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Why a Smartwatch is necessary?

Why a Smartwatch is Necessary

It is likely that the wearable smart devices are noticed by all the giants of smart devices. Sony, Samsung, Apple and Google are all preparing for their special-designed wearable devices. Sony has released the Smartwatch 2, and it will be available in the Q3 of 2013. Samsung is going to unveil the Samsung Gear in the September, and this smartwatch is also full of Samsung elements. Google has unveiled its Google Glass, and the Google Watch is seemed to be under testing. As for Apple, it is believed that the fruit company will develop the smartwatch because it has hired the Nike FuelBand Consultant Jay Blahnik, and supplied the technology patent named “Bi-Stable Spring with Flexible Display” as early as 2011. The times of wearable smart devices is coming. But are you ready for it?

A piece of news reported by the Guardian days ago flashed through my mind: England has banned the driver to wear Google Glass while driving, because they are afraid of the Google Glass distracting the drivers’ attentions. It’s reasonable in this period, because the drivers would be addicted to the fantastic contents of the Google Glass. But what if the road condition becomes more complicated in the coming years? It would be necessary for the drivers to wear this Google Glass with the built-in GPS or Voice Navigation to avoid traffic jams.

The smartwatches are also going to be necessities for people’s daily life. It is said that the smartwatches will have most of the functions that the smartphones have, and people can use them notice themselves of the important appointments or other issues. The smartwatch will also provide help in the meeting room. When an unexpected phone call comes in, the smartwatch will block the call and send messages to the caller. Maybe more useful functions will be applied in the smartwatches, and they will change the life our life.

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But why the technologies are applied to the wrist watch? It is not hard to answer: The wrist watch has already been a part of our lives. Whatever you are, a businessman or a simple worker, if you wear a wrist watch, it is believed that you care about time and cherish it. So most people have wrist watches, and they have adapted to wear watches every day. And a wrist watch may also symbolize your social location. Some rich men like wearing and collecting famous and luxury watches to identify their values. All in all, a wrist watch is now a necessary utility of our daily lives, whether you are rich or poor, you have a wrist watch along with you, and that may have already been a habit.

So will the smartwatch. The smartwatch will not only be the watch, but also be a good utility for your smartphone and tablets, even the PC. Although the concept of “smartwatch” is created by those corporations that develop smart devices, it will be helpful in our future lives. The smartwatch is also customizable. Customers can customize the appearance of the smartwatch, the apps on the smartwatch and other features of the smartwatch, so it seems like the smartwatch is just unique to you. Maybe someday you can also download Youtube videos and convert them to MP4 files for playing on your smartwatch. Some of the smartwatches are available in the market now, you can choose one from the Pebble, Martian and MetaWatch, they are all famous smartwatch providers.