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Record How You Play Online Games

Who likes those funny little online games? Hands up!

Proudly to say, I’m one of them. Not only it can relax you a little bit from the stressed office, but also it can make me happy by sharing those little secrets with other players on how to win this game.

Personally, I have a unique way to share my champion secrets and all you need are just two things: one good online game website and one SWF to Video Converter. By the way, the reason why we need such a SWF to Video Converter is because almost the online games are made in SWF format(short for “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”) and if you want to record the playing procedures and share with other game players on youtube or other video-sharing websites, this kind of converter definitely helps!

Here comes the step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Go to where I find a lot of free and interesting online games. Choose your favorite game. Tell me if you have other better recommendations.

online game website

Step 2: Open Moyea SWF to Video Pro, grab this SWF game by entering its URL.

moyea swf to video converter pro

grab swf game with moyea flash download

Step 3: Click “Convert SWF” to go babk to Moyea SWF to Video Pro interface.

convert swf game

Step 4: Click “Export” to set the output parameters.

set output parameters

Step 5: Click “Convert” and then click “Paly and Capture” in the conversion interface. Now it’s time to show how excellent you are at games! Play the game now and don’t forget to show the tricks that you are going to share, Moyea SWF to Video Pro will record every moment of yours from now on.

play and capture swf game

Step 6: Click “Finish” to start the encoding process. When it’s finished, upload this video to youtube right now and proudly announce the “King of Game” is coming. Enjoy and have fun!

encoding process

How to Insert Flash(SWF) to Microsoft Word?

Do you ever think to add some cute flashes into your Microsoft Word to make it more colorful and interesting? Do you ever complain how difficult it is to find those SWF flashes that you are going to add? If your answer is YES, then I think the following content is quite useful for you.

Question 1: how to find SWF flashes?

Provided that you don’t have any existing SWF flashes at hand, no problem, let’s download some from internet with the help of Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Its embedded Moyea Flash Download enables you to download SWF flashes online and all you have to do is just to enter URL.

Question 2: how to insert SWF flashes to word?

Step 1: Open a new word document, click “View”, choose “Toolbars” from drop-down menu, then choose “Control Toolbox”.

click"Control Toolbox" in a new Word

Step 2: Click “More Controls” in the Control Toolbox and then choose “Shockwave Flash Object” from the selection list.

input SWF object

Step 3: Right click the inserted flash control toolbox, choose “Properties

choose "Properties" to set other parameters

Step 4: In properties interface:

a. choose “Movie” to input the complete path and name of SWF file downloaded before, for example, D:\Backup\My Document\Moyea\SWFGrab\fourth.swf

b. choose “EmbedMovie” and set it as “True

c. choose “Scale” and keep it as “ShowAll

settings for SWF

Step 5: Click “Exit Design Mode” to play the flash inserted and click “Design Mode” to edit again.

activate flash

So now you have a very cool flash in your word document and I’m sure there are a lot of fun too. Enjoy!