the Entire Flash SWF to Image Format:

This can be done with a Flash SWF to Image converter, as well as a Flash SWF to Video/Audio converter within a few clicks. And the image formats an SWF file can be converted to include JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and animated GIF.
Upload Flash SWF File to 4chan Imageboard
We have published several tips previously about how to convert SWF to image format in detail, please read one of them here.  

2. Convert Partial Flash SWF to Image Format:

It happens and makes sense when you see one specific Flash frame and you just want to save that scene immediately and make it permanent.

Flash screenshot function is exactly born for this purpose. One-click operation ensures your favorite moment can be extracted perfectly even with more details, and then auto-saved to JPG format for future reference.
Upload Flash SWF File to 4chan Imageboard

3. Multiple Image-Sharing Platforms:

Almost all the blog and forum sites accept image upload, besides, some image-oriented or image-exclusive sites nowadays are becoming popular image hosts as well.

4chan is just one perfect example. According to its official website, 4chan is an open image-based bulletin board where anybody can post any comments and pictures for sharing.
Upload Flash SWF File to 4chan Imageboard

4chan provides rich boards with various image categories from Japanese Culture to Africa Travel Tips and many other more. You will definitely find the right board on 4chan to post your threads/posts/images and get them discussed and commented by other 4chan users.

It’s extremely easy to upload a Flash SWF now converted to image format to 4chan! Click any image category you like, the first thing you will see is the image submit form. Fill in the mandatory fields and upload your Flash image! Scroll down to browse the existing images and comments. You can of course comment other image submissions if you like.
Upload Flash SWF File to 4chan Imageboard

Share your Flash work in image format today on 4chan and have fun!

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