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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2 Released with Smooth Registration and Support to Flash Player 10.1

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2 is newly released with smooth and efficient registration process and further support to Flash Player 10.1.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Aug 03rd, 2010 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially debuts the latest version V3.9.0.2 of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro with the perfect register validation module which ensures a smooth registration process and with the strengthened support to Flash Player 10.1.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro is an all-inclusive SWF converter that provides an ideal solution for professionals to convert SWF to video formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, MKV, MPEG, 3GP, MP3, VOB, RMVB, etc; convert SWF to AVI with 32-bit RGBA transparency with see-through effect; and convert SWF to picture and animated picture formats, such as GIF, JPG, PNG and so on.

Besides, the advanced video editing features like trimming, cropping, watermarking, etc guarantee a higher-quality and more customized output video for those Flash and video enthusiasts.

Upgraded Features of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2

1. Enhanced support to Flash Player 10.1 and the ability to handle flash with only still pictures – Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2 comes out with the strengthened support to the latest Flash Player 10.1 released in Jun, which is widely used to deliver and view animations and movies using computer programs such as a web browser as a form of plugin recently. This enhancement therefore, makes it easier for the program to handle the source Flash files, even with dynamic pictures.

2. Fast conversion and optimized register validation module – the underlying encoding module was modified to accelerate converting process and the register validation module was optimized as well to provide a smooth and efficient registration procedure. The way program prompts when inputting error registration code was modified to a more user-friendly and humanized one.

3. Stable output for over-size videos – as for those initial huge SWF files with extra-big width and height, accordingly, the output video is huge too. In this case, the new V3.9.0.2 version is able to generate such over-size output video and with extremely good quality.

Price and Availability of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro has a registered version for purchasing costs only $79.95 under a “$20 OFF” promotion, meanwhile, a free trial version is also available for downloading via the link below. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to register now for the lifelong updates and the prior technical support.

System Requirement of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.9.0.2

It is definitely a small-size program that will not occupy too much space and it works well with OSs like Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista.

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Ways to Upload SWF File to Website

I always come across the question asks that: how to upload the SWF files to website? Well, it depends on different circumstances, I ‘ll try to explain according to what I know, if you have something to add, just go ahead and let me know.

Usually, I have two ways to get the source SWF files: online flash making programs and the existed SWF files in my PC.

The former means you produce the SWF file from some online flash making programs. They can be flash banner making programs, flash chart making programs and so on. In this case, you don ‘t have to download and install the program, just do it online according to their instructions. When you finish all the editing and customizing work, the program will generate several lines of codes, and that ‘ s all you need to put in your website.

The latter means the existed SWF file with the extension .swf saved in your computer or produced by Adobe Flash CS5(the latest one). The created SWF files like this works perfectly in Internet Explorer, but doesn’t load in all netscape. Or vice versa. The reason is flash has a lot of issues with its plugin player and browser compatibility. In circumstances such as these you need to be able to convert SWF to animated GIF before uploading to your website.

Again, at least this is what i’m doing right now. Of course, you have many other options like you can directly upload the SWF file to your web server; like you can convert the SWF file to video format first, and then make a player for it, and at last, upload them all to website.

However, convert SWF to animated GIF is the easiest among all the methods because you can easily upload it to your website as the same way you upload a common picture.

Another reason to make it the easiest solution is some of your clients don’t want flash content or do not have the flash plugin. Again, in these situations, you need to be able to convert the .swf file to a .gif file so that you can display the swf image to those particular clients.

I have to emphasize here that convert SWF to animated GIF will not make it ugly! The dynamic effect of the originally SWF file keeps unchanged because you have the frame-by-frame control of the whole conversion progress and you can even customize the frame rate, image size and compression quality etc to ensure a better output.

Convert SWF to animated GIF will not cost you anything either! It ‘s free and available to get within just few clicks.

3 Steps to Convert SWF to Animated GIF with Moyea SWF to Video Pro

Step 1: Launch SWF to Video Pro and select the way you prefer to input the source SWF file.

upload swf to web1

Step 2: This SWF converter can convert SWF to Video, SWF to Video with alpha, and SWF to Image series respectively. Now choose Animated GIF as the target output format from image series style drop down menu.

upload swf to web2

Step 3: Click “Convert” to start the SWF to Animated GIF conversion.

upload swf to web3

When the conversion completes, you can upload the generated animated GIF to anywhere on the website and enjoy it as a high-quality SWF substitute.

Download Flash SWF and Convert to AVI, MOV, Animated GIF

A few days ago when I was looking through Yahoo Answer, accidently I saw some questions about the conversion between flash SWF and other video/picture formats. The frequently-asked questions are: how to convert SWF to AVI? How to convert SWF to MOV? And how to convert SWF to animated GIF?

Of course there are some very nice answers there, however, when I see somebody saying “It’s just impossible to convert SWF to animated GIF because SWF is flash, while GIF is picture format, so it’s not possible…(Sorry, I forgot how exactly the answer said)”, it was a big shock for me! What I want to say is: it is possible to convert SWF to animated GIF, and it is very easy as long as you find the right program!

Also, they are a lot of questions are asked about WHERE and HOW can I download flashes, well, my answer is ANYWHERE you want and it is very easy too, but here you go again, you have to find the right program!

Next, I’ll extract some pictures to illustrate how I solve the above questions:

Question 1: Where and how can I download flash SWFs?

Usually, you should focus on some online game websites cause most of the little games there are made in SWF format. Also, most advertisements and banners on the websites are made in SWF format too. If you are still not sure where to find them, just type the URL of the website that you think there may be flashes, and the program will automatically detect and download(if any).

Look at Figure 1, i just randomly type and actually I’m not sure whether it has flash there or not, click “Go” to perform search, if there is, the SWF URL will be listed, if there is not, just change another URL to try.

download flash swf

Figure 1

Question 2: How to convert SWF to AVI?

I have to say this is one of the basic SWF to video conversions and is extremely useful for those who want to play SWF files on PC players and with excellent picture and sound quality. Please see Figure 2.

convert swf to avi

Figure 2

PS: if you are a professional video editor, you can choose “Video with alpha” option to convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel.

Question 3: How to convert SWF to MOV?

Apple! Apple! Apple! SWF to MOV conversion is made for mac users to play SWF file in Apple QuickTime Player. Please see Figure 3 for details.

convert swf to mov

Figure 3

Question 4: How to convert SWF to animated GIF?

This is a challenge because somebody already said it is just impossible, I want to say: just impossible for some programs! Here comes the solution(see Figure 4).

convert swf to animated gif

Figure 4

Not only that, you can customize the frame rate, image size and compression quality during the SWF to animated GIF conversion. Test the finished GIF and the excellent quality will definitely WOW you!

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg, keep exploring and you will find more! Enjoy the Flash World!

The Contradiction between Adobe and Apple is Getting Fierce

According to foreign media reports, Adobe company delivered an advertisement and open letter on May, 13th, strongly accused Apple for strangling the competition. Apple previously had made it very clear that the Adobe software applications were totally banned on iPad and iPhone.

Adobe said in the advertisement: “We like Apple. What we don’t like is the person who grabs your freedom to choose. You definitely have the freedom to choose what are you going to create, how to create, and what to experience on the internet.” Adobe also bought a full-page on Washington Post today, gave all the details about this dispute between Adobe and Apple. At the end of the open letter were the signatures of co-founder Geschke Chuck and John Warnock.

In this letter, Adobe declared: “the essence of the problem lies in: who is the real controllor of Internet? We think the answer is the Internet users, rather than any of the powerful company.”

It is reported recently that Apple is developing the Flash-alternative project Gianduia, which was revealed in WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) last year.. Apple has said it will support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, but not Flash.

The insiders think the Adobe open letter is a strong evidence that the divergence between Adobe and Apple is getting worse. Two weeks ago, the CEO of Apple just issued a 29-paragraph-long article to accuse Adobe Flash for “major technology defect”. It is said that Adobe has officially sued to America Anti-Monopoly Government Department and it may investigate this case accordingly. This means the contradiction between the two is intensified thoroughly.

Some useful links for your reference if you want to convert flash SWF to other popular video/audio/picture formats.

Easy Steps to Make Impressive Flash Charts Online

RichchartLive is a free online tool that can create enjoyable and impressive flash charts with attractive visuals and interactivities. It can generate more personalized charts with dynamic flash animation effects. Users can easily choose the chart style and set various parameters. The finished chart can be exported as flash, which can be published to PPT, websites and blogs for immediate sharing.

Easy Steps to Make Creative Flash Charts Online:

1. Select a template from abundant options and immediate preview is available;

select template for flash chart

2. According to the template selected, input datas;

input data for flash chart

3. Select series style and colors;

select series style for flash chart

4. Select axes type and style;

select axes type for flash chart

5. Select animation and layout;

select animation and layout for flash chart

6. Save as flash file or publish to multi-destinations like PPT, website or blog, etc.

publish flash chart

The finished flash chart is really fantastic and the effect is awesome! Highly recommended!

Convert Files into Web-Ready Flash Documents or PDFs

Let’s say if you want to publish Microsoft Word documents on the Internet for sharing with other people, usually we will save it as web page format .mht or .mhtml, however, the layout will be changed if we use this way. Is there any better solution to convert Word to web-ready documents like flash SWF without changing its layout? Definitely yes, FlashPaper is the key!

FlashPaper allows anyone to convert printable files(here we use Microsoft Word for example) into Flash documents or Adobe PDF files with one click. Instantly generate Flash documents that can be accessed by over half a billion web users. Or transform files into secure, compact PDFs for e-mailing, archiving, and printing. FlashPaper is an affordable solution to create web-ready documents easily that can be shared on any website.

The brief tutorial below demonstrates exactly how to convert Word to Flash SWF with FlashPaper in seconds:

Step 1: Simply download and install FlashPaper program. The free trial versiom is available at Adobe official website.

Step 2: Open one Word document that you want to convert to flash, click “FlashPaper” menu on Toolbar.

click "FlashPaper" on toolbar

Step 3: Click “Convert to Macromedia Flash(.swf)”, and then save it in the destination folder.

choose "convert to macromedia flash(.swf)"

Step 4: Open the SWF file you just saved in the destination folder, you will be amazed how excellent job the FlashPaper has done: layout is exactly the same and everything is the same. By the way, FlashPaper can also convert Word to PDF. Try it!

convert Word to PDF

Kind notice:

Want to be more creative? No problem, try to convert those generated SWF files to other popular video formats like AVI, MP4, VOB. MPG, RMVB, etc with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std/Pro, so that you can watch them via various portable devices, iPod, iPhone for example. Have fun!

convert SWF to Video formats

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Updated Version V3.6 Is Released with Some Operating Bug-Fixings and Optimized Functions

Shenzhen P.R.C-Jul 31, 2009-Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( Moyea Software officially announces that some operating bugs of Moyea SWF to Video Converter family were perfectly fixed and releases Moyea SWF to Video Converter Updated Version V3.6 to get more stable and complete function, and the faster conversion experience in its newly-designed user interface.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter family is a series of handy programs that can perfectly convert SWF to Video in a variety of formats. What’s more, the Pro version is also capable of converting SWF to picture formats and SWF to Video with alpha channel.

In this freshly-released V3.6 updated version, Moyea Software has perfectly fixed the following operating bugs and optimized some functions listed below as well, which makes this SWF to Video converter more powerful and much easier to use:

1. Fixed the bug of unabling to input SWF under batch-conversion mode. The software may reject to input some complex files under batch-conversion mode in the previous version due to the fact that it thinks they may not suitable for batch-conversion. However, this bug-fixing now enables you to input multiple SWF files without any problem at a time under batch-conversion mode and then convert them to your desired video formats with just few mouse-clicks and minutes.

2. Fixed the bug that causes some inaccurate dimensions when crop SWF file for SWF to Video Pro. SWF crop is one of the most unique and useful functions in Pro version because it keeps the exact part you want by removing the extra margins, and it’s easy to be done either by dragging the video frame or by setting manually. This improvement ensures you the accurate dimensions of SWF after cropping.

3. Fixed the problem of slow conversion caused by some CPUs. One of Moyea Software’s permanent goals is to provide the high-speed conversion under a variety of circumstances. Moyea consistently works on it and has solved the problem of slow conversion caused by some CPUs in this updated version, which makes the conversion process incredibly fast and at the same time, won’t occupy too much memory.

4. Revised the operation of Profile menu which makes it clearer and easier to use. Profile menu is provided everytime with Moyea SWF to Video converter family for some advanced settings of video and audio which includes many professional parameters that you can choose from its drop-down menus. Some operations of Profile menu has been revised this time to make it clearer and easier for all-level customers to get a better output quality.

5. Real Media format RMVB was newly-added to the output format list for both Std and Pro version. RMVB is a RealNetWorks streaming media format with low rate and acceptable picture quality. By adding this new output format, the program will definitely ensure the users high qualities for those output files.

6. UI interface was prettified. Moyea Software is always working on the purpose that the customers deserve the best operating experience brought by its neat and friendly user interface. And that’s all this update about. The prettified user interface is exactly designed for this to make the converter simpler and easier to use.

With above bug-fixings and optimized functions and improvements, Moyea SWF to Video Converter updated version V 3.6 is one of the greatest choices for those who want to convert SWF to Video/Audio/Picture in a variety of formats.

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Record How You Play Online Games

Who likes those funny little online games? Hands up!

Proudly to say, I’m one of them. Not only it can relax you a little bit from the stressed office, but also it can make me happy by sharing those little secrets with other players on how to win this game.

Personally, I have a unique way to share my champion secrets and all you need are just two things: one good online game website and one SWF to Video Converter. By the way, the reason why we need such a SWF to Video Converter is because almost the online games are made in SWF format(short for “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”) and if you want to record the playing procedures and share with other game players on youtube or other video-sharing websites, this kind of converter definitely helps!

Here comes the step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Go to where I find a lot of free and interesting online games. Choose your favorite game. Tell me if you have other better recommendations.

online game website

Step 2: Open Moyea SWF to Video Pro, grab this SWF game by entering its URL.

moyea swf to video converter pro

grab swf game with moyea flash download

Step 3: Click “Convert SWF” to go babk to Moyea SWF to Video Pro interface.

convert swf game

Step 4: Click “Export” to set the output parameters.

set output parameters

Step 5: Click “Convert” and then click “Paly and Capture” in the conversion interface. Now it’s time to show how excellent you are at games! Play the game now and don’t forget to show the tricks that you are going to share, Moyea SWF to Video Pro will record every moment of yours from now on.

play and capture swf game

Step 6: Click “Finish” to start the encoding process. When it’s finished, upload this video to youtube right now and proudly announce the “King of Game” is coming. Enjoy and have fun!

encoding process