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How to Play Flash movies on Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 was launched on Verizon in the US on last Friday, this fantastic camera phone has been shocking customers, the reviews of this phone are mostly about its camera setup with Xenon flash and 1920*1080 pixels camcorder. Nokia Lumia 928 comes with the most innovative and advanced smartphone camera package available today, producing great pictures both day and night. And with the 4.5-inch screen, Nokia Lumia 928 has successfully turned into a digital camera. Of course, the 4.5-ich screen, the high display resolution ratio (768*1280 pixels), and the 334 ppi make this smart phone a portable cinema, with its built-in Internet Explorer 10, you are able to download any video you like.

Short funny Flash Movie (SWF files) are more and more popular nowadays, in my opinion, the society’s high pace of developing makes us do not have enough time to go to cinema to see the blockbusters, and the heavy works make people burdened with much pressure, so watching those funny Flash movies can help to release people’s pressure and make people laugh at the moment. Most of the Flash movies are based on the hot issues, and the authors often express their opinions in very funny ways, therefore, the Flash movies can be easily understood and accepted, that makes Flash movies popular today.

Well then, have you ever thought of using your Nokia Lumia 928 to watch the Flash movies? I think most of you may have, but the problem is: how to play Flash movies on Nokia Lumia 928? It does not have built-in Flash players, so it’s inconvenient for people to play SWF on Lumia 928 directly. Some people may have used video converter software to convert Flash files (.swf) to videos, but common SWF converter software can not maintain the background music or sound in the Flash, or it sometimes lose parts of the Flash while converting, these kinds of problems are terrible for a watcher. So I suggest Moyea SWF to Video Converter, it is a professional software to convert SWF files to videos. This software can ensure the quality of the output video, maintain the original background music and sounds, and all of the mainstream video formats can be converted into. It’s a very good choice if you want to convert SWF to Nokia Lumia 928 supported formats. Next, I would like to show you how to convert the SWF files to Nokia Lumia 928.

Click to download Windows Version: Download Windows Version

1. Input settings

Feel free to download and install Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Run the software and choose the SWF file in your computer. Click the browse button, choose the file for conversion. The chosen file will be checked by the software. You are able to preview the Flash, set background colors of the Flash, crop, and capture the video.

Input Settings

2. Export settings

Set up the format of your output video. “Video” includes most of the common formats such as mp4, mov, rmvb and so on; “Video with alpha” deals the format of avi; “Image series” includes several kinds of image formats such as jpg, png, tiff and so on. Set up the video, audio quality of the output video, the output video’s and ripped audio (if you want to rip audio, tick it)’s location, and the capture settings.

Export Settings

3. Conversion settings

This step is to capture the video and convert the SWF file to video. After clicking the convert button, you will to go to the corresponding panel. Click “play and capture” to start capturing the Flash, then click “Finish” to start conversion.

Conversion Settings

4. Finish Conversion

After clicking “Finish”, the software will start conversion, a progress bar will show you the percentage of conversion.

Finish Conversion

With these simple 4 steps, you can easily get a video converted from SWF and play it on Nokia Lumia 928. By the way, if you want to convert several SWF files in one time, you can choose “Switch to batch mode” in step 1, and add files from your computer.

Switch to Batch Mode

Get Free Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter for Mother’s Day

Shenzhen, China, May 8, 2013 – Happy Mother’s Day to all dear mothers! For celebrating this special day, Moyea Software Co. Ltd, a pioneering multimedia technologies provider specialized in software of video and audio recording, conversion, editing for home users, developers and small businesses, declared earlier that people are permitted to get a free use of Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, and all Moyea software buys from SWREG platform can get 40% discount with the coupon code MOM-45K2D46KHT until 16th of this month.
Moyea SWF kits include several kinds of utilities, which can solve different SWF problems for different purposes. No matter you want to convert SWF to video or convert SWF to portable devices, our SWF kits will be helpful. The web players are also of great use for people in need. Moyea PowerPoint to DVD products are used for converting PowerPoint files to DVDs and videos for business, education and entertainment uses, all of these products are with powerful functions.
In order to celebrate the Mother’s Day of 2013, Moyea Software gives 40% discount for all SWF kits (Moyea SWF to Video SDK not included) and Moyea PowerPoint to DVD products, anyone pays with the SWREG platform can use the coupon code MOM-45K2D46KHT to enjoy this awesome activity. If you are new users of the SWREG platform, here is a guide of how to use it: The discount won’t end until the 16th of May. Another awesome activity is that you are able to get free Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, and here goes the steps of getting registration code of it:
1. Open this page:
2. You should click the “Make Video for Mom from Flash”, and on the right side, a brief introduction on Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter and the “Get the Registration Code” button show out.
Click Make Video for Mom from Flash then Get Registration Code
3. Click the “Get Registration Code” button, a dialog comes out for you to input your information. Fill in all the blanks and click “Send me registration code” button, you’ll get it in your E-mail.
Fill in the Blanks and Click Send Me Registration Code
By the way, in this page, the “Make Video for Mom from Another Video” is just under the “Make video for Mom from Flash”, click it and you will get a free use of Moyea Video for Web Converter. Here are also some free Mother’s Day resources like Mother’s Day templates and Flash cards on this page, you can download and send them to your mother.
All Moyea SWF kits and PowerPoint to DVD products have been upgraded to latest versions, this is a chance for our users to enjoy the enhanced functions, if you are new to Moyea SWF kits and Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Products, they are definitely must-haves on your computer, they’ll bring your great convenience when coming up with flash and PowerPoint converting issues.


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For Mother’s Day: A Letter to My Mother

On this special day, please let me thank you for all the things you have done for me, you are the best mother that a son ever has!

Happy Mother's Day

Dear mom,

I’m very happy that I can have a chance to write you a letter. I have been far away from home for nearly a year, and tried to earn my own life. The world is so big for me to discover, the night is so long for me not to be homesick, and the work is so hard for me to carry on. But I am still trying my best for what I’m doing, because I want to make you proud, and someday you can get rid of that heavy work and relax yourself for a while.

You are a great woman that I have ever known, you are the one that I will love for all my lifetime. You teach me to be tolerant when people hurts unintentionally, be patient when things go tough, and be honest when I make mistakes. These characteristics are along with me and will be along with my whole life. I still remember that every time I go home, you ask me to eat more because I once complained to you about the food in school’s canteens, I usually eat up all the dishes you make as they are so delicious. If without “m” for “mother” and “y” for “youth” in the “family”, my life would only have “fail” left, so thank you my dear mother, for every delicious meal you make for our family, for the housework you do to make the house clean and tidy, for every single minute you accompany me when I have a nightmare.

When I was in middle school, sometimes my temper was out of control, I shouted at you for some meaningless things or some unreasonable requirements, you gave me more than enough tolerance and didn’t scold me, just told me what fact was to make me back to normal. Come to think about it now, I was wrong and maybe hurt you at that time, I get to know what your tears are for. I’m sorry my dear mother, I owe you an apology for so many years. Now I have grown up, I know what I should do to make you happy.

This mother’s day is for the greatest woman in the world, if I could go home, I would buy you a bunch of carnations, and make a video converted from many Flash cards by myself for you. You always say little but do a lot for me, that’s what I could never learn. I hope someday you can relax yourself for a while, go out to do your favorite things, and chat with your friends. You have burdened yourself with all the things of the family for so long, maybe now it’s the time for you to put them down and enjoy your life. From the time I could remember a word, you had been in work, until now, I am able to earn my own life, you are still in work. Thank you mom, for all the time you spend on me, and for my growth.

Now I get to know the meaning of that sentence: “A mother’s love is like a circle, it has no beginning and no ending. It keeps going around and around ever expanding, touching everyone who comes in touch with it. Engulfing them like the morning mist, warming them like the noontime sun, and covering them like a blanket of evening stars.” Yes, mother’s love keeps going, wherever I am, whatever my age is, however difficult situation I may meet with, mom is always by my side. Mother gave me my life, fed me up to a man and now wants me to succeed. Mom’s love is selfless, so when it’s not too late, I want to let you know that I love you and sincerely thank you.

Your son,


How to Convert Mother’s Day Flash Cards to Videos

As the Mother’s Day approaching, we sons and daughters are busy preparing gifts for our mothers. A bunch of carnations and the “Thank You” cards are absolutely necessary. In this way, we can show our sincere thanks to our dear mothers. However, it’s not easy to buy those paper-made cards in the market, even though we can find some, the images are out of date and the sizes are small for us to write enough words. May we find some fashionable and convenient cards? The answer is yes, and now the e-cards are more and more popular as the Internet develops faster and faster, moms will get the cards full of love in time and you can attach a letter without words’ limit.

So sending e-cards seems to be a perfect way for mother’s day, usually I would like to choose the Flash cards for mother’s day, this kind of cards can deliver my emotions more directly with the short Flash, and my mother likes these cards. Once my mother asked me: “Can you make these cards in one video or something so that I won’t delete these beautiful cards when I clear my mailbox?” That got me at first, I searched for solutions on the Internet, and among all the ways, I thougt converting these Flash to videos and saving them in a specific folder was a good way. Then I started to find good software to convert Flash to videos. Finally, the Moyea SWF to Video Converter came into my eyes. Next, I will show you how to convert Flash to video with the Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

Download Windows Version

Step 1. Launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter & Choose Flash Files

Install and run “Moyea SWF to Video Converter”, you can see the window shows like below. Click the Browse button, the drop-down menu is for you to choose the Flash location. Choose the local Flash files (of course your Flash cards).

Launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter & Choose Flash Files

Step 2. Export Settings

Go to the Export window showing like below, you are allowed to choose the format of the output video, video quality, audio quality, output location and so on. Make up all the settings and get ready for converting.

Export Settings

Step 3. Play and Capture the Flash Card

Click Convert button to enter into the corresponding panel. Click the “Play and Capture” button till the Flash finishes. Click “Finish” to start conversion. Then a progress bar shows the percentage of converting.

Play and Capture the Flash Card

Step 4. Conversion Completed

When the conversion completed, a dialog shows like the image below. The converted video will show in the folder which you have chosen in Step 2.

Conversion Complete

With the Moyea SWF to Video Converter, the Flash can be easily converted into videos. What’s more, the output videos play fluently, the background music can be completely saved, all the images in the original Flash show clearly. These videos can be converted into many formats with the software, my mom can watch them on the mobile phone. Thanks to the Moyea SWF to Video Converter, my mom doesn’t need to worry about deleting Flash cards by mistake, and can enjoy the Flash card videos at anytime, anywhere she wants.