3 Methods to Play Flash on Jelly Bean

Though Adobe Flash Player is a vulnerable app, there is no means to judge it as an outdated app. Since loftily expected Adobe Flash alternatives like HTML 5 are still under development, Adobe Flash Player is still a necessity for most online video websites or online gaming sites. Even though websites like YouTube can provide users video contents based on HTML5, most video sites are still heavily Flash-dependent. Before the release of Jelly Bean, playing Flash on Android device will be just a piece of cake. However, after Android 4.1 is designed as a system incompatible to Adobe Flash Player, playing Flash on Jelly Bean has troubled many users.

For movie fans, they desire to watch Flash movie on Jelly Bean devices and for game lovers, they want to play Flash games on Jelly Bean devices. Therefore, users need to figure out ways to play Flash on Jelly Bean. Since this is not an easy task, this post will cover three methods on enjoying Flash with Jelly Bean. The first two will deal with the ways to install Flash Player on Jelly Bean devices while the last one will show the steps to convert Flash for Jelly Bean devices.

Method One: Install Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean

With the help of Adobe Flash Player, playing Flash on Jelly Bean won’t be a problem. However, since Adobe Flash Player has added Jelly Bean devices to the blacklist, users can only install side-loaded Adobe Flash player on Jelly Bean instead of officially downloaded Adobe Flash Player. When users have downloaded the side-downloaded app, they also need the assistance of third-party mobile browsers like Dolphin and Firefox that still support Adobe Flash Player. Open “Settings menu” of the Jelly Bean device and check “Unknown sources” to make sure the side-loader Flash Player can be installed. After that, install the Flash Player, start the browser and then uncheck “Flash Player” option in browser settings. Then users can play Flash on Jelly Bean devices freely. However, since the installation of side-loaded app will bring potential risks to the devices, users had better try other methods to play Flash on Jelly Bean before they can find a reliable side-loaded Adobe Flash Player.

Method Two: Downgrade Jelly Bean to ICS

Downgrade from Jelly Bean to ICS

Theoretically speaking, ICS is still supported by Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, once users can downgrade the Jelly Bean device to ICS one, they can easily play Flash on the reverted Jelly Bean device. However, not all the Jelly Bean devices can be downgraded. Usually, users are only allowed to downgrade the Android devices that are updated to Jelly Bean manually. Moreover, the downgrading process calls for users’ knowledge about booting and flashing different ROMs. After Adobe Flash’s retreating from Android market on August 15, users can’t find the download link of Adobe Flash Player on Google Player. Therefore, after switching the mobile system from Jelly Bean to ICS, users also need to download the right version of Adobe Flash Player from this page.

Method Three: Convert Flash for Jelly Bean device

Convert Flash for Jelly Bean

Some users may feel installing Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean unnecessary when they are content with the HTML5 based sites. Therefore, when they want to play some Flash movies on Jelly Bean devices, they may find converting Flash movie more charming than installing Adobe Flash Player. To this extent, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter to manage the conversion from Flash contents to Jelly Bean devices friendly videos such as converting Flash contents to Google Nexus 7 video. This method is an easy way for them to play Flash on Jelly Bean.

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