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YouTube Supports WebM Video Format – A Hardest Hit to Flash


YouTube recently announced that all the new videos uploaded to its server will be converted to WebM format, which gives Adobe Flash a big shock!

WebM is an open source video format consists of VP8 video signal decode and Vorbis audio stream developed by Google. It gains the wide support from popular browsers like Firefox 4, Opera 10.6 and Google Chrome. Since YouTube has declared that WebM will be the final video format for those uploaded videos in the future, it puts a lot of pressures on other browsers such as Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s IE, forcing those browsers to provide WebM video local playback as well.


YouTube’s decision to convert all the video format to WebM will definitely reduce the popularity of Adobe Flash video format. Google has also announced that it will gradually convert the Flash video previously stored on YouTube to WebM video format. It is said 30% videos on YouTube have been converted to WebM already.

In addition to the open source WebM conversion, Youtube has restated that it will develop its own HTML 5 video player. HTML 5 video tag supports many formats, including the WebM VP8 video signal decode.

Considering the leading position of YouTube in video streaming market, the format has been chosen will probably become the market benchmark. Because it decided to use WebM format, the leading position of Adobe in the network video field starts to shake inevitably. The insiders said.

After Apple, Flash is Banned again in Google Android?


It is well-known that Flash is banned in Apple iTunes online store, recently it has been rumoured that Google will take the same action to prohibit Flash in Android Market as well.

A Flash game developed by Kongregate has been deleted from Google Android Market recently, saying this application violated certain rules. Kongregate has also confirmed this officially. “We just released Kongregate Arcade yesterday for Android users, in a few hours it received very high praise and thousands of downloads. Unfortunately, it was deleted by Google from the store, denoting that it is illegal to install this application.”

“In fact, Kongregate Arcade is just a Flash game running in Android browser, it does not require any installation, though it will buffer the game to get faster loading speed. Their reason is too broad and can be applied in many other applications, such as Kindle (ebook application), but only ours was deleted.”

Google has not released any comment yet.

Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials 1 – Flash Introduction

This blog is going to be the first entry of “Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials” series, which is aiming to systematically introduce and analyze flash in an unique way, focusing on the common issues that everybody should know, no natter you are a flash master or a beginner, and using very simple and easy-to-understand words.

The first chapter – Flash Introduction – includes two parts: What is Flash? And What is the Difference between Flash and Animated Images & Java?


What is flash?

Flash files are in the SWF format, traditionally called “ShockWave Flash(SWF)” movies, “Flash movies,” or “Flash games”, usually have a .swf file extension.

Flash is a multimedia graphics program specially for use on the Web.

Flash enables you to create interactive “movies” on the Web.

Flash uses vector graphics, which means that the graphics can be scaled easily to any size without losing clarity/quality.

Flash does not require programming skills and is easy to learn.


What is the Difference between Flash and Animated Images & Java?

All of them can be used to create dynamic and interactive effects on webpages, however, flash SWF stands out because of the following advantages:

SWF is faster loading than animated images because it was intentionally created small and light.

SWF is easy and smooth to compress.

SWF supports transparencies, allows interactivity and requires no programming skills.

Everything has two sides, flash SWF is the same. The major disadvantage of SWF is the compatibility. You can not play SWF videos properly unless you have Macromedia Flash installed on your computer.

For more info, please refer to my previous blog entry here.

Be a Part of Flash Mob to Celebrate New Year 2011 Uniquely


Hello, newbies, when the first time you hear Flash Mob, I guess your immediate reaction is to think is this flash the same one as flash swf file that we always talk about here and what kind of tools we can use to convert it to regular video for easy playback on more platforms.

Well, I admit I had the same first reaction as you did. However, flash mob and flash are totally two different things! They share nothing in common except the same English word – “flash”. Seriously, flash mob refers to a large group of people who assemble suddenly via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.


Some basic background info about flash mob you should know:

The first flash mob – created in Manhattan in May 2003, by Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper’s Magazine. The first attempt was unsuccessful but the second one was, which subsequently occurred on June 3, 2003 at Macy’s department store.

Notable flash mob 1 – the second largest and well-known flash mob was the April 2006 silent disco in London. At various London Underground stations, people gathered with their portable music devices, and at a set time began dancing to their music. It was reported that more than 4,000 people participated at London Victoria station.

Notable flash mob 2 – the world’s largest flash mob to date: Worldwide Pillow Fight Day (or International Pillow Fight Day) was a pillow fight flash mob that took place on March 22, 2008. Over 25 cities around the globe participated in the first “international flash mob”.

Will you be a part of flash mob to celebrate New Year 2011?


I personally think it is a good idea and definitely you can give it a try! New Year 2011 is just around the corner and a flash mob new year celebration is no doubt a unique start. By the way, the only flash mob I have participated is Free Hugs, wow, that feels good! LOL!

How to Rip Flash from a Site

Some people are always bothered: how to obtain flash files(SWF) if first, they do not have any existed ones saved in computer, and second, they have no any idea how to make one by themselves either?

The answer is: rip flash from internet!

You may be surfing on the internet the whole day but still wondering: where are flashes that I can rip? Take it easy, they are actually everywhere around you, the glittery banners, the floating commercials, the built-in games, etc.

Ok, next let us talk about it in details of how to rip flash from a site.

Step 1: We need a tool. The tool that can assist to rip flashes with ease. In order to demonstrate it well, we kindly selected two tools and will put them in a comparison in the next steps.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Interface

rip flash from internet 1

Sothink SWF Catcher scores 1 point: stretchable interface.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Program Launch – the former is an individual program which can be launched from the desktop icon shotcut, while the latter can only be found in the context menu(the right-click menu).

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: desktop icon shotcut

Step 2: Enter the webpage URL where you feel it contains flashes.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Operation – the former is ok to directly input URL manually, while the latter is not.

rip flash from internet 2

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: manually input URL

Step 3: The program will automatically list all the flashes found.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Flash Info – the former rips flash with complete info including name, URL, and preview, while the latter lacks URL and right-click menu.

rip flash from internet 3

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: complete flash info

Step 4: Rip flashes you have selected and open the saving folder for immediate review.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Rip Flash – the former ‘s context menu is very convenient to rip flash and open the target folder for immediate review, which the latter is only with the rip flash function.

rip flash from internet 4

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: diverse rip flash options

Conclusion: to rip flash from internet is actually very easy if you find the right tool. Try it and have fun!

The Easy Way to Insert Flash Animation to Excel

Get bored with just plain text and tables in Excel? Wanna add a little bit varieties and animations to make it vivid and alive? No problem, the step-by-step tutorial below will tell you exactly how to achieve that in the simplest way.

Step 1: Open a new Excel file or an existing one. (PS: Excel 2010 is available now and it is said very good with new features like Web Apps and visual effects.)

Step 2: Click “Developer” tab, choose “Insert“, then “ActiveX Controlbar“.

insert flash to excel1

Step 3: Click “other Active X” in the “ActiveX Controlbar“, select “Shockwave Flash Object” from the list.

insert flash to excel2

Step 4: Right click the inserted Flash Active X, select “Property“.

insert flash to excel3

Step 5: Input the Flash absolute path and name in “Movie” field. Set the value in “EmbedMovie” field as “True“, and keep the default values in “Height“, “Width” and “Scale” fields.

insert flash to excel 4

Note: If you change the default value in “Scale” field from “ShowAll” to “NoScale“, the inserted Flash will keep the original ratio(1:1).

Step 6. Click the “Design Mode” button on Active X tab, Excel will start to play the inserted Flash. Click this button again to enter “Design Mode” where you can continue to edit the target Flash.

insert flash to excel 5

Note: If temporarily you can not see the Flash, please close the Excel file after saving, and reopen it, click “Design Mode” button to try it again.

BlackBerry Tablet PC Confirms to Support Flash

According to foreign media reports, the rumors about BlackBerry tablet PC ‘s release has lasted for several months. Ashok Kumar, an analyst from Rodman & Renshaw, has released a statement last Friday regarding this issue, which accurately revealed the news that may make the rumors come true.


From Boy Genius Report released in May, it is guessable that BlackBerry tablet PC screen size might be 8.9 inches, only the bluetooth or WiFi connection available, has to mate with BlackBerry phones. When it comes to June report from Wall Street Journal, it is estimated that the equipment will come with “a slide-out keyboard, which can operate BlackBerry new system on it, and with general search column.”


Kumar said in the statement, actually the size of BlackBerry tablet PC is 7 inches, with 1GHz Marvell processor, two cameras for video conference. Insiders have confirmed the accuracy of the news, meanwhile, they also said BlackBerry tablet will support Flash, and the hardware-based Flash accelerator is also available.


Adobe CEO, Mr. Shantanu Narayen previously said that Flash 10.1 will land BlackBerry in the late 2010. Although the impact of flash-supported BlackBerry tablet is still unknown in the market, it is definitely an ideal equipment for mobile enterprise users.

Anyhow, whether the BlackBerry tablet will be released in the upcoming Dec is still a mystery.

PS: for more ways to make flash playable on devices which radically do not support flash, please turn to this useful tool for help.

iPhone OS 4.0 Completely Blocks Flash Application

Apple CEO Steve Jobs ‘ distinct personality makes him to execute the matters he has decided with full force. Take his attitude to Flash for example, once he has publicly expressed his “hatred” to Flash and made it very clear that Apple will not support Adobe software. Now, he proves it with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 SDK. This system modified the developer agreement and completely blocked Flash application on iPhone platform.

It says in the latest iPhone developers license agreement: “application can only use the Apple-approval API, other APIs are not allowed. Applications can only be compiled with Objective-C, C, C + + or JavaScript, only the C, C + + and Objective-C code can be connected directly to official APIs (it is prohibited to invoke official APIs via intermedia program, compatible layer and any compatible tools). ”

This, almost pronounces the sentence of death for Adobe ‘ plan to promote Flash to iPhone. Despite of the fact that Apple may not support Flash, Adobe has announced in 2009 MAX that there will be Packager for iPhone which can be used by Flash developers to create local iPhone applications. This package will be included in the upcoming Flash Pro CS5.

Adobe says, the development of new technology can help developers to create applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, so that they can approach Apple indirectly. What a pity, everything is in vain now.

For common users like you and me, we can use the third-party programs to make flash SWF playable on iPhone and other Apple products. Thank God, a kind of complementarity that we can use to enjoy the fabulous Flash on fabulous gadgets.

iPad Accelerates the Collapse of Traditional Magazines and Restricts Flash

July 22, 2010, according to the foreign media, when Apple’s iPad tablet PC is considered a new reading experience for consumers by the traditional publishing industry, some companies have already crossed the boundary between paper and digital media and plan to fight for the digital publishing battle.

Virgin Group, as one of the iPad-platform supporters, is planning to release the iPad-exclusive consumer magazine – Maverick in early October this year. It is only applicable to iPhone applications, not yet a Kindle, web and paper version.

Due to the excellent features like supporting HTML5 video, meta color photographs, complex interactive applications and enormous display screen, iPad definitely brings brand-new digital reading experience for mass customers. That is why this product is so popular in numerous consumers. As iPad keeps expanding its market share, the industry is also looking forward to the performance of Google Android and other upcoming tablet PCs.

Richard Branson indicates the advantage of iPad-exclusive magazine Maverick released by Virgin Group lies in the fact that there is no corresponding paper version. Because the traditional publishers they don’t want the extremely low price of electronic version to impact the higher price of paper version. That is also the reason why they can’t reduce the price of digital publications.

On the other hand, the rejection between iPad and Flash will restrict Apple’s growth unless iPad can earn more support from publishers than Android tablet PC, which relatively has bigger market shares.

You may be also interested in the conversion instead of restriction between Flash and iPad. Click here to learn how to convert flash SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone etc.

Watch Flash Safely-Be Aware of Flash Virus

Flash is a very common format used to deliver animations over Internet. Flash brings us a lot fun but at the same time, flash viewers have to concern the security issues as well. The first flash file virus WF/LFM.926 appeared in early 2002 but was fortunately refused by patch tools emergently released from Macromedia company. However, just after two years in November, 26th, 2004, another new virus DJ2005 (Win32.Troj.QQMydj2005) which can be downloaded automatically with the flash file was found. When you are browsing the exquisite flash files, be extremely careful if another website is opened simultaneously or an irrelevant program is downloaded automatically, because that might be the virus! It can modify explorer. exe process and registry, besides, it can also send messages through QQ to cajole other users.

Strategies: first, scan DJ2005 trojans through free online virus check; second, make sure your virus database is up to date to prevent any new virus; third, make sure your flash player, flash converter or other flash relevant programs are clean and safe, 100% virus free.