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How to convert SWF to animated GIF?

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A friend of mine is trying to convert SWF to GIF for his MSN avatar display picture. Unfortunately, when he exports SWF to animated GIF, it turns out to be without a motion/animation and poor in quality. Actually, It's not possible to convert SWF to GIF because in GIF it is single image frame by frame animation but once .fla file is converted into .swf the embedded images rendered into a single one. Even the SWF file is small, you capture the frames and combine them into an animated GIF seams not easy. There are software programs to convert SWF to GIF, but quite few. Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std is one of those. This program is to convert SWF to video only at the beginning but starts to convert SWF to GIF now.

Then how to convert SWF to GIF with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std?

1. Get the program installed, open it and input your video by “Browse”.

Auxiliary functions:
a. Crop: get rid of the unwanted margins.
b. Capture: snapshot for pictures.
c. Open: open the picture folder.

2. Select Image series, and choose “Animated GIF” in Style. Set your destination folder in “Export To”. Click “3Convert” to continue.

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