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YouTube Supports WebM Video Format – A Hardest Hit to Flash


YouTube recently announced that all the new videos uploaded to its server will be converted to WebM format, which gives Adobe Flash a big shock!

WebM is an open source video format consists of VP8 video signal decode and Vorbis audio stream developed by Google. It gains the wide support from popular browsers like Firefox 4, Opera 10.6 and Google Chrome. Since YouTube has declared that WebM will be the final video format for those uploaded videos in the future, it puts a lot of pressures on other browsers such as Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s IE, forcing those browsers to provide WebM video local playback as well.


YouTube’s decision to convert all the video format to WebM will definitely reduce the popularity of Adobe Flash video format. Google has also announced that it will gradually convert the Flash video previously stored on YouTube to WebM video format. It is said 30% videos on YouTube have been converted to WebM already.

In addition to the open source WebM conversion, Youtube has restated that it will develop its own HTML 5 video player. HTML 5 video tag supports many formats, including the WebM VP8 video signal decode.

Considering the leading position of YouTube in video streaming market, the format has been chosen will probably become the market benchmark. Because it decided to use WebM format, the leading position of Adobe in the network video field starts to shake inevitably. The insiders said.