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Flash is Dead Long Live HTML5 – Adobe Quit Mobile Browser Flash Development in Favor of HTML5

November 10th, 2011 news – Adobe vice President and the general manager in interactive development business, Danny Winokur has recently posted a blog on company’s website, saying Adobe will stop the Flash Player development on mobile browsers.

The following is the edited version of Winokur’s blog:

No matter speaking from the platform or technical level, Adobe will always support the designers and developers to create the most inspirational content. In the past 10 years, Flash has made it true to let people create and deploy the most abundant content on the Internet, which is impossible for the browser itself to realize. This is also our new technical standard blueprint for HTML, the one was mentioned so many times by us. In the past two years, we have launched the mobile version Flash Player for mobile browsers, which created totally innovational network experience for many mobile equipment users.

The major mobile equipments now are all with HTML5 support in addition to some special exceptions. This therefore makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content on mobile platforms. We are so excited and will cooperate as always with the HTML community main members including Google, Apple, Microsoft and RIM to promote HTML innovation and improve the performance of mobile browsers.

In the future, to allow Flash developers to pack the original applications in the main app stores using Adobe AIR will become the main task of mobile Flash business. After the launch of Flash Player 11.1 optimized for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook, we will no longer develop the mobile version Flash Player. Of course, we will continue to provide the current equipments with important patch and security updates. And our source code will continue to be effective.

These adjustments could encourage us to increase the investment for developing HTML5 and intensifying Flash innovation.