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Flash for YouTube Ideas – 4 Methods to Upload Flash to YouTube

If video sharing is an irresistible trend, YouTube is definitely the most prominent pusher. As the most famous online video website, YouTube also enjoys good reputations for being an excellent video sharing platform. It is no uncommon issue for users to share videos, photos, animations and even PowerPoint presentations on YouTube. In fact, publishing videos to YouTube has become a daily issue for most users. When they have recorded excellent movies, they want to share the movies on YouTube and when they have created funny Flash animations, they want to upload the Flash movies to YouTube.

Adobe Flash Player is important to YouTube because most YouTube videos are published as Flash movies. However, this can’t be used as a proof against the fact that Flash is excluded in the supporting list of YouTube. Therefore, for users who tend to upload Flash to YouTube, they need to find a way to convert Flash for YouTube in the first place. In other words, only when users have found a way to convert Flash to YouTube video can they publish Flash to YouTube. Therefore, this post will illustrate three free methods to upload Flash to YouTube.

Method One: Convert Flash to MP4 video

Convert Flash to MP4 video

As a popular video format, MP4 is now widely supported by most portable devices. In the latest version of YouTube, MP4 video is viewed as a YouTube friendly file. Moreover, of all those YouTube videos based on HTML5, most are published as MP4 movies. Therefore, an efficient way to upload Flash to YouTube is to convert Flash SWF to MP4 video. However, users must make sure they have set the video codec of the MP4 video as “H.264” and the audio codec as “AAC”.

Method Two: Convert Flash to FLV video

Convert Flash to FLV video

FLV video is small in storage space and fast in loading speed. Therefore, FLV are usually used as the standard video format for YouTube file. In most cases, users will get FLV files after they have managed downloading some YouTube videos. To this extent, converting Flash to FLV video is an easier and safer way for users to upload Flash to YouTube. Luckily, some free methods to convert Flash to FLV video are available to help users manage the conversion process. One thing to notice is that YouTube only support FLV video with the video codec as FLV1 and audio codec as MP3.

Method Three: Convert Flash to MOV video

Convert Flash to YouTube

Widely used in portable devices like iPhone and iPad, MOV now turns out to be one of the mainstream video formats. As more and more new devices have made MOV movie as their default video file, YouTube has also added support to MOV video. In this way, mobile users can get easy ways to share their videos with friends. To this extent, users are allowed to upload Flash animations to YouTube after they have converted them to MOV videos. Though there are free ways to convert Flash to MOV video, users also need to make sure those methods can set the audio codec of the MOV file as H.264 and audio codec as AAC.

Method Four: Convert Flash to AVI video

Convert Flash to AVI

As a popular video format, AVI can be supported by most media players. AVI video is also used as the output file of popular video cameras. Therefore, AVI video is also listed as YouTube friendly file. Once users can convert the Flash movie to an AVI video, they can upload the Flash movie to YouTube. To manage the conversion process, users can either refer to online websites or low-budget converters like Moyea SWF to Video Converter. However, they must make sure the converted AVI video gets MJPEG as video codec and PCM as audio codec.

Flash to iPhone 5 – Play Flash on iPhone 5

After the releasing of The new iPad, Apple once again attracted the world’s attention with another digital device, the long-rumored iPhone 5. As the new flagship of Apple mobile, iPhone 5 makes tremendous improvement in both its design and its function. Equipped with lighting A6 processor, 4-inch IPS display owning a resolution of “1136×640“, 8-megapixel rear camera, 16GB storage and 4G support, iPhone 5 is ready to welcome the challenges from Samsung Galaxy S3 and Lumia 900.

Of course, it is a fancy story to find support to Adobe Flash included in iPhone 5, a latest Apple device. Without Adobe Flash Player, playing Flash on iPhone 5 will remain to be a hard task. For users who desire to watch Flash with iPhone 5, they need to figure out a way to make Flash accessible to iPhone 5. Generally speaking, to view Flash on iPhone 5, users can either jailbreak the Apple mobile or convert Flash to iPhone 5 video. Since jailbreak iPhone 5 costs more than it deserves, converting Flash for iPhone 5 is a more favored way.

However, the conversion from Flash to iPhone 5 video is only a feasible solution to help users enjoy Flash with iPhone 5 when one can find a powerful Flash for iPhone 5 converter. To this extent, Windows users can refer to Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter while Mac users to SWF Converter Mac.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter, a powerful Flash for iPhone 5 converter.

Step 2: Import the Flash file. Click “Browser…” button and then click “From Local” option to input the Flash file for further editing.

Import Flash SWF

Step 3: Set the output video. To make sure users can play the converted Flash on iPhone 5, converting Flash to MP4 for iPhone 5. Therefore, click “Export” tab and then set the output file as MP4 video for iPhone 5 in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

Flash to MP4 file

Step 4: Customize output video. Click “Settings” button to enter Profile panel where various video parameters are provided. Then make the converted Flash file a decent iPhone 5 video with this Flash to MP4 converter. For example, set the video size as “1136×640” and video codec as “H.264” for iPhone 5.

Set MP4 for iPhone 5

Step 5: Start the conversion. After all those steps, click Convert button to enter corresponding panel and click “Play and Capture” to start playing. When the Flash ends, click “Finish” button to start the conversion from SWF to iPhone 5 video. As the conversion ends, one can play Flash freely on iPhone 5.

Start the conversion


1. To convert SWF to MP3 file for iPhone 5, click “Export” tab and then set the output video as MP3 file for iPhone 5 in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

2. To convert multiple Flash SWF files for iPhone 5, choose “Input” tab and click “Switch to batch mode“. Then one can import multiple Flash SWF files at one time by clicking “Add” button.

A Free Method to Watch Flash on The new iPad

When it comes to tablet market, iPad matters. Since its release several years ago, iPad had not only brought tremendous profits to Apple but also led the world to the era of tablet. Since its release in March, The new iPad helped Apple to gain doubled profits in the second quarter with its innovative designs. However, watching Flash on The new iPad has become a trouble for users after support to Adobe Flash was excluded in the plan.

Generally speaking, favored apps like iSwifter and SkyFire are provided in iTunes which enables users to play Flash on The new iPad. With low budget, three dollars for iSwifter or five dollars for SkyFire, users can easily make Flash accessible to The new iPad. However, there are also some free ways to view Flash on The new iPad. For users who are OK with the complicated operations, this post will present them a free method to convert Flash for The new iPad.

Since MP4 video is supported by The new iPad, a feasible way to watch Flash on The new iPad is to convert the SWF file to MP4 video for The new iPad. Therefore, this post will show you how to manage the conversion from Flash to MP4 video in two steps.

Step 1: Convert SWF to 3GP. To convert SWF to 3GP for free, one can refer to Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” and then choose “From Folder” option in the drop-down menu.

Import Flash

2. Choose “Export” tab and then set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

Flash to 3GP

3. Click “Convert” tab to manage the conversion process from SWF to 3GP. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing and then click “Finish” button when the Flash file ends.

Convert Flash to 3GP

Step 2: Convert 3GP to MP4. A free app to convert 3GP to MP4 is Moyea Video4Web Converter which can convert videos to Flash videos easily.

1. Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it, click “File” and choose “Add Video Files” in the drop-down menu to import the 3GP video for The new iPad.

Import 3GP

2. Set the output video. Make the output file a MP4 video for The new iPad in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.   

3GP to MP4

3. Set video size for The new iPad. Click “Settings” button next to “Profile” bar to enter corresponding panel. Then set the video size as 1920×1080, audio sample rate as 48 kHz and audio bit rate as 128 kbps for The new iPad.

Customize video

4. Click convert button to start the conversion from 3GP file to MP4 video for The new iPad.

Those are the steps to manage the conversion from SWF to MP4 for The new iPad. Though the operations are quite complicated, it is a free method to enjoy Flash on The new iPad. For those who want to convert Flash to MP4 directly, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

2 Free Methods to Convert Flash to MP4 Video

In recent years, Adobe Flash is marching downhill partly due to the rising of HTML 5, partly to the rejection from Apple products. However, in the next few years, Adobe Flash Player will still be a necessity for watching videos on online video websites like YouTube. Consequently, this will bring some troubles to The new iPad user whose device fails to support Flash.

Actually besides online video websites, Flash also plays an important role in gaming field. For The new iPad users, a feasible way to access Flash is to convert the SWF file to MP4 video. Though most converters refuse to accept SWF file as an input file, there are actually some free methods to convert SWF file. This post will provide two free methods to convert Flash to MP4 videos.

First Method:

Step 1: Convert SWF file to 3GP video. With Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, one can convert Flash to 3GP video easily with a few clicks.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folder” to import the Flash.

input SWF

2. Click “Export” tab and set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

SWF to 3GP

3.Click “Convert” tab and start capturing with “Start and Capture” button. When the Flash ends, click “Finish” button to start conversion. When the conversion completes, the Flash has been converted to 3GP video.

Convert SWF

Step 2: Convert 3GP file to MP4 video with Moyea Video4Web Converter

1. Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it, click “File” and choose “Add Video Files” option in the drop-down menu.

input 3GP

2. Set the output file as MP4 videos in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

3GP to MP4

3. To convert videos for The new iPad, click “Settings” button and then set relative parameters.

set video parameters

4. After that, uncheck “Upload to YouTube” and then click “Convert” button to finish the conversion.

Free registration code for Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter is now provided till June 24. After that, the powerful converter may be charged.

Second Method:

Step 1: Convert SWF to 3GP video with the steps mentioned above.

Step 2: Convert 3GP file to MP4 video with KM Player.

1. Download and launch KM Player.

2. Play the 3GP video with KM Player and then right click the video. Choose “Video Capture” in the drop-down menu of “Capture“.

video capture

3. Choose “MP4” in the drop-down menu to convert the 3GP video to MP4 file and then click “Start” button.  

choose MP4

While converting 3GP file to MP4 video with KM Player, one can neither set the video parameters nor stop the conversion process without quitting the player.

So those are the two methods to convert Flash to MP4 video for free. Either of them requires the assistance of two applications. With the first method, user can even convert Flash to MP4 video for The new iPad.

iPad Accelerates the Collapse of Traditional Magazines and Restricts Flash

July 22, 2010, according to the foreign media, when Apple’s iPad tablet PC is considered a new reading experience for consumers by the traditional publishing industry, some companies have already crossed the boundary between paper and digital media and plan to fight for the digital publishing battle.

Virgin Group, as one of the iPad-platform supporters, is planning to release the iPad-exclusive consumer magazine – Maverick in early October this year. It is only applicable to iPhone applications, not yet a Kindle, web and paper version.

Due to the excellent features like supporting HTML5 video, meta color photographs, complex interactive applications and enormous display screen, iPad definitely brings brand-new digital reading experience for mass customers. That is why this product is so popular in numerous consumers. As iPad keeps expanding its market share, the industry is also looking forward to the performance of Google Android and other upcoming tablet PCs.

Richard Branson indicates the advantage of iPad-exclusive magazine Maverick released by Virgin Group lies in the fact that there is no corresponding paper version. Because the traditional publishers they don’t want the extremely low price of electronic version to impact the higher price of paper version. That is also the reason why they can’t reduce the price of digital publications.

On the other hand, the rejection between iPad and Flash will restrict Apple’s growth unless iPad can earn more support from publishers than Android tablet PC, which relatively has bigger market shares.

You may be also interested in the conversion instead of restriction between Flash and iPad. Click here to learn how to convert flash SWF to MP4 for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone etc.

Rumor said the iTablet is Coming Soon?

Every single release of Apple products disturbs the world peace, even if it’s just a rumor!

Rumor 1 said: “Apple will announce a 12 or 13-inch tablet in the fall of this year. Most likely in the September or October time frame. It will run the full Mac OS X and have a slot loading SuperDrive, an “iPhone-type” GPS chip and an Intel Core Duo processor, presumably Intel’s Atom.”

Rumor 2 responded: “speculation of the tablet being introduced during the September event are flat out wrong. The Apple Tablet would not see the light of day until the first part of 2010.”

Every single release of Apple products brings a debate between those craving it and those mocking it, even if it’s just a rumor!

The pros said: “Good design as usual. Perfect combination of beauty and technology. Looks cool but it needs to be very durable and ideally with bluetooth only and bullet proof screen.”

The cons said: “No big difference from iPhone but just bigger screen. Still the irremovable battery and exclusive software. Will not buy unless it’s cheap.”

Every single release of Apple products does promote the sales of existing products, that is true and no matter it is a rumor or not. To buy or not to, that’s your question; to win or not to, do you think Apply will fail?!

The fabled iTablet pictures:




Now we can at least talk something real and practical about the flash(SWF) to MP4 conversion for the playback on your iPod or iPhone.

It’s very easy to realize, what you need is just a Moyea SWF to iPod Converter or Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter.

Happy converting and let’s just witness the birth of iTablet, if we are lucky!

Convert Flash to MP4 for Playback on iPod

No matter where you and your iPod are, that’s easy and enough to enjoy your favorite flashes(SWF) downloaded from internet but to be watched on your iPod.

That sounds cool and we have something cooler to introduce in this article later about the tricks you may not know to upload those converted files to iPod.

Get tempted? Follow along and it will reveal.

I. Convert flash to MP4 customized for iPod.

Step 1: Open Moyea SWF to iPod Converter, input SWF files either from your computer or grab online, or from many other options.

input swf file

Step 2: Click “Export” and choose MP4 as the target file format.

choose flash to mp4 conversion

Step 3: Click “Convert” to start the flash to MP4 conversion process.

start the flash to mp4 conversion

II. Upload the converted MP4 files to iPod.

iPod and iTunes are the most intimate friends in the electronics world, so are the other Apple products. As the only gateway for inputting music, videos, pictures, broadcasts, etc to iPod, iTunes has been playing a very powerful and important role for a long time and it will always do.

However, some complains come out. iTunes is too big, iTunes is too complicated, iTunes slows down my computer and why iTunes has to be connected with iPod?!

Well, there is a problem, there is a way! SharePod was designed from the start to be a lightweight, quick and responsive program to free your iPod from iTunes. It allows you to change(add/remove), edit, backup and share all your music and videos directly in iPod and it also supports for iPhone and iTouch.

With no unnecessary complicated features, SharePod just brings you an easy way to enjoy your audio and video collections.

If you are interested, please visit its official website to know more.

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