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2 Methods to Add YouTube Video to Facebook

As one of the most influential social networking communities, Facebook provides a perfect communicative platform for all users. In fact, many Facebook users spend most of the time posting nice photos, updating personal statutes and sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. Generally speaking, YouTube video not only gets the biggest chance to win more likes than photo or music, but also makes the users become popular among friends. As a consequence, whenever users have found interesting YouTube videos, they have strong desires to add the YouTube videos to Facebook.

YouTube and Facebook

However, another truth is that not all Facebook users can be handy with operations on Facebook. Even though more and more users tend to post YouTube video on Facebook, there are still users who are looking for the methods to add YouTube video to Facebook. Therefore, this post will cover two methods that guide users to add YouTube video to Facebook.

Method One: Share YouTube links on Facebook

For those files who can’t be supported by Facebook, they will be mostly used as share links by Facebook users. This is the method of how users share PowerPoint on Facebook or add YouTube video to Facebook. In fact, those links not only provides users a solution to embed YouTube video to Facebook but also can be achieved easily.

Step 1: Open the homepage of YouTube and look for the YouTube video via the searching bar. When entering into the video page, click “Share” button and choose “Share this video” tab to find out the URL address of the YouTube video.

YouTube to Facebook: Copy URL of YouTube video

Step 2: Log in Facebook, get to the Profile page and then click “Links” icon, paste the URL address of the YouTube video to the board and choose “Post” button.

YouTube to Facebook: Share link on Facebook

Method Two: Convert YouTube video to Facebook movie

Facebook allow users to upload videos, but poses strict limitations to those supported videos. Therefore, another method for users to add YouTube video to Facebook is to convert those YouTube video to Facebook movie. Of course, this method can be only done when copyright infringements are not involved. Moreover, to manage the conversion process, users need to refer to a powerful YouTube to Facebook converter like Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step 1: Open the page of the YouTube video, click “Share” button, choose “Embed” tab and then check “Use old embed code” option. Then copy the first part of the URL address in “Value=” section.

YouTube to Facebook: Copy video URL

Step 2: After installing Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, open it and then choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu of “Browser…” button. Then paste the URL address to corresponding bar and click “OK” button.

YouTube to Facebook: Import YouTube as Flash

Step 3: Click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and then set the output video as MP4 movie in the drop-down menu of “Profile”. Click “Settings” button and then define the aspect ratio of the MP4 video as “16:9”. Then click “Convert” button to start the conversion.

YouTube to Facebook: Convert YouTube to MP4

Step 4: After that, enter to the page of Facebook, click “Add Photos/Video” button and choose “Upload Photos/Video” link to upload the converted YouTube video to Facebook.

YouTube to Facebook: Upload MP4 video