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How to Implement Misc Functions during Flash SWF Conversion

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No matter what final goal are you going to achieve: convert Flash SWF to Video, convert Flash SWF to Audio or convert Flash SWF to Picture, there are always something else you can do to guarantee a better-quality output.

This includes several settings and functions you can easily customize and use, regarding both of the output format itself and the program performance.

Here we will take Flash SWF to MP4 conversion for example to illustrate what misc functions and settings you can use to get a superior MP4 output, which can be used in MP4-friendly devices like Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, media players like WMP and online social network websites like Facebook, Google+, etc.

Dual Convert Mode and Multiple Import Methods

Convert SWF to MP4 With Advanced Functions
You can choose to convert one Flash SWF file each time under Single Mode or convert multiple SWF files at a time under Batch Mode. And you can choose how you like to input the original SWF file in the specific way out of 5 options.

Crop and Snapshot Flash Scenes

Convert SWF to MP4 With Advanced Functions

Cut the Flash file to the proper size you prefer and add picture logo to highlight the copyright protection. What’s more, snapshot any frame you like during preview and conversion and browse the saved picture copy immediately or in the future in an auto-opened folder.

Advanced Output Profile Settings

Convert SWF to MP4 With Advanced Functions

This is probably the most powerful function to achieve the best output format quality, which enables you to manually customize every single parameter of the selected MP4 format, including video and audio parameters indicated in the picture above.

Diverse Conversion Mode and Capture Settings

Convert SWF to MP4 With Advanced Functions

Highly recommend Manual conversion mode to maintain a high interaction between users and the program. And set how will you like the program to capture the Flash during such an active interaction.

Enjoy Flash on the Fabulous iPad 3

Convert SWF to MP4 With Advanced Functions
When the SWF to MP4 conversion is done, transfer the converted Flash to your iPad 3 via iTunes and enjoy.

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