How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP4

Ever since Youtube was born, it has been a very website for people to watch videos. However, Youtube bans people to download videos directly, let alone convert the Youtube videos. But some people do want to download the videos and convert the videos to MP4 for their mobile phones or tablets. If you want to convert Youtube videos to MP4 files, the following guidance is perfect for you.

Only two pieces of software will be in need for converting Youtube videos to MP4. The one is Moyea SWF to Video Converter. As far as I am concerned, this software is powerful for converting any SWF files to videos, so you can rely on it to convert Youtube videos. The other tool is Moyea Free Flash Downloader. This tool is totally free, the main function of this software is to help Moyea SWF to Video Converter to download the Youtube videos.

Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Download Moyea Free Flash Downloader:

Download Windows Version

Step 1. The very first step of the conversion is that you should download the Youtube video. You can find the URL of the Youtube video on the website and then paste it into the column of the Free Flash Downloader. Click “Go” and the downloader will start downloading the Flash.

Copy/Paste the URL to Flash Downloader

Paste the URL into the Column

Step 2. Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter and click Browse > From URL, then paste the URL of the Flash into the dialog. The Youtube video will be shown in the left part of screen of the software. You should wait until the downloading is finished.

Copy/Paste the URL to SWF to Video Converter

Step 3. Click “Export” to finish the settings for the output video. Choose MP4 in the “Profile”, and select the video and audio quality, if detailed settings of the quality are needed, click “Settings” next to the “Audio Quality”. Rip audio from the Youtube video by ticking the checkbox before “Rip Audio”. Choose the location for the output video and audio files.

Export Settings

Step 4. Click “Convert” to start the conversion. Before the conversion starts, the performance testing will go on and a full-screen Capture Panel will show out. Click “Play and Capture” and start capturing the Youtube video. Click “Finish” and start conversion.

Capture Panel

Step 5. The conversion goes back to the software window and it will run automatically. When the conversion is finished, you are able to find the output video and audio files in the target folder.

Finish Converting

Converting Youtube videos to MP4 files is not hard with Moyea SWF to Video Converter. You can feel free to try this software, and it will bring you much convenience.

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