About Allen Iverson, About the Answer

The Jordan Crossover

He was “The Answer”, and the superstar of the NBA, and all the fames and reputations went to that Jordan crossover, but unfortunately, fell down. Allen Iverson, the use-to-be Philadelphia adorable leader, “has hit the rock bottom, and he hasn’t just accepted it yet”. Even though AI wanted to come back to NBA, he hasn’t received the olive branch from any team yet.

Speaking of Allen Iverson, he has left us so many impressive moments. Crossing over Jordan, stepping over Tyrron Lue, and many other ankle-breaking crossovers, he is a talented player on the NBA playground, but not a good one on his life. He has earned $200 million dollars during the last 15 years, but no savings, that’s really incredible. And after the divorce proceedings in 2012, AI shouted to his ex-wife, “I don’t even have money for the cheeseburger”, that was really tragic, and I’m sure most of the AI’s fans will never believe their idol has been in such an embarrass situation. However, Allen Iverson is 100% for his misfortune. He was extravagant, and had no idea of how to manage his money, so he broke very fast. It’s true that Iverson grew too fast to became the superstar, and fell down to the cruel reality with nothing left. Fans of AI still hope he can make through it, but things are not that good.

Been out of NBA for nearly 3 years, Iverson found himself hard to come back. In 2010, AI went away due to the “personal reasons”, and then showed up in China and Turkey. All we have ever known is that he has met some deep troubles. Iverson played for money during a long period of time to clean his debts, but the debts are such a big number. Now he’s looking forward to an opportunity to play on the NBA playground, and wants a start-over. That’s really a piece of exciting news to the fans of AI, they have waited all these years for “The Answer” coming back. They are still eager to take a look at the excellent moves that AI makes, and still want to watch his crossovers and shoots. But the truth is, AI is already 38 years old, and few teams, want to accept a 38-year-old player, even though that player has a glorious past. If some teams accept Allen Iverson, he may only be a role player for a long period. It won’t be easy for an All-Star MVP to make through, but if AI can come back to NBA, I believe he will adjust himself for it.

The Answer is still the one, he is eyeing to make a comeback, but we should have learned something from him. As far as I am concerned, the most important part is managing our money well. Gambling, drinking, and other extravagancies will only leave us unaffordable for the cheeseburger. Also, Self-control is an important part. We should control ourselves keep away from the temptations that may make us break. As grown-ups, we should have the abilities to tell right from wrong. What’s more, you guys will never forget the tattoo on AI’s neck, the Chinese mandarin character – Loyalty. Be loyal to the people we love and people who love us, and be loyal to the career we want to carry on. That’s what I have learned from AI and his story.

Let’s pray if you also hope Allen Iverson is able to come back to NBA. Making a Flash video and upload to Youtube to deliver your best wishes seems to be a good way, if AI ever has a chance to watch it, he may get to know that here are still many people supporting him.

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