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BlackBerry Tablet PC Confirms to Support Flash

According to foreign media reports, the rumors about BlackBerry tablet PC ‘s release has lasted for several months. Ashok Kumar, an analyst from Rodman & Renshaw, has released a statement last Friday regarding this issue, which accurately revealed the news that may make the rumors come true.


From Boy Genius Report released in May, it is guessable that BlackBerry tablet PC screen size might be 8.9 inches, only the bluetooth or WiFi connection available, has to mate with BlackBerry phones. When it comes to June report from Wall Street Journal, it is estimated that the equipment will come with “a slide-out keyboard, which can operate BlackBerry new system on it, and with general search column.”


Kumar said in the statement, actually the size of BlackBerry tablet PC is 7 inches, with 1GHz Marvell processor, two cameras for video conference. Insiders have confirmed the accuracy of the news, meanwhile, they also said BlackBerry tablet will support Flash, and the hardware-based Flash accelerator is also available.


Adobe CEO, Mr. Shantanu Narayen previously said that Flash 10.1 will land BlackBerry in the late 2010. Although the impact of flash-supported BlackBerry tablet is still unknown in the market, it is definitely an ideal equipment for mobile enterprise users.

Anyhow, whether the BlackBerry tablet will be released in the upcoming Dec is still a mystery.

PS: for more ways to make flash playable on devices which radically do not support flash, please turn to this useful tool for help.

Microsoft IE9 will Support VP8 Video Technology and May Replace Flash

May 20th, 2010, manager of IE department Dean Hachamovitch said Microsoft IE9 browser will support VP8 video CODEC technology, the purpose of which is to improve IE9’s openness and compatibility.

WebM Project

Google has announced the debut of WebM project on Wednesday’s I/O developers technology conference. WebM is an open, royalty-free network media file format, and is supported by the commercial software giants such as Mozilla(the developer of Firefox browser), Opera(the developer of Norway browser), AMD, Nvidia , Oracle and so on.

WebM adopts VP8 codec technology, which is Matroska media technology based on the network video technology developer On2.. Early this February, Google has taken over On2 with $1.06 million dollars. On2 is well-known for video compression technology, and this technology has been widely applied in all kinds of desktop software and mobile applications. On2 customers include Adobe, Skype, Nokia, Infineon, Sun, SONY, American network television servicer Brightcove etc.

Microsoft Response

Regarding Google WebM, Hachamovitch said on Wednesday’s night in blog: “IE9 supports not only HTML5, but also H.264 video and VP8 video. However, the premise is the users must have the VP8 codec pack installed in Windows.” He stressed that there are still some specific technical problems need to be solved before IE9’s perfect support to VP8.

Hachamovitch said: “I want to make it clear that we hope to maintain IE’s security and stability, but at the same, improve its openness and compatibility. We promise to the customers that IE9 shall support all the frequently-used media formats. Meanwhile, the intellectual property rights of Windows clients, developers, and all internet users, will be protected.

Standard Competition

Fully support to networl video is one of the new functions of HTML5 internet browsing standard. But for the network video standard, Ogg Theora and H.264 are deadlocked. Microsoft, as one of the important contributors to H.264 standard, decides to continually support it in Windows operating system and IE9 browsers. Apple also stands by H.264 and said the H.264 video technology will become the alternative products of Adobe Flash.

However, Mozilla and Opera have different voices. They disapprove H.264 format. In addition, the insiders who establish the the technical specification of HTML5 also said, network video standard should not only choose specific codec.

Insiders said, WebM project may help reduce the conflict between Ogg Theora and H.264. But if WebM can not get the support from Microsoft and Apple, it is very hard to be the actual network video standard. Apple hasn’t comment on Google’s release of WebM project yet.

Highly recommended by Mozilla

Mozilla preachers Chris Blizzard wrote in blog on Wednesday: “VP8 is superior to Ogg Theora speaking of codec quality, and it can compete with H.264 speaking of picture quality. We will support WebM in Firefox, and today we released the beta Firefox 4.0, with the early support to WebM.”

Opera also launched a beta browser which supports WebM format. Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie said: “HTML, CSS and JavaScript have never had patent, Internet should always be open.

Although the video function of HTML5 standard may be a significant threat to Adobe Flash, Google and Adobe are already in the alliance and Google has decided to integrate Flash to its Chrome browser. Because of this, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch said on Wednesday that Flash player will be integrated with VP8 function and the new product is set to be released within one year.

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The Contradiction between Adobe and Apple is Getting Fierce

According to foreign media reports, Adobe company delivered an advertisement and open letter on May, 13th, strongly accused Apple for strangling the competition. Apple previously had made it very clear that the Adobe software applications were totally banned on iPad and iPhone.

Adobe said in the advertisement: “We like Apple. What we don’t like is the person who grabs your freedom to choose. You definitely have the freedom to choose what are you going to create, how to create, and what to experience on the internet.” Adobe also bought a full-page on Washington Post today, gave all the details about this dispute between Adobe and Apple. At the end of the open letter were the signatures of co-founder Geschke Chuck and John Warnock.

In this letter, Adobe declared: “the essence of the problem lies in: who is the real controllor of Internet? We think the answer is the Internet users, rather than any of the powerful company.”

It is reported recently that Apple is developing the Flash-alternative project Gianduia, which was revealed in WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) last year.. Apple has said it will support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, but not Flash.

The insiders think the Adobe open letter is a strong evidence that the divergence between Adobe and Apple is getting worse. Two weeks ago, the CEO of Apple just issued a 29-paragraph-long article to accuse Adobe Flash for “major technology defect”. It is said that Adobe has officially sued to America Anti-Monopoly Government Department and it may investigate this case accordingly. This means the contradiction between the two is intensified thoroughly.

Some useful links for your reference if you want to convert flash SWF to other popular video/audio/picture formats.

Firefox Plugin Detection Mechanism Leads to 10 Million Flash Downloading

According to the foreign media reports, Firefox developer Mozilla said recently that the newly-released Firefox upgraded version with flash auto-detect mechanism has led to 10 million latest flash downloading from Adobe website in a week.

Mozilla released Firefox latest upgraded version 3.5.3 and 3.0.14 last week which perfectly fixed three critical security flaws in the previous version. In addition, in order to prevent attackers using Firefox plugin flaw to attack its users, new versions will initially detect whether the flash player that Firefox using is the latest or not.

Mitchell Baker, chairman of Mozilla, said that in the last week, about 1/3 new version users have downloaded the latest flash player from Adobe after seeing the reminding message. “User response rate is very high, usually the response rate is only 5% when they see software upgrade information.”, Mitchell said.

Mozilla security team personnel Jonathan Nightingale explains that the fact a large number of Firefox users would like to update flash player indicates the importance of network security issues. He said last week the reason why new Firefox has to detect whether the flash player it is using the latest version or not is: first, flash player is very popular; second, 80% Firefox users are still using the old version flash player according to a corresponding survey.

Adobe company also confirmed that the visitors of flash player upgrading webpage in the past week had a rapid growth. Adobe products security and privacy department director Brad Arkin appreciated the latest detecting mechanism very much by saying “For Adobe, it’s definitely a good thing for massive users to have the upgraded flash, it assures their security and we are very happy to see Mozilla sending the flash upgrading message to its users.”

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Easy Steps to Make Impressive Flash Charts Online

RichchartLive is a free online tool that can create enjoyable and impressive flash charts with attractive visuals and interactivities. It can generate more personalized charts with dynamic flash animation effects. Users can easily choose the chart style and set various parameters. The finished chart can be exported as flash, which can be published to PPT, websites and blogs for immediate sharing.

Easy Steps to Make Creative Flash Charts Online:

1. Select a template from abundant options and immediate preview is available;

select template for flash chart

2. According to the template selected, input datas;

input data for flash chart

3. Select series style and colors;

select series style for flash chart

4. Select axes type and style;

select axes type for flash chart

5. Select animation and layout;

select animation and layout for flash chart

6. Save as flash file or publish to multi-destinations like PPT, website or blog, etc.

publish flash chart

The finished flash chart is really fantastic and the effect is awesome! Highly recommended!

Adobe Flash will Enter TV Screens and Set-Top Boxes Soon

Adobe Flash, with the great success in Internet field, is going to enter TV market soon. Many TV manufacturers and content distributors positively follow up to bring you different visual experience.

From computer to television, Adobe company aims to bring the excellent animations and videos into consumers’ sitting room.

Adobe has announced the release of its latest version of flash multimedia platform, which indicates flash technology has officially entered the digital home entertainment equipments like television, STB, blue player and other devices. The purpose of this TV-and-Electronics-Optimized flash version is to let viewers can enjoy HD videos, interactive applications and new user interface directly on television.

As part of the announcement, Adobe also revealed some cooperation partners of this technology, including Intel, Comcast, Disney, Atlantic Netflix, Records and the New York Times.

So far, Adobe flash player is mainly used in computers to play the animations and videos from Youtube and other similar websites in web browsers. In this market Adobe won a great success. According to the survey held by comScore, 80% online videos are displayed using Adobe flash technology.

Adobe has been developing a flash program for mobile phones before, so people can watch flash videos while moving. Now, Adobe turns its attention to the big screen of HD TVs in sitting rooms, this means people can watch YouTube videos directly on TV, and at the same time, watch their favorite TV programs as usual.

“There are some videos support TV-play recently,” director of Adobe Flash Commerce Department Murarka said, “but not all the video content is TV-friendly. For example, there are many devices can play YouTube videos, but not all the videos from Youtube.”

Developers can also develop Addons for TV to present web contents. Addon is a series of specially designed web applications that can be easily added to consumer electronics.

Yahoo already works with Intel for TV-Addons development. Through which you can have the access to Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, eBay, YouTube and ShowTime Networks. All MOTOROLA, Samsung and Toshiba have the plan to add Yahoo Addons into their televisions.

Murarka said that Yahoo is not really competing with Adobe. He pointed out that both Adobe and Yahoo are intented to cooperate with Intel, and it’s true that flash technology has also been adored by Yahoo.

“Yahoo supports desktop flash, and we hope Yahoo also supports flash on TV,” Murarka said, “we think flash is extremely valuable in some new frameworks”.

Murarka did not say which consumer electronics manufacturer will use the new version of flash platform, but for equipment manufacturers and developers, new platform is already available now. The flash-supported TV and Set-Top Boxes will come out soon later this year as well.

Flash Framework Supports MURT Web Applications

MURT(Multi User Real Time) web application is currently a very hot topic. The latest Google Wave even showed the very cool real-time gadget demo last month. These real-time web applications include ordinary web collaborative application, web game, various SNS(Social Networking Service) extended application and SNS game, etc.

There are two ways to realize the front-end for such applications: socket/flash or ajax. In oeder to achieve better real-time effect, ajax is gradually replaced by comet because ajax occupies too much sever resources. The sever realization usually depends on the realization of developers’ socket sever, but the sever usually has some performance and scalability problems, therefore, to realize the full function requires a lot of energy and money.

Hemlock is a new web development framework, focused on allowing easy development of real-time, many-to-many applications. It uses XMPP(Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) MUC chatroom as backend interactive application channel, connected to XMPP sever through flash. XMPP sever like openfire, ejabberd, etc itself supports multiple severs, therefore, even the default version can support 100,000 concurrents, it won’t have a big problem either to support millions of users if it’s being optimized a little bit.

Showcases of how Hemlock applications work.

Click here to learn more about what can you do with flash.

Make Flash Banner Online – Much Easier than You Think

Got attracted by those twinkles from flash banners when surfing on the Internet? Got depressed also because you think it must be very difficult to make one like that on your own?

No worries, the flash-banner-making process is much easier than you think and has a lot of fun, let’s figure it out how:

All we need is an online flash banner maker program called BannerSnack, it’s a very handy and powerful online tool for making flash banners with just 3 steps: Create, Animate and Publish. Believe me, it’s quite convenient cause you don’t even have to download the program, just spend one minute to sign up and start to make your unique flash banners online right away. By the way, it’s totally free!

Step 1: Create New Flash Banner – Choose a banner size from up to 14 options and set background either with color/image, or none.

create flash banner-size

create flash banner-background

Step 2: Animate Flash Banner – Add text or image, then customize the effects by clicking “Filters”, “Build in” and “Build out” tabs. Preview and proceed to make another slide(layer) if necessary.

animate flash banner

Step 3: Click “Save” to publish the customized banner and copy the Embed Code so that you can put it in your blog and any website.

publish flash banner

When it’s published, the flash banner you created will look something like this:

It’s pretty cool but want to get another challenge to make a complete flash instead the flash banner? Just scroll down and it only needs two steps:

I. We need a Video4Web Converter which can convert almost all your video formats like WMV, ASF, WMA, AVI, RMVB, RM, RA, MOV, QT VOB, MPEG etc at hand to web-ready flash video formats like FLV, H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP and 3G2.

II. A Web Player Creator that can hold above flash video contents and inserted in any personal blog, forum and website for playback.

Enjoy flash!

Record How You Play Online Games

Who likes those funny little online games? Hands up!

Proudly to say, I’m one of them. Not only it can relax you a little bit from the stressed office, but also it can make me happy by sharing those little secrets with other players on how to win this game.

Personally, I have a unique way to share my champion secrets and all you need are just two things: one good online game website and one SWF to Video Converter. By the way, the reason why we need such a SWF to Video Converter is because almost the online games are made in SWF format(short for “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”) and if you want to record the playing procedures and share with other game players on youtube or other video-sharing websites, this kind of converter definitely helps!

Here comes the step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Go to where I find a lot of free and interesting online games. Choose your favorite game. Tell me if you have other better recommendations.

online game website

Step 2: Open Moyea SWF to Video Pro, grab this SWF game by entering its URL.

moyea swf to video converter pro

grab swf game with moyea flash download

Step 3: Click “Convert SWF” to go babk to Moyea SWF to Video Pro interface.

convert swf game

Step 4: Click “Export” to set the output parameters.

set output parameters

Step 5: Click “Convert” and then click “Paly and Capture” in the conversion interface. Now it’s time to show how excellent you are at games! Play the game now and don’t forget to show the tricks that you are going to share, Moyea SWF to Video Pro will record every moment of yours from now on.

play and capture swf game

Step 6: Click “Finish” to start the encoding process. When it’s finished, upload this video to youtube right now and proudly announce the “King of Game” is coming. Enjoy and have fun!

encoding process

How to Insert Flash(SWF) to Microsoft Word?

Do you ever think to add some cute flashes into your Microsoft Word to make it more colorful and interesting? Do you ever complain how difficult it is to find those SWF flashes that you are going to add? If your answer is YES, then I think the following content is quite useful for you.

Question 1: how to find SWF flashes?

Provided that you don’t have any existing SWF flashes at hand, no problem, let’s download some from internet with the help of Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Its embedded Moyea Flash Download enables you to download SWF flashes online and all you have to do is just to enter URL.

Question 2: how to insert SWF flashes to word?

Step 1: Open a new word document, click “View”, choose “Toolbars” from drop-down menu, then choose “Control Toolbox”.

click"Control Toolbox" in a new Word

Step 2: Click “More Controls” in the Control Toolbox and then choose “Shockwave Flash Object” from the selection list.

input SWF object

Step 3: Right click the inserted flash control toolbox, choose “Properties

choose "Properties" to set other parameters

Step 4: In properties interface:

a. choose “Movie” to input the complete path and name of SWF file downloaded before, for example, D:\Backup\My Document\Moyea\SWFGrab\fourth.swf

b. choose “EmbedMovie” and set it as “True

c. choose “Scale” and keep it as “ShowAll

settings for SWF

Step 5: Click “Exit Design Mode” to play the flash inserted and click “Design Mode” to edit again.

activate flash

So now you have a very cool flash in your word document and I’m sure there are a lot of fun too. Enjoy!