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2 Methods to Add Flash to Google Blogger

Before the popularization of SNS platform like Facebook and Twitter, blog is the most favored platform for people to communicate with others or express their feelings. Of all those blog platforms, WordPress and Google Blogger are the most outstanding two. When users are publishing posts via those two platforms, they tend to spicy their posts with multimedia files like YouTube video and Flash animation. However, it is not easy jobs to add Flash to neither Google Blogger nor WordPress. To know the method to add Flash to WordPress, you can click here. To know the method to add Flash to Google Blogger, you can continue the reading.

Flash and Blogger

Even though Google Blogger has provided an icon of “Insert a video” in the Dashboard, users are not allowed to add Flash to Google Blogger with direct uploading process. To make the added Flash playable in Google Blogger, a common way is to upload the Flash animation to other video platforms and then add the Flash to Google Blogger in the form of URL address. Here two methods on this will be covered.

Method One: Add Flash to Google Site

Google Sites is a place where you can upload the Flash animation to and then get corresponding URL address. With the URL address, you are allowed to add Flash to Google Blogger.

Step 1: Open the homepage of Google Site and then log in with your Gmail account. Click “CREAT” button to add a new site to the account, select the template, then enter the name of the site into corresponding box and type in the required code. After that, click “Create Site” button to manage the creation process.

Flash to Blogger: Create site

Step 2: Then you will get to the homepage of the site which is a blank at present. Click “More” button and then choose “Manage Site” option in the drop-down menu to get to Manage Site panel.

Flash to Blogger: Manage site

Step 3: In the panel, click “Attachments” tab and then choose “Upload” button to import the Flash animation for uploading process.

Flash to Blogger: Upload Flash

Step 4: When the uploading process is done, click “View” button to preview the uploaded Flash animation. Here comes the most important step to add Flash to Google Blogger: copying the URL address of the uploaded Flash in URL bar. Select the part of the URL address before “.swf” for further use.

Flash to Blogger: Preview Flash

Step 5: Open the Google Blogger, click “Add New” button to get to corresponding panel. Click “HTML” button to write the post in HTML code. Then enter the following HTML code shown in the photos to the place where you want to add Flash to:
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="600" height="350" src=”The URL Address”; wmode="transparent" pluginspage="" quality="high">

Flash to Blogger: Paste the URL address

Method Two: Upload the Flash to YouTube

It is a recognized issue that Google Blogger can provide users easy accesses to embed YouTube. Therefore, once users are allowed to upload Flash to YouTube, they can share Flash on Google Blogger in an easy way. Of course, to manage the whole process, a powerful Flash to YouTube Converter like Moyea SWF to FLV Convert will be quite necessary.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to FLV Converter, then click “Browser…” button to import Flash file for further conversion. Click “Export” tab and choose the output file as FLV video for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Style”. After that, click “Convert” tab to finish the conversion process.

Flash to Blogger: Flash to FLV

Step 2: Open the page of YouTube and click “Upload” button to get to the Dashboard. Then click “upload a video” icon to import the converted Flash for uploading process.

Flash to Blogger: Flash to YouTube

Step 3: When it is done, you need to open Google Blogger and add a new post. Then click “Compose” tab next to “HTML”, choose “Insert a Video” icon and select “From YouTube” tab. Later, paste the URL address of the YouTube video to corresponding bar to manage the process of adding Flash to Blogger.  

Flash to Blogger: YouTube to Blogger

Make a Demo to Visualize Flash to Video Conversion

Well, when we talk something about conversion, especially the format conversion of different video types, what is your first reaction? Bored? Confused? Or still wondering what is the exact difference between the two formats that I am going to convert?

It is normal and makes sense because almost all the articles and tutorials are actually introducing how to select the target video format, without pointing out the essence and usage of the conversion.

So, we need a special approach to visualize the conversion process from this format to that format, and at the same time, to make the users understand the actual use of input and output video format in a more entertaining way.

Right, we are talking about demo presentation. Here are some examples:

demopresentation1-flash to video

demopresentation2-ppt to video

How to make such a demo work? It is easy and just scroll down.

Find a proper host for your original source file: the left part in the illustration. For example, if your source file is flash SWF, upload it to webpage with code, click here for details and other approaches to visualize flashes. If the source file is Microsoft PPT, try to Google some hosting websites that can hold PPT and generate embed code for you to embed it anywhere you want on the internet.

Use the right converting product: the middle part in the illustration. Choose the products have good reputation to convert SWF to video, PPT to video or any other video conversion you need. It bridges the source and target formats, and the most important, it guarantees the good quality of the converted video, makes it playable, customizable and likable.

Find a platform to show your target file: the right part in the illustration. A platform to display your video is much easier to find nowadays. YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc will be ok. Most people choose to upload the converted videos to YouTube not only because it accepts diverse video formats, but also generates embed code for convenient insertion to webpage. Of course, you can also create your own web player to display those videos, like this one: Moyea Web Player.

For more interesting flash to video conversion demos, please click here. By the way, try to play those cute flash games, and that is exactly the charm of flash: interaction!