How to Play Flash movies on Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 was launched on Verizon in the US on last Friday, this fantastic camera phone has been shocking customers, the reviews of this phone are mostly about its camera setup with Xenon flash and 1920*1080 pixels camcorder. Nokia Lumia 928 comes with the most innovative and advanced smartphone camera package available today, producing great pictures both day and night. And with the 4.5-inch screen, Nokia Lumia 928 has successfully turned into a digital camera. Of course, the 4.5-ich screen, the high display resolution ratio (768*1280 pixels), and the 334 ppi make this smart phone a portable cinema, with its built-in Internet Explorer 10, you are able to download any video you like.

Short funny Flash Movie (SWF files) are more and more popular nowadays, in my opinion, the society’s high pace of developing makes us do not have enough time to go to cinema to see the blockbusters, and the heavy works make people burdened with much pressure, so watching those funny Flash movies can help to release people’s pressure and make people laugh at the moment. Most of the Flash movies are based on the hot issues, and the authors often express their opinions in very funny ways, therefore, the Flash movies can be easily understood and accepted, that makes Flash movies popular today.

Well then, have you ever thought of using your Nokia Lumia 928 to watch the Flash movies? I think most of you may have, but the problem is: how to play Flash movies on Nokia Lumia 928? It does not have built-in Flash players, so it’s inconvenient for people to play SWF on Lumia 928 directly. Some people may have used video converter software to convert Flash files (.swf) to videos, but common SWF converter software can not maintain the background music or sound in the Flash, or it sometimes lose parts of the Flash while converting, these kinds of problems are terrible for a watcher. So I suggest Moyea SWF to Video Converter, it is a professional software to convert SWF files to videos. This software can ensure the quality of the output video, maintain the original background music and sounds, and all of the mainstream video formats can be converted into. It’s a very good choice if you want to convert SWF to Nokia Lumia 928 supported formats. Next, I would like to show you how to convert the SWF files to Nokia Lumia 928.

Click to download Windows Version: Download Windows Version

1. Input settings

Feel free to download and install Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Run the software and choose the SWF file in your computer. Click the browse button, choose the file for conversion. The chosen file will be checked by the software. You are able to preview the Flash, set background colors of the Flash, crop, and capture the video.

Input Settings

2. Export settings

Set up the format of your output video. “Video” includes most of the common formats such as mp4, mov, rmvb and so on; “Video with alpha” deals the format of avi; “Image series” includes several kinds of image formats such as jpg, png, tiff and so on. Set up the video, audio quality of the output video, the output video’s and ripped audio (if you want to rip audio, tick it)’s location, and the capture settings.

Export Settings

3. Conversion settings

This step is to capture the video and convert the SWF file to video. After clicking the convert button, you will to go to the corresponding panel. Click “play and capture” to start capturing the Flash, then click “Finish” to start conversion.

Conversion Settings

4. Finish Conversion

After clicking “Finish”, the software will start conversion, a progress bar will show you the percentage of conversion.

Finish Conversion

With these simple 4 steps, you can easily get a video converted from SWF and play it on Nokia Lumia 928. By the way, if you want to convert several SWF files in one time, you can choose “Switch to batch mode” in step 1, and add files from your computer.

Switch to Batch Mode

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