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SWF Decompiler for Win - The most professional solution on decompiling SWF!
Price: $79.95

SWF Decompiler is a professional and powerful SWF decompiler which can be used to either convert SWF to FLA, SWF to FLEX Project or extract elements, such as shapes, images, sprites, etc. from Flash movies.

The tutorial below will you show you exactly how it works to convert SWF to FLA and extract SWF background image with easy steps and few clicks.

Overview of the main tabs on SWF Decompiler

Step 1: Launch the program, browse and input single SWF file or whole folder either from "File Explorer" sidebar or from "Manage" tab located on the ribbon.

Program will automatically play the selected SWF file in the preview window, click "Add task" button to add the currently SWF file to "My tasks" list located on the right, displaying all the elements contained in this SWF file for future management, conversion and extraction.

In "Manage" tab, you can also extract all the SWF resources, convert SWF to FLA or SWF to FLEX Project, and snapshot the interesting file frame and save it in picture format in the appointed folder.

Step 2: Click "Extract" tab to select the specific or all elements you want to extract from "My tasks" list. Set the export path for extracted results and set whether to auto open the destination folder after extraction.  

Extract Resource Options

Step 3: Click "Convert" tab convert SWF to FLA or SWF to FLEX Project. You can set the conversion path and after-done options.

Conversion Options

Note: If the selected SWF is made by FLEX, you will see the FLEX icon "Fx" in the "My tasks" list and you can convert it either to FLA or FLEX format in the next step. Otherwise, you will only see the FLA icon "Fl" and it can be exported only to FLA format.

Step 4: Click "Edit" tab to edit SWF sources like images, sounds, texts, links, colors and lines.

Step 5: Click "Search" tab to perform ActionScript search used in flash files using diverse search options, keyword matching criterions and ActionScripts view modes.

Price: $79.95

SWF Decompiler for Win
The most professional solution on decompiling flash SWF!

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