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About Allen Iverson, About the Answer

The Jordan Crossover

He was “The Answer”, and the superstar of the NBA, and all the fames and reputations went to that Jordan crossover, but unfortunately, fell down. Allen Iverson, the use-to-be Philadelphia adorable leader, “has hit the rock bottom, and he hasn’t just accepted it yet”. Even though AI wanted to come back to NBA, he hasn’t received the olive branch from any team yet.

Speaking of Allen Iverson, he has left us so many impressive moments. Crossing over Jordan, stepping over Tyrron Lue, and many other ankle-breaking crossovers, he is a talented player on the NBA playground, but not a good one on his life. He has earned $200 million dollars during the last 15 years, but no savings, that’s really incredible. And after the divorce proceedings in 2012, AI shouted to his ex-wife, “I don’t even have money for the cheeseburger”, that was really tragic, and I’m sure most of the AI’s fans will never believe their idol has been in such an embarrass situation. However, Allen Iverson is 100% for his misfortune. He was extravagant, and had no idea of how to manage his money, so he broke very fast. It’s true that Iverson grew too fast to became the superstar, and fell down to the cruel reality with nothing left. Fans of AI still hope he can make through it, but things are not that good.

Been out of NBA for nearly 3 years, Iverson found himself hard to come back. In 2010, AI went away due to the “personal reasons”, and then showed up in China and Turkey. All we have ever known is that he has met some deep troubles. Iverson played for money during a long period of time to clean his debts, but the debts are such a big number. Now he’s looking forward to an opportunity to play on the NBA playground, and wants a start-over. That’s really a piece of exciting news to the fans of AI, they have waited all these years for “The Answer” coming back. They are still eager to take a look at the excellent moves that AI makes, and still want to watch his crossovers and shoots. But the truth is, AI is already 38 years old, and few teams, want to accept a 38-year-old player, even though that player has a glorious past. If some teams accept Allen Iverson, he may only be a role player for a long period. It won’t be easy for an All-Star MVP to make through, but if AI can come back to NBA, I believe he will adjust himself for it.

The Answer is still the one, he is eyeing to make a comeback, but we should have learned something from him. As far as I am concerned, the most important part is managing our money well. Gambling, drinking, and other extravagancies will only leave us unaffordable for the cheeseburger. Also, Self-control is an important part. We should control ourselves keep away from the temptations that may make us break. As grown-ups, we should have the abilities to tell right from wrong. What’s more, you guys will never forget the tattoo on AI’s neck, the Chinese mandarin character – Loyalty. Be loyal to the people we love and people who love us, and be loyal to the career we want to carry on. That’s what I have learned from AI and his story.

Let’s pray if you also hope Allen Iverson is able to come back to NBA. Making a Flash video and upload to Youtube to deliver your best wishes seems to be a good way, if AI ever has a chance to watch it, he may get to know that here are still many people supporting him.

What Do We Learn from Bella

Live Like Bella

The ten-year-old cancer fighter, Bella Rodriguez-Torres, laid to rest on Tuesday. She had been fighting with the cancer since only 4 years old. Couldn’t walk again and had only few months to live, Bella’s parents were told by the doctors. But the miracle happened, and it has become an inspirational story which turns out in simple words: Live Like Bella!

From the book, “Why Not Me”, written by Bella’s father, we learn that how a miracle happens and goes. But from this ten-year-old fighter herself, we learn that our lives are in our own hands, we can choose what we want to become. Bella is a proud Miami Heat fan, and her story also inspired the team. LeBron and Wade wore the shoes with “Live Like Bella” to show their honor in the NBA playoffs. Even though the world is full of fear, disease and all kinds of negative things, you do have faith in your heart and positive attitude to your life, the miracle would happen. Like Bella’s mother said, “Bella didn’t lose her battle with cancer but instead won the reward of an eternal life”. Yes, Bella Rodriguez-Torres has proved to all of us that miracle exists and life could be stronger than you ever experienced. When the little girl had experienced chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, she became stronger than anyone in the world.

Bella is now an inspirational example for all of us, we aren’t only moved by the miracle that happens on her, but also her positive attitude towards life. Sometimes, the grown-ups like us complain about the life we have, the work we are doing and the people we meet. Look at this little fighter, guys, she suffered way more than us but with few complaints. We have so much to own at present, but we are not satisfied. “Live Like Bella” is not just s slogan, and I am not here to moralize anyone. If we pay more attention to what we have owned than what we haven’t, the life will be of more sunshine than the fog.

On one hand, it is really a pity to hear that little angel backed to heaven. It was more than a piece of simple sad news. On the funeral, a lot of tears showed the sorrow of losing this little brave cancer fighter. But here are also a lot of smiles, for the spirits that Bella has delivered to us and for the good dream she would have in the life-long sleep. Hundreds of self-proclaimed “Bella Believers” came to have a last look at the little girl. After six years, she had to lie down to rest.

On the other hand, Bella has left so precious fortune for all of us. Showing love and faith, being strong and brave, Bella has impacted the world. Live like Bella and just pray for the new life, no more complaints about what you have already suffered, after all, it will be gone someday.

We don’t want her go, but the God wants to allay her pain. So what about making some Flash cards which are full of joy and happiness, and uploading them to Youtube? These Flashes can show our best wishes for her and also for the right thing we are going to do: Live Like Bella!

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Review

Moyea SWF to Video Converter mainly provides solution for converting SWF files to videos. As SWF files has their unique functions on the Internet, and most of the flash videos we watch on the websites are .swf files, so this kind of files will not disappear in a short time. But we have to admit that SWF files are not as common as the standard videos, and watching SWF files is not as easy as watching videos on our phones and tablets.

Converting SWF files to videos is a hot topic. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is right here to solve this problem. Comparing with the various freeware on the market, Moyea SWF to Video Converter has its advantages: 1. The conversion is complete without sound or image loss. 2. Ripping audio from the SWF files is possible in this software; 3. Batch Mode allows you to convert many SWF files in one time. 4. The Capture and Preview panel lets you preview the video before converting. 5. Audio Video Sync is perfect in the converted videos. Now, let’s check out how this SWF to video converter software works.

Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter and try it for free:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1. The starting image is like below. In this starting image, you are able to input SWF files to the software. Click Browse, and you are allowed to choose where you want to get the SWF files: a. From Folder. If you have downloaded the SWF files to your computer, you can choose From Folder to get the SWF files. Open the folder you put the SWF files and the software will recognize the SWF files. b. Grab SWF. When you have the URL of the SWF file, you are able to use this function. Paste the URL in the blank and the software will get the SWF file automatically. c. From IE Cache. If you have watched the flash video on the website and your IE has set up the Cache settings, after clicking From IE Cache, you will get the SWF files in the software window. d. From URL. This is like Grab SWF. Paste the URL of the SWF files and you are able to get the SWF file in the software. e. Flash Projector. This is for the users who have already installed a flash projector on computer. If you have the flash projector on computer, click this button and you can get the SWF files in the software window. After inputting the SWF file into the software, the flash properties will show on the right half and the flash will be played on the left.

Input the SWF File

2. Click 2. Export when the inputting work is finished. The Export image is like below. In this step, you are able to set up the details of the output video. The three choices on the top of the software are three different video types, “video” stands for normal video formats; “video with alpha” stands for the AVI files, “image series” stands for the group of images. Usually, we will choose “video” and convert .swf into different video formats. More than 150 video formats can be converted to, you are able to choose the best for your devices. You can also set the audio and video quality in this window. The higher of the qualities you choose, the larger of the output video’s size will be. Ripping audio if you like the background music of the flash movie. Tick the Ripping Audio choice and choose the location of the output audio file. Choose the conversion mode if you want, we always use manual conversion because for some flash movies, we will have to deal with the interaction and actionscript, so manually converting will make the output video perfect.

Export Settings

3. Click 3. Convert to go to the Capture and Preview Panel. The Capture and Preview Panel won’t show up until the performance testingPerformance Testing is finished. In the Capture and Preview Panel, you are able to take a look at the output video and capture the section you want to rip from the original SWF files. If you want to convert the full SWF file to video, you can just wait until the movie finishes, and the click Finish to start the conversion.

Capture and Preview Panel

4. The conversion starts automatically and what you need to do is to wait. When the conversion finishes, the converted video be in the target folder. Now you are able to enjoy it.

Finish Conversion

Moyea SWF to Video Converter provides wonderful solutions of converting SWF to video. If you are in need of this kind of issues, you can check this converter software out. When compared with other SWF to Video Converter software, Moyea SWF to Video Converter works perfectly with the video-audio synchronization. And the price of this software is modest among all the SWF to Video Converter software, but very competitive with all other similar products. So this software is worth trying.

How to Upload SWF to Youtube

SWF, short for Shockwave Flash (or Small Web Flash), is a flash container format. Now it has been widely used on the Internet, the videos you watch on the websites, the banners of the websites, some ads you see on the websites and so on are all SWF files. SWF files have an obvious advantage than the GIF files, when using same animation skills, SWF files will be much smaller than GIF files. For the websites, they prefer SWF files for the surfers can load the websites in short time.

But when it comes to uploading SWF files to Youtube, you may get stuck. Youtube hasn’t supported SWF files’ uploading yet though the videos you watch on Youtube are .swf files. Many people complain that they have a lot of educational videos which are SWF files, and they desperately want to share these useful videos with others on Youtube, but without success. Is there any way can be helpful for these kind-hearted people?

Yes, of course. A wonderful SWF to video converter is all you need. Although we are not able to upload SWF files directly, uploading standard videos won’t be with limits. So I recommend this Moyea SWF to Video Converter to those who are in need. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is easy to use and the batch mode allows you to convert many SWF files at one time. The following guidance will show you how to convert SWF to standard videos. As MP4 files are supported by Youtube, so the guidance shows how to convert SWF to MP4 files.

Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter and try it for free:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1. Run the software after installing. The first step is to input SWF files. Click Browse and choose From Folder, then the software will recognize your SWF files. If switching to batch mode, you are able to choose as many SWF files as you need.

Input SWF From Folder

2. When finish inputting SWF files, click Export to set up for the output videos. You are able to choose the format, location, audio and video qualities of the output videos. The Capture settings allow you to take a preview of the output videos and also make snapshots of the videos if you want.

Export Settings

3. When the export settings finished, click Convert to start the performance testing. After the performance testing, a capture panel comes out and clicks Play and Capture to preview the video. When the capture finishes, click Finish to start conversion.

Preview and Capture

4. The conversion goes back to the software window. A progress bar shows you the percentage of the conversion and normally speaking, it will accomplish in seconds.

Finish Converting

When the SWF files are converted to standard videos, you are able to upload them to Youtube. For uploading videos, you should firstly have an account, the Google account is usable. Then go to the video manager of Youtube, and choose Upload Video column. If you are a new user of Youtube, creating a channel is necessary before you uploading videos. Uploading videos to Youtube is not difficult but takes a while. When the uploading is finished, you are able to share the videos with your friends.

How to Play SWF on iOS 7

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC 2013, and the flat design seemed like another genius creation of the fruit company. Although still in beta version, many users couldn’t help to upgrade their Apple devices for new experience. The basic functions of iOS keeps in this latest, but the unlocking screen design and the task manager are very attractive. But when it comes to play SWF on iOS 7, it is still troublesome.

As is known, SWF files are not video files, so the playing of SWF on an ordinary media player is not possible. The fast and direct way to play SWF files is installing Adobe Flash Player on computer or your Apple devices. Maybe installing Adobe Flash Player on computer is a convenient way to watch SWF because the SWF files are here and there on the web, but installing Adobe Flash Player your Apple device may not be a smart idea. Actually, I’m not fond of installing third party apps on Apple devices if not necessary, I just want to keep the Apple device running fast. In my opinion, it couldn’t be better to convert SWF files into video files and then play on the Apple device.

For converting SWF to videos, we need professional SWF to video converting software. This software should have functions of converting SWF to Apple supported videos, so I recommend Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro for you. Moyea SWF converter Pro is multifunctional software for personal SWF to video converting solutions. With this software, you are able to convert SWF files to more than 150 kinds of video files and AVI with 32-bit RGBA transparency included. Converting SWF to Apple supported videos is as easy as falling off a log. The following guidance will tell you how to get it.

Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter and try it for free:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1. Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter after installing. The No. 1 step is inputting SWF files. Click BrowseBrowse Button on the upper right corner, and choose the SWF file. Actually, when clicking Browse, you are able to find many methods of getting SWF files. Click “From Folder” if you have downloaded the SWF files on your computer. The software will automatically show SWF files in the dialog.
Run Software and Input SWF Files

2. After inputting the SWF files, click Export to accomplish the setting-up jobs for the output video. You are able to set up the output video format, video and audio qualities and so on in the Exporting dialog. What is about to notice you is that the capture settings ensure the performance testing and flash capturing go smoothly.
Export Settings

3. After Export, click Convert and the performance testing begins. When the performance testing is finished, you will get to a full screen flash capture panel, click Play and Capture to start previewing the video, and then click finish to start conversion.
Performance Testing and Capturing

4. The conversion comes back to the software window, and the converting process shows with a progress bar. When the conversion finishes, you are able to get the videos in the target folder.
Finish Conversion

After converting SWF to Apple supported video, you can sync the videos with your Apple devices with iOS 7 using iTunes. If you don’t want to use iTunes because of the content management system of iTunes, an iTunes alternative is what you may want to give a try. Leawo iTransfer is a very simple but useful iTunes alternative for transferring media files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. Check this “How to Sync Music to iPhone” post out if you are in need.

How to Enjoy Happy Independence Day Cards on iPhone

The Independence Day 2013 is on the go, you have may have already received a lot of Happy Independence Day cards from your friends and family. It is a great pleasure to enjoy the greeting ecards on your computer, but if you want to take a look at the ecards on your smartphone, you may get stuck.

SWF is a flash container format used for multimedia, and can be watched easily on computer if you have installed Adobe Flash Player. But when you are using smartphone like iPhone, you should install a third party Adobe Flash Player app on your iPhone. Installing apps on iPhone is never a smart choice because we are not sure what comes along with the apps. We can convert SWF to videos and then enjoy on the smartphone.

As MP4 file is supported by most smartphones, so converting SWF to MP4 has been a hot topic on the Internet for days. When we want to convert SWF to MP4, we’ll have to use convert software to help us. Professional SWF to video converter software is not much on the Internet, so we are able to choose the best we need. As far as I am concerned, Moyea SWF to Video Converter provides much help on this topic. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is professional SWF to video convert software and converts the SWF to more than 150 kinds of video formats. Converting SWF to MP4 with this software is easy to accomplish. The following guidance will show you how to convert SWF to MP4.

Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter and try it for free:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

1. Run the software after downloading. When the software is launched on your computer, the starting image shows like right. “Switch to Batch Mode” allows you to convert several SWF files in one time. “Browse” lets you input the SWF files. Setting Single Mode as an example, when the SWF file is input in the software, the software will play the SWF file in the screen on the left.
Input SWF File into Softwaer

2. Click “1. Export” to start the export settings. In this step, you are able to convert SWF to MP4 by choosing Video at the top of the window, and choose MP4 in the Style column. You are allowed to choose different audio and video qualities. Different audio and video quality will lead to different size of the output video. Ripping audio to computer is cool for some users, Moyea SWF to Video Converter makes it possible. Capture Settings is for the coming Capture Flash panel, you can choose your favorite way for the capture settings.
Export Settings

3. A performance testing will come out after you click the “3. Convert”. When the performance testing is finished, the Capture Flash Panel comes out. In this panel, you are able to preview the output video, capture the movie and snapshot the flash for your favorite images. Click Finish to start conversion.
Capture Flash Panel

4. The Conversion will go back to the software window. The progress bar notices the percentage of the conversion. When the conversion is over, you are able to get output video in your target folder.
Finish Conversion

Converting SWF to MP4 is easy with Moyea SWF to Video Converter. In this way, you can enjoy Independence Day ecards freely on your smartphone. Transferring videos to your Apple device is easy, but if you want to transfer the videos to another PC with your iPhone, you may need the help of the Apple devices transfer utility.