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Adobe Flash vs HTML5 – For 4 Reasons HTML5 Are Favored

Since HTML5 attracted the world’s attention in 2010, the debate on the topic of Adobe Flash vs HTML5 has never ceased. Moreover, it seems that the battle of Adobe Flash vs HTML5 is unlikely to end in a short term. For one thing, Adobe Flash is still widely used as a necessity for online video watching and online gaming; for another, as an app exclusively designed to replace Adobe Flash, HTML5 is far less influential than one has expected. However, it is almost a certain thing that HTML5 will be the winner in this contest after Adobe Flash lost its last chance in Windows 8.

Why will an old application compatible to 99% web browsers like Adobe Flash lose to a new alternative only compatible to 40% web browsers like HTML5? Besides the defects of Adobe Flash, the advantages of HTML5 over Adobe Flash plays an important role in helping HTML5 to win the battle of Adobe Flash vs HTML5. After the popularization of HTML5, converting Adobe Flash to HTML5 will be a favored choice for all. Therefore, this post will show top four reasons that HTML5 is more favored.

1. Adobe Flash vs HTML5: Stability

Flash is not stable

One of the most severely criticized defects of Adobe Flash lies in its instability. Usually once Flash Player crashes, the whole web page or even the web browser ceases to work. It is annoying to be forced to restart the web browser while viewing some pages. However, due to the instability of Adobe Flash, users have to repeat the restarting process again and again. Though there are various ways to stop shockwave Flash from crashing, few can actually work.

To this extent, HTML5 is much more stable than Adobe Flash. As a markup language, HTML5 can work flawlessly with those supported web browsers. Even when something goes wrong with HTML5, it is the page instead of the web browser that crashes. Therefore, users just need to refresh the windows only. So who will want to use an application that will ruin the web browser when he has better choice?

2. Adobe Flash vs HTML5: Security

Flash is not secure

Security concern is a main reason that leads to the fall of Adobe Flash. In 2012 alone, there are 9 updates exclusively designed to fix those security vulnerabilities caused by Adobe Flash. Due to its compatibility, Adobe Flash not only brings system vulnerabilities to Mac systems but also to Windows systems like Windows 8. In this field, HTML5 does quite better. By using special HTML codes, HTML5 enables users to watch online videos without any applications installed, which significantly lower the risk of being attacked by hackers. Actually, better security is an important factor that HTML5 can win the battle of Adobe Flash vs HTML5.

3. Adobe Flash vs HTML5: Openness

The openness of HTLM5

Adobe Flash is a product exclusively owned and controlled by Adobe, making it inaccessible to most people. Moreover, as a blocked application, Adobe Flash may bring some unnecessary troubles to users. To make YouTube video play in Adobe Flash Player, those uploaded files will be embedded into a player to become a SWF file. Therefore when one wants to download YouTube video, he needs to find the real URL address of video and download it as a FLV file instead of a SWF file. Of course, in most cases, this can only be done with a professional YouTube Downloader.

However, things will not be that complicated with HTML5. As a language opening to all, users can not only know the HTML codes of the page but also find out the download URL address of the original video easily. No extra applications are required to help users manage YouTube downloading process.

4. Adobe Flash vs HTML5: Future

The popularity of HTLM5

Though Adobe Flash still plays an important role in the web arena, it is HTML5 who owns the future. In recent year, Adobe Flash has been excluded in the supporting list of more and more portable devices which makes room for the development of HTML5. In 2012 alone, Adobe Flash is rejected by The new iPad, Jelly Bean devices and iPhone 5. Moreover, a rejection from Windows 8 seems to be on the way. More importantly, Adobe even switched its attention from Adobe Flash to HTML5, marking the defeat of Adobe Flash in the contest against HTML5.

Contrary to Adobe Flash, HTML5 is getting more and more popular. YouTube is trying to replace Adobe Flash with HTML5; Apple bets on a future ruled by HTML5 and Adobe even debut Edge tools to promote the popularization of HTML5. Therefore, why use an outdated application instead of a promising application?  

Adobe Flash Lost the Last Chance to HTML5 in Windows 8 Bug Fixing

If newly-released Windows 8 tries to open a window for Adobe Flash, the application is ruining the window with security vulnerabilities. Shortly after Windows 8 made Adobe Flash a plug in for IE 10, the system surprising found itself busy fixing Windows 8 bugs caused by Adobe Flash. Meanwhile, major progress on HTML5 has been made and the finalized date of HTML5 has been unveiled. Consequently, as Adobe Flash lost its last change in Windows 8, HTML5 is establishing its dominance gradually.

Flash crashes in IE 10

As the dividing line between Adobe Flash and HTML5, the year 2012 not only witnesses the fall of Adobe Flash in digital market but also the progress HTML5 going popular. First rejected by The new iPad for being a vulnerable application, Adobe Flash then found itself rejected by Jelly Bean. Later, Google only desired to use it as a plug in for Chrome. After its quitting from Android market in August, Windows devices seemed to be the only savor for Adobe Flash. Later in September, Windows 8 changed its idea from rejecting Adobe Flash to using it as a plug in for IE 10.

In this test provided by Microsoft, Adobe Flash would maintain its influence if it had passed the test. However, as Windows 8 bug fixing moved on, Adobe Flash had lost the last change it could earn. Windows 8 intended to use Adobe Flash for the sake of users’ demand since the application still plays an important role in watching online videos or playing online games. However, after finding Adobe Flash only brought Windows 8 one security concern after another, Microsoft decided to use it as a temporary media player.

Luckily, while Adobe Flash is getting worse and worse, HTML5 is turning better and better. After Adobe Flash had lost its last change in Windows 8, it was a certain thing that HTML5 would begin a new era in Internet field. According to recent news, HTML5 will be finalized in 2014. In other words, HTML5 will be mature and powerful enough to replace Adobe Flash by 2014. Besides that, Adobe has also released Edge Tools for HTML5 development. It is the first big move executed by Adobe after it announced to switch its attentions from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

Edge Tools includes an interaction design tool, an inspection tool, a codec editor, a web design tool and a web font service, making it a favored choice to take full advantage of HTML5. Edge Tools will be provided for free in a short period and after that low-budget charge will be required for further using. Therefore, as Adobe Flash is declining, HTLML5 is stepping on its way to become an industry standard which users can make full of.

A Free Method to Watch Flash on The new iPad

When it comes to tablet market, iPad matters. Since its release several years ago, iPad had not only brought tremendous profits to Apple but also led the world to the era of tablet. Since its release in March, The new iPad helped Apple to gain doubled profits in the second quarter with its innovative designs. However, watching Flash on The new iPad has become a trouble for users after support to Adobe Flash was excluded in the plan.

Generally speaking, favored apps like iSwifter and SkyFire are provided in iTunes which enables users to play Flash on The new iPad. With low budget, three dollars for iSwifter or five dollars for SkyFire, users can easily make Flash accessible to The new iPad. However, there are also some free ways to view Flash on The new iPad. For users who are OK with the complicated operations, this post will present them a free method to convert Flash for The new iPad.

Since MP4 video is supported by The new iPad, a feasible way to watch Flash on The new iPad is to convert the SWF file to MP4 video for The new iPad. Therefore, this post will show you how to manage the conversion from Flash to MP4 video in two steps.

Step 1: Convert SWF to 3GP. To convert SWF to 3GP for free, one can refer to Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” and then choose “From Folder” option in the drop-down menu.

Import Flash

2. Choose “Export” tab and then set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

Flash to 3GP

3. Click “Convert” tab to manage the conversion process from SWF to 3GP. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing and then click “Finish” button when the Flash file ends.

Convert Flash to 3GP

Step 2: Convert 3GP to MP4. A free app to convert 3GP to MP4 is Moyea Video4Web Converter which can convert videos to Flash videos easily.

1. Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it, click “File” and choose “Add Video Files” in the drop-down menu to import the 3GP video for The new iPad.

Import 3GP

2. Set the output video. Make the output file a MP4 video for The new iPad in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.   

3GP to MP4

3. Set video size for The new iPad. Click “Settings” button next to “Profile” bar to enter corresponding panel. Then set the video size as 1920×1080, audio sample rate as 48 kHz and audio bit rate as 128 kbps for The new iPad.

Customize video

4. Click convert button to start the conversion from 3GP file to MP4 video for The new iPad.

Those are the steps to manage the conversion from SWF to MP4 for The new iPad. Though the operations are quite complicated, it is a free method to enjoy Flash on The new iPad. For those who want to convert Flash to MP4 directly, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

3 Versions Of Iron Man Game

The release of The Avengers has shocked the world with 200 million dollars recipients in two days. This incredible achievement has exposed the superheroes in The Avengers under highlight again. The coalition of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye is coming in a fury to beat Avatar, a miracle in film industry.

Among those heroes in The Avengers, Iron Man is probably the one that attracts most attention both for the box office performance and the influence of Iron Man series. Due to the great success of Iron Man series, various games are made focusing on the superhero. Here this post will present you three versions of Iron Man game.

1. Iron Man for PC

Iron Man PC Game

Released on May 2, 2008, it is based on the storyline of the film Iron Man. The game is published by Sega, the same producer of Sonic the Hedgehog. Generally speaking, the game follows the same plot as the movie which tells a story of how Tony Stark accidentally invents the powerful armor and becomes Iron Man after kidnapped by the terrorist group Ten Rings.

In this game, Robert Downey still casts as Tony Stark and Shaun Toub as Yinsen. The game is divided into eleven missions according to its plot. This game is not a successful one because it receives severe criticisms. It is also said that Sega may give up producing Iron Man 2 because the company has already shut down its branch in San Francisco.

2. Iron Man: Aerial Assault for iPhone

Aerial Assault for iPhone

The great success of iPhone not only helps Apple to elevate its share price to more than $600 but also intrigues the development of related industries like gaming. What’s more, Apple Store provides a platform to help those third party applications promote themselves.

Iron Man: Aerial Assault is an iPhone game designed by Paramount Pictures. Unlike traditional computer game that needs to be operated with mouse and keyboard, its operation is so simple that a few touches on the screen are enough. As a combat game, it also gains a good reputation among players. It is now available in Apple Store.

3. Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy

SWF game of Iron Man

SWF game is usually designed to make you have a good relax with its simple operation and rough picture quality. It is usually small in size and offered to you for free. However, simple as it is, some SWF games are even more difficult than some PC games.

Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy is a SWF game with Iron Man as the main character. It is something of Bomberman, a classical FC game in design. You need to move Iron Man and then place a bomb to wherever you want. Once the Iron Man can beat the enemy with the bomb, you win the game.

While playing Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy, you can get rid of the tiredness brought by PC games. More importantly, unlike PC games and mobile games, it is easy for you to download and record the whole gaming process with SWF to Video Converter. With SWF to Video Converter, you are allowed to make the gaming process a mp4 file so that you can watch it via The new iPad.

Those are three different versions of Iron Man game. If you have gotten any better ideas on this point, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.