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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Review

Moyea SWF to Video Converter mainly provides solution for converting SWF files to videos. As SWF files has their unique functions on the Internet, and most of the flash videos we watch on the websites are .swf files, so this kind of files will not disappear in a short time. But we have to admit that SWF files are not as common as the standard videos, and watching SWF files is not as easy as watching videos on our phones and tablets.

Converting SWF files to videos is a hot topic. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is right here to solve this problem. Comparing with the various freeware on the market, Moyea SWF to Video Converter has its advantages: 1. The conversion is complete without sound or image loss. 2. Ripping audio from the SWF files is possible in this software; 3. Batch Mode allows you to convert many SWF files in one time. 4. The Capture and Preview panel lets you preview the video before converting. 5. Audio Video Sync is perfect in the converted videos. Now, let’s check out how this SWF to video converter software works.

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1. The starting image is like below. In this starting image, you are able to input SWF files to the software. Click Browse, and you are allowed to choose where you want to get the SWF files: a. From Folder. If you have downloaded the SWF files to your computer, you can choose From Folder to get the SWF files. Open the folder you put the SWF files and the software will recognize the SWF files. b. Grab SWF. When you have the URL of the SWF file, you are able to use this function. Paste the URL in the blank and the software will get the SWF file automatically. c. From IE Cache. If you have watched the flash video on the website and your IE has set up the Cache settings, after clicking From IE Cache, you will get the SWF files in the software window. d. From URL. This is like Grab SWF. Paste the URL of the SWF files and you are able to get the SWF file in the software. e. Flash Projector. This is for the users who have already installed a flash projector on computer. If you have the flash projector on computer, click this button and you can get the SWF files in the software window. After inputting the SWF file into the software, the flash properties will show on the right half and the flash will be played on the left.

Input the SWF File

2. Click 2. Export when the inputting work is finished. The Export image is like below. In this step, you are able to set up the details of the output video. The three choices on the top of the software are three different video types, “video” stands for normal video formats; “video with alpha” stands for the AVI files, “image series” stands for the group of images. Usually, we will choose “video” and convert .swf into different video formats. More than 150 video formats can be converted to, you are able to choose the best for your devices. You can also set the audio and video quality in this window. The higher of the qualities you choose, the larger of the output video’s size will be. Ripping audio if you like the background music of the flash movie. Tick the Ripping Audio choice and choose the location of the output audio file. Choose the conversion mode if you want, we always use manual conversion because for some flash movies, we will have to deal with the interaction and actionscript, so manually converting will make the output video perfect.

Export Settings

3. Click 3. Convert to go to the Capture and Preview Panel. The Capture and Preview Panel won’t show up until the performance testingPerformance Testing is finished. In the Capture and Preview Panel, you are able to take a look at the output video and capture the section you want to rip from the original SWF files. If you want to convert the full SWF file to video, you can just wait until the movie finishes, and the click Finish to start the conversion.

Capture and Preview Panel

4. The conversion starts automatically and what you need to do is to wait. When the conversion finishes, the converted video be in the target folder. Now you are able to enjoy it.

Finish Conversion

Moyea SWF to Video Converter provides wonderful solutions of converting SWF to video. If you are in need of this kind of issues, you can check this converter software out. When compared with other SWF to Video Converter software, Moyea SWF to Video Converter works perfectly with the video-audio synchronization. And the price of this software is modest among all the SWF to Video Converter software, but very competitive with all other similar products. So this software is worth trying.