How to Play a Flash Movie on the New Nexus 7

The Google’s New Nexus 7 (2013) is now popular here and there. The price of this tablet is $229, and the 7-inch screen is just wonderful for watching movies or reading books. Unlike iPad, New Nexus 7 is small and can be taken conveniently. With Wi-Fi or LTE connection, you are able to browse websites and enjoy online movies. However, the Adobe Flash Player is not supported by default on the New Nexus 7, you will have to download the .apk file and install it on your tablet, then you can enjoy the videos on Youtube or other websites.

But if you like the video, and want to download it from Youtube for saving, you may come up with difficulties. At this moment, the professional SWF converter software, Moyea SWF to Video Converter, will provide you some help. If you want to convert SWF files to a standard video, this Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a good choice. And you don’t have to install Adobe Flash Player on your Nexus 7, you can download the Flash movies on your computer and convert them to standard videos and then transfer them to your tablet. If you don’t want to install Adobe Flash Player on your Nexus7 and just want to watch the videos. The following guidance will tell you how to accomplish the SWF conversion. If you don’t know how to download the videos from Youtube, the post “How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP4” will tell you the steps in detail.

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Step 1. Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter after installing it on your PC. The first step is to input an SWF file. Click “Browse” and choose “From Folder” (which means you have downloaded the Youtube videos onto your PC), and a dialog shows out. The list of the folders will be shown on the left side of the dialog, choose the folder that you put the SWF files, and the files will be shown on the right side. Choose the one that you want to convert. The screen in the software will show the SWF file.

Input an SWF File

Step 2. Click “2. Export” and the software will allow you to make detailed settings for the output video. The “Video”, “Video with Alpha” and “Image Series” are three types of profiles for the output video. Check “Video” and choose the profile for the output video. The MP4 file type in “Common Video” can be supported on the Nexus 7, so is the HD MP4 file type in “HD Video”. The video quality and audio quality are very important for a video file, you can select the qualities or click “Settings” to the right of the “Audio Quality” and make detailed settings for the output video. If you want to rip the audio files from the SWF file, check “Rip Audio” and choose a location to put the output audio file.

Export Settings

Step 3. Click “3. Convert” and a performance testing starts. After the performance testing, a full-screen capture panel comes out. The panel is for capturing the SWF file and preparing for the conversion. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing the SWF file. When the Capturing is finished, click “Finish” and the conversion will begin.

Capture Panel

Step 4. The conversion goes back to the software window. The conversion will be noticed with a progress bar. The screen in the middle of the software will notice the percentage of the conversion. When the conversion is finished, you will be able to find the output video in the target folder.

Finish Conversion

With Moyea SWF to Video Converter, converting SWF files to standard videos is just a piece of cake. If you are interested, don’t be hesitated to download it and give a try!

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