For Mother’s Day: A Letter to My Mother

On this special day, please let me thank you for all the things you have done for me, you are the best mother that a son ever has!

Happy Mother's Day

Dear mom,

I’m very happy that I can have a chance to write you a letter. I have been far away from home for nearly a year, and tried to earn my own life. The world is so big for me to discover, the night is so long for me not to be homesick, and the work is so hard for me to carry on. But I am still trying my best for what I’m doing, because I want to make you proud, and someday you can get rid of that heavy work and relax yourself for a while.

You are a great woman that I have ever known, you are the one that I will love for all my lifetime. You teach me to be tolerant when people hurts unintentionally, be patient when things go tough, and be honest when I make mistakes. These characteristics are along with me and will be along with my whole life. I still remember that every time I go home, you ask me to eat more because I once complained to you about the food in school’s canteens, I usually eat up all the dishes you make as they are so delicious. If without “m” for “mother” and “y” for “youth” in the “family”, my life would only have “fail” left, so thank you my dear mother, for every delicious meal you make for our family, for the housework you do to make the house clean and tidy, for every single minute you accompany me when I have a nightmare.

When I was in middle school, sometimes my temper was out of control, I shouted at you for some meaningless things or some unreasonable requirements, you gave me more than enough tolerance and didn’t scold me, just told me what fact was to make me back to normal. Come to think about it now, I was wrong and maybe hurt you at that time, I get to know what your tears are for. I’m sorry my dear mother, I owe you an apology for so many years. Now I have grown up, I know what I should do to make you happy.

This mother’s day is for the greatest woman in the world, if I could go home, I would buy you a bunch of carnations, and make a video converted from many Flash cards by myself for you. You always say little but do a lot for me, that’s what I could never learn. I hope someday you can relax yourself for a while, go out to do your favorite things, and chat with your friends. You have burdened yourself with all the things of the family for so long, maybe now it’s the time for you to put them down and enjoy your life. From the time I could remember a word, you had been in work, until now, I am able to earn my own life, you are still in work. Thank you mom, for all the time you spend on me, and for my growth.

Now I get to know the meaning of that sentence: “A mother’s love is like a circle, it has no beginning and no ending. It keeps going around and around ever expanding, touching everyone who comes in touch with it. Engulfing them like the morning mist, warming them like the noontime sun, and covering them like a blanket of evening stars.” Yes, mother’s love keeps going, wherever I am, whatever my age is, however difficult situation I may meet with, mom is always by my side. Mother gave me my life, fed me up to a man and now wants me to succeed. Mom’s love is selfless, so when it’s not too late, I want to let you know that I love you and sincerely thank you.

Your son,


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