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2 Methods to Play YouTube Video on Nokia Lumia 920

After Adobe Flash Player quits from Android market, many people think that Windows 8 will be the only chance left for Adobe Flash Player in portable device market. However, it is not true because only Windows 8 Pro gets the chance to help Adobe Flash Player out. Currently speaking, the Windows 8 systems available in the market include Windows RT, Windows 8 Pro and Windows Phone 8. Except Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT is limited by so-called Flash whitelist and Windows Phone 8 is totally incompatible to Adobe Flash Player. As a consequence, users find it an awful thing that they can’t play YouTube video on Lumia 920, even though it is the best Windows 8 mobile one can find.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Lumia 920

Desktop IE 10 adds Flash Player as plugin but Metro IE 10 doesn’t. As a consequence, users may find it a fancy story to play Flash on Nokia Lumia 920. To make it worse, the web browser provided by Nokia in Nokia Lumia 920 is not as powerful as Safari on iPad tablet which can stream YouTube video directly. In terms of YouTube streaming, high-end Lumia 920 can’t even match with mid-range Andorid mobile who is accessible to Adobe Flash APK. Watching YouTube video on Lumia 920 is difficult, but there are still ways to manage it. Here two methods will be covered to allow users play YouTube video on Lumia 920.

Method I: Install YouTube App

YouTube to Lumia 920: YouTube App

Exclusively designed for Windows 8 mobiles, YouTube App provides users a perfect solution to play YouTube video on Nokia Lumia 920. With this app, Lumia 920 users can search and stream YouTube videos. However, since most of the videos in the YouTube App are HTML5 based, only limited YouTube videos can be found. That’s to say, users may not able to find the YouTube videos they desire to watch via this app. What’s more, YouTube App for Windows Phone 8 is also severely criticized by Microsoft for its poor design which is just like the mobile YouTube website,   

Method II: Convert YouTube to Lumia 920

While there is no efficient way to stream YouTube video on Lumia 920, users may also give a second thoughts to the method of play YouTube video offline on the Nokia flagship mobile. To manage it, users will need to download YouTube video and then convert YouTube video to Lumia 920 movie. Even though the operations may seem to be quite complicated, it can provide the best effects. However, to manage the conversion process, users will need a YouTube to Lumia 920 converter like Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step 1: Open the page where the YouTube video lies, click “Share” tab in the page, choose “Embed” option and then check “Use old embed code” box. Then the URL address of the YouTube video will be provided in the “src=” section. Copy the first part of the URL address.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Import YouTube video

Step 2: Download and install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, open it and then click “Browser…” button in the panel. Choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu, paste the URL address one has just copied and click “OK” button.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Convert YouTube to MP4

Step 3: After the YouTube video has been imported, click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and then set the output video as MP4 movie for Lumia 920 via the drop-down menu of “Style.”  Then click “Settings” button and then set the video size of the MP4 movie as “1280×768”.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Specify MP4 for Lumia 920

Step 4: After that, click “Convert” tab to enter into corresponding panel where users can start the conversion process from YouTube video to Nokia Lumia 920 movie. After the conversion ends, users can view the downloaded YouTube video on Lumia 920.

Top 5 Anticipations about Microsoft Surface Pro

When it is released in summer 2013, Surface RT bore lofty expectations to be an iPad killer. However, the killer now turns out to be a joker after it was lagged far behind by iPad tablets in sales volume. The same story goes to Windows 8 who sees an increase in market share that is far less than one has expected. Therefore, all the pressure is now on the shoulder of Microsoft Surface Pro. Surface Pro not only needs to send Microsoft the power to challenge Apple in tablet market but also helps Windows 8 rob more shares in operating system field.

Surface Pro

Therefore, with praises, doubts and anticipations, Microsoft Surface Pro was finally released to the market a few hours ago. Supporters are cheering and doubters are taking wait-and-see approaches. In fact, there are only two choices left for Surface Pro, to be a killer of Windows 8 or to be a savor. Generally speaking, the fate of Surface Pro mainly keens on its abilities to fulfill customers’ anticipations. Therefore, this post has collected top 5 anticipations about Microsoft Surface Pro.

Surface Pro Anticipation 1: Good compatibility

Surface Pro Anticipation: Compatibility

An important reason that prevents Surface RT from being a market hit is its awful compatibility. Surface RT adds no support to all the programs that can run on previous Windows systems. It means users can only enjoy those newly designed apps on Surface RT.  Moreover, lacking a platform for third-party apps like iTunes, Surface RT can only make use of limited apps. To make it worse, some of those apps are even poorly designed. However, it is said that as an Intel core driven tablet, Surface Pro can be compatible to almost all Windows programs. Therefore, it can be generally viewed as a Windows laptop that is much easier to take with. Moreover, the battery that can last for five to six hours is much better than the battery of most laptops.

Surface Pro Anticipation 2: Fully baked Windows 8

Surface Pro Anticipation: System

Windows RT devices and Windows 8 mobiles are not quite popular in the market because they are only equipped with disabled Windows 8 systems. When users think they can manage certain tasks with Surface RT, they become quite angry to find out that they can’t. For example, IE 10 shall be able to support Adobe Flash. However, users are only allowed to play Flash contents on Surface RT from those trusted sites. To make it worse, Windows 8 users can not even watch online Flash with Metro IE 10. However, theoretically speaking, the fully baked Windows 8 will help Surface Pro users to get rid of those troubles because users can download Adobe Flash Player as plugin for IE 10.

Surface Pro Anticipation 3: More retail stores

Surface Pro Anticipation: Store

Another reason that leads to the failure of Surface RT is its wrong market strategy. Microsoft is only willing to cooperate with big retail stores like Best Buy and Amazon to promote Surface RT. As a consequence, in many areas, even though lovers want to buy the tablet, they can’t find appropriate ways. Moreover, the limitation in the number of authorized retail stores has killed the possibilities of innovative marketing strategies. According to recent rumors that Microsoft is planning to grant more retail stores the right to sell Surface Pro. This not only promotes sales volume of Surface Pro but also gives consumers more choices.

Surface Pro Anticipation 4: Colorful touch cover

Surface Pro Anticipation: Touch cover

A most innovative point of Surface Pro lies in its touch cover which can be used as either protective case or physical keyboard. Therefore, once the touch cover can be more attractive, there is a bigger chance for Surface Pro to sell itself. It is said that Surface Pro will be equipped with colorful touch cover where consumers can trace fashionable elements. Once it is true, it really makes the Microsoft tablet much more attractive. Moreover, Microsoft is also working on to make the touch cover more comfortable for consumers to operate.

Surface Pro Anticipation 5: High security

Surface Pro Anticipation: Security

The latest scandals have made the poor situations of Windows RT even worse. Days after some hackers cracks down Windows RT, Microsoft still fails to provide a good solution. Then recent news came that a bug has appeared in Windows RT system that can be only solved by restart the device repeatedly. Therefore, the system security of Surface Pro turns out to be an anticipated topic. However, it seems that high security will become the anticipation for Surface Pro that is not hard to fulfill. According to some test, even without anti-virus software, Windows 8 Pro still does best in system security.