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Valentine’s Day 2013 Activities – Send Flash Cards, Enjoy Love Movies and Play Flash Games

As an annual festival celebrated on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine, was initially created to commemorate a Christian saints named Valentinus.  However, for centuries, Valentine’s Day has turned out to be a happy time for all lovers around the world. Now as Valentine’s Day 2013 is approaching, people in every corner of the world are not only waiting for it, but also busy preparing for Valentine’s Day 2013 activities. Of course, good Valentine’s Day 2013 activities shall not only contain the best blessings to all lovers but also reflect the meaning of true love.

Valentine's Day 2013

Therefore, love affairs, happy celebrations and romantic stories are usually the main themes of Valentine’s Day activities. Of course, those are not the only themes Valentine’s Day 2013 activities can make full use of. For example, for users who desire to spend a relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013, they may just as well participate in some entertaining activities. Here the post will recommend a few ideas of relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013 activities.

Idea I: Send Valentine’s Day Flash Cards

It is true that Valentine’s Day gift has set the main tunes for Valentine’s Day activities. Therefore, choosing gift for Valentine’s Day 2013 has become an issue that troubles many people. A good idea to make this Valentine’s Day activity relaxing is to send Valentine’s Day Flash cards. For one thing, card sending is a tradition of Valentine’s Day with long historical past. For another, Flash cards for Valentine’s Day 2013 are not only innovative in design but also profound in meaning when used as DIY gift. Therefore, some Flash card s for Valentine’s Day 2013 has been provided below. To download them, one can refer to Free Flash Downloader.

1. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 1

2. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 2

3. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 3

4. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 4

5. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 5

Idea II: Enjoy Valentine’s Day Movies

The popularization of Valentine’s Day has made the festival a favored theme in Hollywood. Of various Valentine’s Day movies, some are good enough to move audiences with excellent plots and educate audiences the real meaning of true love by presenting the love stories in hardship. Moreover, those Valentine’s Day movies are suitable to be used for relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013 activities. Audiences can not only be amused by the movies, but also experience the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day 2013. Here some movies for Valentine’s Day 2013 are recommended.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Love is the poison that everyone desires to taste. Even when the lover is troubled by lovesickness, he will never forget the real happiness brings by true love. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is exactly a Valentine’s Day movie about the charming of true love. When Joel and Clementine are hurt by their love, the two decides to accept an experiment to erase the memory of each other. However, during the experiment, the two have remembered the happy time they have spent together. Even though when the experiment is done, the two lovers once again are attracted by each other. Starred by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a movie for Valentine’s Day 2013 one can never reject viewing.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time about miracle and this movie has fully proven this point. On Valentine’s Day, the ten characters in the movie have more or less find out their true lovers after going through various hardships. In this movie for Valentine’s Day 2013, several love stories are told. A woman falls in love with a stranger man on the airplane who turns out to be a homosexualist; another man has a crush on a beauty for years but is loved by his best friends; two couples are discussing the plans for Valentine’s Day. In the end of the movie, those characters have found out the perfect other halves for each other. The movie is recommended because it has almost covered all the love stories one can recognized.

Idea III: Play Valentine’s Day Flash Games

Of course, nothing can be more relaxing than playing games. Therefore, Valentine’s Day Flash games will be another choice for relaxing activities for Valentine’s Day 2013. Those Flash games for Valentine’s Day are not only funny in content, but also full of Valentine’s Day elements in design. Moreover, some of those Flash games are even addictive. Here some Valentine’s Day Flash games are illustrated below. For users who want to play them, they can download those Flash games.   

1. Cupid

In this Flash game, players are acting as Cupid who needs to shoot those flying red hearts to make sure the love affairs occur on Valentine’s Day. Of course, the more hearts gotten shot, the higher scores one can earn.

2. Puzzles Valentine’s Day Gifts

When the ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts had broken into pieces, players need to puzzle those pieces into an integrated part so that they can know what to buy for Valentine’s Day 2013.

3. Zombie Kids Valentine’s Day

When zombies are trying to turn Valentine’s Day into a massacre, the guardian of the festival, Cupid needs to stop them with his arrows and determination.

4. Valentine’s Day Memory Game

This is a Flash game that designed for players of all ages. In the games, various pairs of icons are hidden in different boxes. Therefore, users need to make sure that the next box they click get the same icon as the previous box they open.

5. V-Day Sim Date

For those who have no date on Valentine’s Day 2013, this will be a favored Valentine’s Day Flash game. There are several girls in the game waiting for being dated. Only when players have provided the right answers to all the questions the girls give can the Valentine’s Day dates happen.

Valentine’s Day Romance is in the Air with Lovely Flash Animations

Everything is just sweet in February for the sweetest Valentine’s Day that falls on Feb 14th, 2012.

Have too much sweet words to say to your loved one, have thousands of roses prepared for it or have delicate gifts ready to give, it is all the romance that your another half can not resist! Try to put the romance in the air this year by sending him/her some funny and lovely Valentine’s Flash animations listed below.

Lovely Card: this is a very funny flash animation for Valentine’s Day and it asks for a little bit talent to make it work. Figure it out by yourself first before clicking the hint button. That’s quite tricky!

Bee Mine: this is just as sweet as honey! 3 lovely bees singing and dancing on the honey and the love words are revealed when it comes to the end: bee mine and I love you, honey!

Sweeties: another cute and lovely Valentine’s Day greeting featuring several little mice presenting various sweet Valentine gifts like chocolate, roses, love cakes, flower petals and lollipops. They just have all you want for this lover’s day.

There are more Valentine’s Day flash animations on the internet, however, you do not have to wait until that day to tell your lover or your close friends that your life is so much wonderful and sweet with you in it! Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!