How to Convert SWF to MP4 for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire HD is a 7-inch tablet with the price of only $199, and the tablet is multifunctional, users can get very good experience in reading books, watching movies or playing games. But Kindle Fire doesn’t have built-in Flash Player, so it is not capable of playing the Flash videos. The Flash videos on the Internet now are mostly SWF files, so users may have to install a Flash Player on Kindle Fire or convert SWF to MP4 files so that the Flash movies can be played on the Kindle Fire.

Users will easily find the Adobe Flash Player on the Internet, but for the SWF converter, I’m sure it’s not that easy to find out the most useful one. Thousands of SWF converters are available on the Internet, but most of them only allow users to convert SWF files to several video profiles, and they are complicated for using. Unlike anyone of those SWF converters, Moyea SWF to Video Converter is multifunctional and easy to use. You are allowed to convert SWF files to more than 150 kinds of video profiles, rip the audio from the SWF files and download and convert the Youtube videos. This Moyea SWF to Video Converter also allows users to make detailed settings for the video conversions. The following guidance will show users how to convert SWF to MP4 for the Kindle Fire HD.

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Step 1. After installing Moyea SWF to Video Converter, run it on your PC. Click “Browse” on the upper right side, and choose “From Folder” to input an SWF file. This is the Single Mode, if you want to convert more than 1 SWF file in one time, click “Switch to Batch Mode” on the upper left side. Choose the folder which you put the SWF files, and the name of the folder will show up on the left side and if the SWF files on the right side. Click “OK” and the screen in the window of the software will play the SWF file.

Input an SWF File

Step 2. Click “2. Export” to get to the export settings. In the export window, the users can make detailed settings for the output video. Check the “Video” and choose the profile of the output video. Click the column of “Style” and choose the .mp4 in the “Common Video” as the format of the output video. Click “Settings” next to the “Audio Quality” to make the detailed settings for the output video and audio. Then choose the location to put the output videos. Check “Rip Audio” and choose the location to put the audio file if it is in need.

Export Settings

Step 3. Click “3. Convert” and a performance testing will begin. When the performance testing is finished, a full-screen panel will come out. In this panel, users are able to capture the SWF file. Click “Play and Capture” to start to capture the SWF file. When the capture of the SWF file is finished, click “Finish” to start the conversion.

Capture Panel

Step 4. When the conversion starts, the users only need to wait for the conversion ends. When the conversion is done, users will find the output video in the target folder. If the users have connected the Kindle Fire to computer, please don’t disconnect the device. After the conversion, the users can play the output MP4 file on the Kindle Fire with ease.

Finish Conversion

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is very helpful on the converting SWF files to standard videos. People who like watching online videos or Flash movies can check this software out.

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