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SWF to Zune Converter - Powerful Flash on Zune Player Solution!
Price: $49.95

Solution of Moyea SWF to Zune Converter

SWF to Zune Converter - Powerful Flash on Zune Player Solution!

Moyea SWF to Zune Converter is an economical and powerful tool that can perfectly convert SWF to video and Flash projectors to Zune video (WMV, MP4) for playback on your Zune for home use.

What is SWF?

The SWF file format (pronounced "swiff") delivers vector graphics, text, video, and sound over the Internet to AdobeFlashPlayer software. The SWF file format is designed to be an efficient delivery format, not a format for exchanging graphics between graphics editors. It is designed to meet the goals of On-screen display, Extensibility, Network delivery, Simplicity, Scriptability, Speed, Scalability.

What is Zune

The Zune is a portable digital media player from Microsoft. The first version, released in November of 2006, is about the size of a deck of playing cards and weighs 5.6 ounces.

To meet the power demands of the 3-inch LCD color display and, on some models, integrated WiFi (802.11g), the Zune uses a lithium-ion battery. This screen is capable of playing videos and movies that have been uploaded from a PC to the internal 30 GB hard drive. Video content may be viewed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. A static, five-way directional pad provides internal navigation. The Zune connects to a computer with a proprietary external USB cord, allowing users to create playlists, synchronize files and purchase music from Microsoft's Zune Marketplace. The WiFi connection, however, cannot be used to synchronize with a PC, purchase content or access the Intenet. Users can stream purchased music from a Zune to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

The Zune player supports various file formats, including .WMA, MP3, AAC, JPEG and .WMV. Unlike the iPod, the first-generation Zune does not support podcasts, function as an external hard drive or work with Apple's OS X. It does, however, feature an FM radio and, on WiFi-enabled devices, a wireless sharing functionality, called "Zune to Zune." Encoded DRM (digital rights management) restricts exchanged files so that the recipient can play them no more than three times in three days.

Although Zune player supports so many file formats listed above, absolutely, flash (SWF) can not be played on Zune directly; instead, you have to use a SWF Converter to convert swf to MP4 formats for Zune player----Moyea SWF to Zune Converter.

  • University students can use Moyea SWF to Zune Converters to enrich spare life. Moyea SWF to Zune Converter is cheap software but can convert SWF or Flash Projector exe file to MP4 for Zune player in amazing output quality.
  • Office worker can use Moyea SWF to Zune Converter to release work pressure.As we know, all office workers endure some pressure to some extent. Moyea SWF to Zune Converter support batch conversion, which can convert multi flash (SWF) file at the same time; then save their working time release their work pressure.
  • House wife can use Moyea SWF to Zune Converter to dispel easygoing annoyance. According to a investigation, above 90% house wife in the world agree that the life of them leisurely but annoyance. Then Moyea SWF to Zune is good choice to change this situation. This SWF to Zune Converter can rip SWF to MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA audio files for your other entertainment use. You only need to make sure that "Rip Audio" is checked, and then specify a folder to locate the audio file. After conversion, you will find the audio file the located folder.

Besides Moyea SWF to Zune Converter, Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro and Standard version also can meet such demands well.

Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter also allows interaction with Flash content during the conversion and there are no frame skips in the generated videos. Besides, its Play-and-capture technology allows users to decide the beginning frame and end frame to capture for conversion to meet their needs.

Price: $49.95

Moyea SWF to Zune Converter
SWF to Zune Converter - Powerful Flash on Zune Player Solution!

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