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Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV Converter )

Version History of Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV) Converter

A Perfect SWF to flash video Solution in the World for Web Use!

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV) Converter V.4.0
(Jul. 4, 2012)
1. Added support to Flash Player 11
2. Made improvement in its support to 64-bit systems
3. Adopted low-speed capturing technology to record HD videos from Flash with low CPU occupancy rate
4. Fixed the bug of failing to record sounds in some versions of Flash Player
5. Made improvement in coding efficiency
6. Fixed some small bugs

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV) Converter V.3.12
(Jul. 19, 2011)
1. Extended the max URL length of the imported Flash.
2. Fixed the bug that program can not be installed according to some customers' feedback.

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV Converter ) V.3.11
(Apr. 27, 2011)
1. Updated the profile settings.
2. Fixed the errors when converting some long flash files.
3. Fixed some tiny bugs.

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV Converter ) V.3.10
(Feb. 12, 2011)
1. Fixed flash downloader's problem of getting wrong URLs for some flash files.
2. Fixed flash downloader's problem occurred when invoking some web pages.
3. Eliminated H.264 encoder restriction that video width and height has to be 16x multiple.
4. Fixed the bug during MFZ0 encoder installation.

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV Converter ) V.3.9
(Aug. 02, 2010)
1. Perfected the register validation module.
2. Strengthened the further support to Flash Player 10.1.
3. Stabilized the output video quality for over-size SWF files.

Moyea SWF4Tube ( SWF to FLV Converter ) V.3.8
(Jul. 12, 2010)
1. Better performance on Vista and Win7 64-bit system.
2. Enhanced support to Flash Player 10.1 and the ability to handle flash with only still pictures.
3. Stable output for over-size videos.
4. Faster conversion and nicer program prompt.
5. The ability to precisely locate the Flash Downloader.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.7
(Sep. 18, 2009)
1, Fixed some bugs

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.6
(July. 31, 2009)
1. Fixed the problem of slow conversion caused by some CPUs
2. Fixed the bug of unabling to input SWF under the batch-conversion mode
3. Updated the operation of profile menu to make it clearer and easier to use.
4. Prettified the UI interface.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.5
(Apr. 29, 2009)
1. Fixed the bug that the front part of some flashes cannot be captured.
2. Fixed the bug which occurs when auto-generating output file name.
3. Added new option to choose for loop-playing flash or not when capturing. The flash will not loop by default.
4. Added new option to choose for capturing an extra segment at the end of auto-capturing to get better result from the flash files that has longer audio than video.
5. Support to import local flash files through URL.
6. Optimized the update system.
7. Added the procedure for conveniently grabbing SWF URLs on web page.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.4
(Feb. 7, 2009)
1. Added a SWF file for testing use, so that consumer who don't have SWF file can conveniently use the program.
2. Fixed the bug which occures when capturing screen of a flash whose video dimension is too small.
3. Fixed the bug which occures during the performance testing.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.3
(Dec. 26, 2008)
1.Solved the problem that some SWF files can't be fully coverted under manual mode.
2.Updated the low level lib,winning a faster and stabler conversion.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.3.2
(Oct. 28, 2008)
1.Modified the performance testing module to make it more accurate
2.Modified the capture module to make the capturing speed faster.
3.Modified the coding module to make the coding speed faster and the output quality much better.

Moyea SWF4Web Converter V.3.1
(Sept. 11, 2008)
1. Optimized coding module and made coding speed faster.
2. Optimized perferance testing module and made the calculation for capture speed more accurate

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V2.4
(May 30, 2008) 1. Fixed the problem that extremely short SWF files would auto loop while capturing.
2. Added the option of whether to keep aspect or not while capturing.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter V.2.3
(Apr. 28, 2008) 1. Convert Flash Projector EXE file and SWF to FLV and MP4 with H.264 codec
2. Perfectly convert embedded Flash videos (FLV) and linked Flash videos (FLV)
3. Enable users to interact with the Flash content during the conversion
4. Easily get thumbnail from source SWF file to enrich picture base
5. Allow extracting audio and support audio format MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, WAV, etc.
6. Test the file performance to find the best conversion speed automatically.
7. Let users easily select an area of a Flash file to convert.

Price: $59.95

Moyea SWF4Tube (SWF to FLV) Converter
A Perfect SWF to flash video Solution in the World for Web Use!

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