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April Fool’s Day Pranks Jokes Tricks and Flash Cards

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! However, hope none of you will be fooled today. You may be in the excitement to plan some April Fool’s Day pranks; you may be very happy to hear April Fool’s Day jokes; you may get annoyed by some April Fool’s Day tricks, and you may be wondering how to make April Fool’s Day themed flash cards and then send to friends when this day really comes. No matter what do you expect for the upcoming April Fool’s Day, scroll down and you may get inspired.

April Fool’s Day Pranks and Jokes

Unique and Fun – Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Laugh at all the people who frantically try to get your attention as you drive by. That is called Forgetful!

Classic – Wait until your victim is in the kitchen. Come in and start filling a bucket with water (tell them you’re washing the car or something). Only instead of actually filling the bucket, just pretend. Lift the bucket with both hands, acting like it’s heavy and filled with water. Take a couple of steps in the victim’s direction and suddenly “trip” and aim the bucket right toward them. They’ll duck thinking they’re getting splashed! That is called Trip and Slip!

Office – If the victim has a phone with a hook that presses down when the handset is in the cradle, tape it down. When he or she answers a call it will keep ringing. That is called Stop the Calls!

Computer – Has your victim been working on an important document on their computer? Carefully hide the document in a safe place, then create a fake document with the same name. Fill the document with gobbledy-gook or a funny story. At the bottom put “April Fool’s!” That is called Document Panic!

April Fool’s Day Flash Cards

Do you know you can actually enjoy and share those online April Fool’s Day flash cards(most of them are in .swf format) offline? That is right, and it only takes two steps:

Download April Fool’s Day flash cards anywhere you see on the internet, just like the one you see below.

Save it on your PC for playback offline or proceed to convert the downloaded April Fool’s Day flash cards to other popular video or image formats so that it can be sent to your friends easily via email or video-sharing websites.

Happy April Fool’s Day again and indulge yourself a little bit! Have fun!