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What Do We Learn from Bella

Live Like Bella

The ten-year-old cancer fighter, Bella Rodriguez-Torres, laid to rest on Tuesday. She had been fighting with the cancer since only 4 years old. Couldn’t walk again and had only few months to live, Bella’s parents were told by the doctors. But the miracle happened, and it has become an inspirational story which turns out in simple words: Live Like Bella!

From the book, “Why Not Me”, written by Bella’s father, we learn that how a miracle happens and goes. But from this ten-year-old fighter herself, we learn that our lives are in our own hands, we can choose what we want to become. Bella is a proud Miami Heat fan, and her story also inspired the team. LeBron and Wade wore the shoes with “Live Like Bella” to show their honor in the NBA playoffs. Even though the world is full of fear, disease and all kinds of negative things, you do have faith in your heart and positive attitude to your life, the miracle would happen. Like Bella’s mother said, “Bella didn’t lose her battle with cancer but instead won the reward of an eternal life”. Yes, Bella Rodriguez-Torres has proved to all of us that miracle exists and life could be stronger than you ever experienced. When the little girl had experienced chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, she became stronger than anyone in the world.

Bella is now an inspirational example for all of us, we aren’t only moved by the miracle that happens on her, but also her positive attitude towards life. Sometimes, the grown-ups like us complain about the life we have, the work we are doing and the people we meet. Look at this little fighter, guys, she suffered way more than us but with few complaints. We have so much to own at present, but we are not satisfied. “Live Like Bella” is not just s slogan, and I am not here to moralize anyone. If we pay more attention to what we have owned than what we haven’t, the life will be of more sunshine than the fog.

On one hand, it is really a pity to hear that little angel backed to heaven. It was more than a piece of simple sad news. On the funeral, a lot of tears showed the sorrow of losing this little brave cancer fighter. But here are also a lot of smiles, for the spirits that Bella has delivered to us and for the good dream she would have in the life-long sleep. Hundreds of self-proclaimed “Bella Believers” came to have a last look at the little girl. After six years, she had to lie down to rest.

On the other hand, Bella has left so precious fortune for all of us. Showing love and faith, being strong and brave, Bella has impacted the world. Live like Bella and just pray for the new life, no more complaints about what you have already suffered, after all, it will be gone someday.

We don’t want her go, but the God wants to allay her pain. So what about making some Flash cards which are full of joy and happiness, and uploading them to Youtube? These Flashes can show our best wishes for her and also for the right thing we are going to do: Live Like Bella!