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2 Methods to Add Flash to Google Blogger

Before the popularization of SNS platform like Facebook and Twitter, blog is the most favored platform for people to communicate with others or express their feelings. Of all those blog platforms, WordPress and Google Blogger are the most outstanding two. When users are publishing posts via those two platforms, they tend to spicy their posts with multimedia files like YouTube video and Flash animation. However, it is not easy jobs to add Flash to neither Google Blogger nor WordPress. To know the method to add Flash to WordPress, you can click here. To know the method to add Flash to Google Blogger, you can continue the reading.

Flash and Blogger

Even though Google Blogger has provided an icon of “Insert a video” in the Dashboard, users are not allowed to add Flash to Google Blogger with direct uploading process. To make the added Flash playable in Google Blogger, a common way is to upload the Flash animation to other video platforms and then add the Flash to Google Blogger in the form of URL address. Here two methods on this will be covered.

Method One: Add Flash to Google Site

Google Sites is a place where you can upload the Flash animation to and then get corresponding URL address. With the URL address, you are allowed to add Flash to Google Blogger.

Step 1: Open the homepage of Google Site and then log in with your Gmail account. Click “CREAT” button to add a new site to the account, select the template, then enter the name of the site into corresponding box and type in the required code. After that, click “Create Site” button to manage the creation process.

Flash to Blogger: Create site

Step 2: Then you will get to the homepage of the site which is a blank at present. Click “More” button and then choose “Manage Site” option in the drop-down menu to get to Manage Site panel.

Flash to Blogger: Manage site

Step 3: In the panel, click “Attachments” tab and then choose “Upload” button to import the Flash animation for uploading process.

Flash to Blogger: Upload Flash

Step 4: When the uploading process is done, click “View” button to preview the uploaded Flash animation. Here comes the most important step to add Flash to Google Blogger: copying the URL address of the uploaded Flash in URL bar. Select the part of the URL address before “.swf” for further use.

Flash to Blogger: Preview Flash

Step 5: Open the Google Blogger, click “Add New” button to get to corresponding panel. Click “HTML” button to write the post in HTML code. Then enter the following HTML code shown in the photos to the place where you want to add Flash to:
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="600" height="350" src=”The URL Address”; wmode="transparent" pluginspage="" quality="high">

Flash to Blogger: Paste the URL address

Method Two: Upload the Flash to YouTube

It is a recognized issue that Google Blogger can provide users easy accesses to embed YouTube. Therefore, once users are allowed to upload Flash to YouTube, they can share Flash on Google Blogger in an easy way. Of course, to manage the whole process, a powerful Flash to YouTube Converter like Moyea SWF to FLV Convert will be quite necessary.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to FLV Converter, then click “Browser…” button to import Flash file for further conversion. Click “Export” tab and choose the output file as FLV video for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Style”. After that, click “Convert” tab to finish the conversion process.

Flash to Blogger: Flash to FLV

Step 2: Open the page of YouTube and click “Upload” button to get to the Dashboard. Then click “upload a video” icon to import the converted Flash for uploading process.

Flash to Blogger: Flash to YouTube

Step 3: When it is done, you need to open Google Blogger and add a new post. Then click “Compose” tab next to “HTML”, choose “Insert a Video” icon and select “From YouTube” tab. Later, paste the URL address of the YouTube video to corresponding bar to manage the process of adding Flash to Blogger.  

Flash to Blogger: YouTube to Blogger

2 Methods to Watch YouTube Video on Xbox 360

Designed as the major competitor of Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, the second generation of Xbox, has been favored in the gaming market for years. As the sales volume of Xbox 360 reached 70 million units in the world, it aroused customers’ interests towards its successor, which is rumored to be released in 2013 naming Xbox. In fact, Xbox 360 is not only a powerful game console, but also an attractive multimedia device that can be used as a music center and photo scanner. However, watching video especially YouTube video on Xbox 360 is quite troublesome.

YouTube to Xbox 360: Xbox and YouTube

Instead of getting different devices for different entertaining activities, people love to use a single device that provides accesses to various entertaining purposes. Therefore, the method to watch YouTube video on Xbox 360 seems to be quite desirable. User needs Adobe Flash Player to view YouTube video but Xbox 360 fails to provide one. Therefore, the task of viewing YouTube video on Xbox 360 won’t be an easy one. Therefore, two methods will be covered here so as to guide users play YouTube movie on Xbox 360.

Method I: Install YouTube App for Xbox

Before the release of YouTube App for Xbox in December 2011, there is no way to stream YouTube video on Xbox 360. Added to Metro Xbox Dashboard, YouTube App for Xbox provides users options including Watch Later, Playlists and Subscriptions. However, the fact that Microsoft only allows Xbox Live Gold members who provide an annual subscription of 59.99 dollars to watch YouTube video on Xbox 360 with this app has pissed off many users. What’s more, YouTube App for Xbox is quite limited in function when compared with the desktop YouTube. Users may fail to find their wanted videos via this app. To make it worse, something goes wrong with YouTube App for Xbox in recent days. When users try to employ it for video entertainment, Error: 4004 occurs.

Method II: Convert YouTube video to Xbox 360

Another easy way to play YouTube video on Xbox 360 is to convert YouTube video to Xbox 360. Actually, this is the only feasible method before the debut of YouTube App for Xbox. When the conversion process is done, users can send the converted movie to Xbox 360 via mass storage devices like portable hard disk. However, one thing to notice is that Xbox 360 can only support portable hard disk with the format of FAT instead of NTSC. As for the YouTube to Xbox 360 converter, Moyea SWF to Video Converter, which can import YouTube video as Flash, is highly recommended.       

Step 1: Get to the page where the YouTube video lies, click “Share” button, choose “Embed” tab and then check “Use old embed code” box. After that, copy the first part of the URL address standing next to “value=”.

YouTube to Xbox 360: Copy YouTube URL

Step 2: After installing Moyea SWF to Video Converter, click “Browser…” button and choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu. Then paste the URL address to the corresponding bar and click “OK” button.

YouTube to Xbox 360: Import YouTube video

Step 3: Click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and then set the output video as Xbox 360 friendly movie by choosing “Xbox 360 WMV 1080P TV Movie” option in the drop-down menu of “Style”. Then click “Convert” tab to begin the conversion process from YouTube video to WMV file for Xbox 360. When it is done, users can store the WMV video in portable devices and connect the device to Xbox 360.

YouTube to Xbox 360: Convert YouTube video

2 Methods to Play YouTube Video on Nokia Lumia 920

After Adobe Flash Player quits from Android market, many people think that Windows 8 will be the only chance left for Adobe Flash Player in portable device market. However, it is not true because only Windows 8 Pro gets the chance to help Adobe Flash Player out. Currently speaking, the Windows 8 systems available in the market include Windows RT, Windows 8 Pro and Windows Phone 8. Except Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT is limited by so-called Flash whitelist and Windows Phone 8 is totally incompatible to Adobe Flash Player. As a consequence, users find it an awful thing that they can’t play YouTube video on Lumia 920, even though it is the best Windows 8 mobile one can find.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Lumia 920

Desktop IE 10 adds Flash Player as plugin but Metro IE 10 doesn’t. As a consequence, users may find it a fancy story to play Flash on Nokia Lumia 920. To make it worse, the web browser provided by Nokia in Nokia Lumia 920 is not as powerful as Safari on iPad tablet which can stream YouTube video directly. In terms of YouTube streaming, high-end Lumia 920 can’t even match with mid-range Andorid mobile who is accessible to Adobe Flash APK. Watching YouTube video on Lumia 920 is difficult, but there are still ways to manage it. Here two methods will be covered to allow users play YouTube video on Lumia 920.

Method I: Install YouTube App

YouTube to Lumia 920: YouTube App

Exclusively designed for Windows 8 mobiles, YouTube App provides users a perfect solution to play YouTube video on Nokia Lumia 920. With this app, Lumia 920 users can search and stream YouTube videos. However, since most of the videos in the YouTube App are HTML5 based, only limited YouTube videos can be found. That’s to say, users may not able to find the YouTube videos they desire to watch via this app. What’s more, YouTube App for Windows Phone 8 is also severely criticized by Microsoft for its poor design which is just like the mobile YouTube website,   

Method II: Convert YouTube to Lumia 920

While there is no efficient way to stream YouTube video on Lumia 920, users may also give a second thoughts to the method of play YouTube video offline on the Nokia flagship mobile. To manage it, users will need to download YouTube video and then convert YouTube video to Lumia 920 movie. Even though the operations may seem to be quite complicated, it can provide the best effects. However, to manage the conversion process, users will need a YouTube to Lumia 920 converter like Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step 1: Open the page where the YouTube video lies, click “Share” tab in the page, choose “Embed” option and then check “Use old embed code” box. Then the URL address of the YouTube video will be provided in the “src=” section. Copy the first part of the URL address.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Import YouTube video

Step 2: Download and install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, open it and then click “Browser…” button in the panel. Choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu, paste the URL address one has just copied and click “OK” button.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Convert YouTube to MP4

Step 3: After the YouTube video has been imported, click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and then set the output video as MP4 movie for Lumia 920 via the drop-down menu of “Style.”  Then click “Settings” button and then set the video size of the MP4 movie as “1280×768”.

YouTube to Lumia 920: Specify MP4 for Lumia 920

Step 4: After that, click “Convert” tab to enter into corresponding panel where users can start the conversion process from YouTube video to Nokia Lumia 920 movie. After the conversion ends, users can view the downloaded YouTube video on Lumia 920.

Top 5 Anticipations about Microsoft Surface Pro

When it is released in summer 2013, Surface RT bore lofty expectations to be an iPad killer. However, the killer now turns out to be a joker after it was lagged far behind by iPad tablets in sales volume. The same story goes to Windows 8 who sees an increase in market share that is far less than one has expected. Therefore, all the pressure is now on the shoulder of Microsoft Surface Pro. Surface Pro not only needs to send Microsoft the power to challenge Apple in tablet market but also helps Windows 8 rob more shares in operating system field.

Surface Pro

Therefore, with praises, doubts and anticipations, Microsoft Surface Pro was finally released to the market a few hours ago. Supporters are cheering and doubters are taking wait-and-see approaches. In fact, there are only two choices left for Surface Pro, to be a killer of Windows 8 or to be a savor. Generally speaking, the fate of Surface Pro mainly keens on its abilities to fulfill customers’ anticipations. Therefore, this post has collected top 5 anticipations about Microsoft Surface Pro.

Surface Pro Anticipation 1: Good compatibility

Surface Pro Anticipation: Compatibility

An important reason that prevents Surface RT from being a market hit is its awful compatibility. Surface RT adds no support to all the programs that can run on previous Windows systems. It means users can only enjoy those newly designed apps on Surface RT.  Moreover, lacking a platform for third-party apps like iTunes, Surface RT can only make use of limited apps. To make it worse, some of those apps are even poorly designed. However, it is said that as an Intel core driven tablet, Surface Pro can be compatible to almost all Windows programs. Therefore, it can be generally viewed as a Windows laptop that is much easier to take with. Moreover, the battery that can last for five to six hours is much better than the battery of most laptops.

Surface Pro Anticipation 2: Fully baked Windows 8

Surface Pro Anticipation: System

Windows RT devices and Windows 8 mobiles are not quite popular in the market because they are only equipped with disabled Windows 8 systems. When users think they can manage certain tasks with Surface RT, they become quite angry to find out that they can’t. For example, IE 10 shall be able to support Adobe Flash. However, users are only allowed to play Flash contents on Surface RT from those trusted sites. To make it worse, Windows 8 users can not even watch online Flash with Metro IE 10. However, theoretically speaking, the fully baked Windows 8 will help Surface Pro users to get rid of those troubles because users can download Adobe Flash Player as plugin for IE 10.

Surface Pro Anticipation 3: More retail stores

Surface Pro Anticipation: Store

Another reason that leads to the failure of Surface RT is its wrong market strategy. Microsoft is only willing to cooperate with big retail stores like Best Buy and Amazon to promote Surface RT. As a consequence, in many areas, even though lovers want to buy the tablet, they can’t find appropriate ways. Moreover, the limitation in the number of authorized retail stores has killed the possibilities of innovative marketing strategies. According to recent rumors that Microsoft is planning to grant more retail stores the right to sell Surface Pro. This not only promotes sales volume of Surface Pro but also gives consumers more choices.

Surface Pro Anticipation 4: Colorful touch cover

Surface Pro Anticipation: Touch cover

A most innovative point of Surface Pro lies in its touch cover which can be used as either protective case or physical keyboard. Therefore, once the touch cover can be more attractive, there is a bigger chance for Surface Pro to sell itself. It is said that Surface Pro will be equipped with colorful touch cover where consumers can trace fashionable elements. Once it is true, it really makes the Microsoft tablet much more attractive. Moreover, Microsoft is also working on to make the touch cover more comfortable for consumers to operate.

Surface Pro Anticipation 5: High security

Surface Pro Anticipation: Security

The latest scandals have made the poor situations of Windows RT even worse. Days after some hackers cracks down Windows RT, Microsoft still fails to provide a good solution. Then recent news came that a bug has appeared in Windows RT system that can be only solved by restart the device repeatedly. Therefore, the system security of Surface Pro turns out to be an anticipated topic. However, it seems that high security will become the anticipation for Surface Pro that is not hard to fulfill. According to some test, even without anti-virus software, Windows 8 Pro still does best in system security.

Valentine’s Day 2013 Activities – Send Flash Cards, Enjoy Love Movies and Play Flash Games

As an annual festival celebrated on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine, was initially created to commemorate a Christian saints named Valentinus.  However, for centuries, Valentine’s Day has turned out to be a happy time for all lovers around the world. Now as Valentine’s Day 2013 is approaching, people in every corner of the world are not only waiting for it, but also busy preparing for Valentine’s Day 2013 activities. Of course, good Valentine’s Day 2013 activities shall not only contain the best blessings to all lovers but also reflect the meaning of true love.

Valentine's Day 2013

Therefore, love affairs, happy celebrations and romantic stories are usually the main themes of Valentine’s Day activities. Of course, those are not the only themes Valentine’s Day 2013 activities can make full use of. For example, for users who desire to spend a relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013, they may just as well participate in some entertaining activities. Here the post will recommend a few ideas of relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013 activities.

Idea I: Send Valentine’s Day Flash Cards

It is true that Valentine’s Day gift has set the main tunes for Valentine’s Day activities. Therefore, choosing gift for Valentine’s Day 2013 has become an issue that troubles many people. A good idea to make this Valentine’s Day activity relaxing is to send Valentine’s Day Flash cards. For one thing, card sending is a tradition of Valentine’s Day with long historical past. For another, Flash cards for Valentine’s Day 2013 are not only innovative in design but also profound in meaning when used as DIY gift. Therefore, some Flash card s for Valentine’s Day 2013 has been provided below. To download them, one can refer to Free Flash Downloader.

1. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 1

2. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 2

3. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 3

4. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 4

5. Valentine’s Day Flash Card 5

Idea II: Enjoy Valentine’s Day Movies

The popularization of Valentine’s Day has made the festival a favored theme in Hollywood. Of various Valentine’s Day movies, some are good enough to move audiences with excellent plots and educate audiences the real meaning of true love by presenting the love stories in hardship. Moreover, those Valentine’s Day movies are suitable to be used for relaxing Valentine’s Day 2013 activities. Audiences can not only be amused by the movies, but also experience the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day 2013. Here some movies for Valentine’s Day 2013 are recommended.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Love is the poison that everyone desires to taste. Even when the lover is troubled by lovesickness, he will never forget the real happiness brings by true love. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is exactly a Valentine’s Day movie about the charming of true love. When Joel and Clementine are hurt by their love, the two decides to accept an experiment to erase the memory of each other. However, during the experiment, the two have remembered the happy time they have spent together. Even though when the experiment is done, the two lovers once again are attracted by each other. Starred by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a movie for Valentine’s Day 2013 one can never reject viewing.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time about miracle and this movie has fully proven this point. On Valentine’s Day, the ten characters in the movie have more or less find out their true lovers after going through various hardships. In this movie for Valentine’s Day 2013, several love stories are told. A woman falls in love with a stranger man on the airplane who turns out to be a homosexualist; another man has a crush on a beauty for years but is loved by his best friends; two couples are discussing the plans for Valentine’s Day. In the end of the movie, those characters have found out the perfect other halves for each other. The movie is recommended because it has almost covered all the love stories one can recognized.

Idea III: Play Valentine’s Day Flash Games

Of course, nothing can be more relaxing than playing games. Therefore, Valentine’s Day Flash games will be another choice for relaxing activities for Valentine’s Day 2013. Those Flash games for Valentine’s Day are not only funny in content, but also full of Valentine’s Day elements in design. Moreover, some of those Flash games are even addictive. Here some Valentine’s Day Flash games are illustrated below. For users who want to play them, they can download those Flash games.   

1. Cupid

In this Flash game, players are acting as Cupid who needs to shoot those flying red hearts to make sure the love affairs occur on Valentine’s Day. Of course, the more hearts gotten shot, the higher scores one can earn.

2. Puzzles Valentine’s Day Gifts

When the ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts had broken into pieces, players need to puzzle those pieces into an integrated part so that they can know what to buy for Valentine’s Day 2013.

3. Zombie Kids Valentine’s Day

When zombies are trying to turn Valentine’s Day into a massacre, the guardian of the festival, Cupid needs to stop them with his arrows and determination.

4. Valentine’s Day Memory Game

This is a Flash game that designed for players of all ages. In the games, various pairs of icons are hidden in different boxes. Therefore, users need to make sure that the next box they click get the same icon as the previous box they open.

5. V-Day Sim Date

For those who have no date on Valentine’s Day 2013, this will be a favored Valentine’s Day Flash game. There are several girls in the game waiting for being dated. Only when players have provided the right answers to all the questions the girls give can the Valentine’s Day dates happen.

2 Methods to Add YouTube Video to Facebook

As one of the most influential social networking communities, Facebook provides a perfect communicative platform for all users. In fact, many Facebook users spend most of the time posting nice photos, updating personal statutes and sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. Generally speaking, YouTube video not only gets the biggest chance to win more likes than photo or music, but also makes the users become popular among friends. As a consequence, whenever users have found interesting YouTube videos, they have strong desires to add the YouTube videos to Facebook.

YouTube and Facebook

However, another truth is that not all Facebook users can be handy with operations on Facebook. Even though more and more users tend to post YouTube video on Facebook, there are still users who are looking for the methods to add YouTube video to Facebook. Therefore, this post will cover two methods that guide users to add YouTube video to Facebook.

Method One: Share YouTube links on Facebook

For those files who can’t be supported by Facebook, they will be mostly used as share links by Facebook users. This is the method of how users share PowerPoint on Facebook or add YouTube video to Facebook. In fact, those links not only provides users a solution to embed YouTube video to Facebook but also can be achieved easily.

Step 1: Open the homepage of YouTube and look for the YouTube video via the searching bar. When entering into the video page, click “Share” button and choose “Share this video” tab to find out the URL address of the YouTube video.

YouTube to Facebook: Copy URL of YouTube video

Step 2: Log in Facebook, get to the Profile page and then click “Links” icon, paste the URL address of the YouTube video to the board and choose “Post” button.

YouTube to Facebook: Share link on Facebook

Method Two: Convert YouTube video to Facebook movie

Facebook allow users to upload videos, but poses strict limitations to those supported videos. Therefore, another method for users to add YouTube video to Facebook is to convert those YouTube video to Facebook movie. Of course, this method can be only done when copyright infringements are not involved. Moreover, to manage the conversion process, users need to refer to a powerful YouTube to Facebook converter like Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step 1: Open the page of the YouTube video, click “Share” button, choose “Embed” tab and then check “Use old embed code” option. Then copy the first part of the URL address in “Value=” section.

YouTube to Facebook: Copy video URL

Step 2: After installing Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, open it and then choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu of “Browser…” button. Then paste the URL address to corresponding bar and click “OK” button.

YouTube to Facebook: Import YouTube as Flash

Step 3: Click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and then set the output video as MP4 movie in the drop-down menu of “Profile”. Click “Settings” button and then define the aspect ratio of the MP4 video as “16:9”. Then click “Convert” button to start the conversion.

YouTube to Facebook: Convert YouTube to MP4

Step 4: After that, enter to the page of Facebook, click “Add Photos/Video” button and choose “Upload Photos/Video” link to upload the converted YouTube video to Facebook.

YouTube to Facebook: Upload MP4 video

Windows RT: More Domains Will Come to Flash Whitelist

This is the best time for Adobe Flash Player who continues to be an irreplaceable program in traditional PC. This is the worst time for Adobe Flash Player who has lost support of Android and iOS devices for being a vulnerable and power consuming application in mobile market. However, contrary to most people’s predictions, Windows 8 devices are not going to follow suit. In fact, giving the fact that Microsoft is trying to add more domain names to Flash whitelist in Windows RT, Windows 8 devices will be provided with better Flash support in the future.

Flash Whitelist

What is on earth the Flash whitelist? It is true that Windows 8 has used Adobe Flash Player as a built-in plugin. However, as the versions of IE 10 vary, supports to Flash contents on Windows 8 differ. If users are using desktop IE 10 on Windows 8 Pro, they can enjoy Flash on Windows 8 devices without limitations. If they are running IE 10 on Windows RT or Metro, they are only allowed to visit Flash contents on limited websites. The list that includes those trusted websites are named Flash whitelist.

The reason for the birth of Flash whitelist can be easily seen. Since Adobe Flash Player is not an evil program, it is those poorly-secured Flash programs that bring bad reputations to Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, the solution to turn vulnerable Adobe Flash Player to become a safe application is to blacklist those hostile Flash contents. This is exactly the task Windows RT and Metro tries to manage with the Flash whitelist. Generally speaking, the most influential Flash based websites like YouTube will be added to the Flash whitelist in the first place and then other domains who have pasted the tests of Microsoft. So far, over 1000 domains are included in the Flash whitelist of Windows RT and Microsoft is working on to get more reliable Flash websites for users.

Just as every coin gets two sides, Flash whitelist makes Windows RT a securer system but brings troubles to users. Obviously, the existing domains in Flash whitelist is far from enough when compared with thousands of existing Flash based websites. Therefore, problems like playing Flash content on Surface RT turns out to be a headache of most Windows RT users when they are visiting websites that are out of the Flash whitelist.  Currently speaking, converting Flash content to Surface RT video seems to be the best idea. However, when the not fully bakes Windows RT becomes mature, those Flash websites get big chances to be included in the Flash whitelist if they are not hostile content based or poorly designed.

2 Methods to Play YouTube Video on PSP

Released in the second quarter of 2004, PSP remains to be the most influential products provided by Sony. With years of evolution, there are five generations of PSP so far, ranging from PSP 1000 to PS Vita. Of course, the latest generation of PSP can always provide users better gaming and entertaining experience. In fact, as a game console, PSP is able to take full advantages of state-of-art games from Sony; as a multimedia tool, PSP turns out to be a mini version computer which sports excellent display and built-in Wi-Fi. However, a pity thing for all PSP users is that they are not allowed to play YouTube video on PSP directly.

PSP and YouTube

Video entertainment plays an important role in people’s entertaining life and YouTube is the main source for video entertainment. As a consequence, the absence of YouTube support has made Wi-Fi connection a wasted function in PSP. Are there any methods to play YouTube video on PSP? In fact, users are trying hard to look for methods to view YouTube video on PSP and they are lucky enough to find some. Here two methods will be provided to help users play YouTube video on PSP.

Method One: Install GoTube on Sony PSP

By installing third-party apps, users are allowed to enjoy YouTube video on PSP. Even though Adobe Flash Player seems to be the best choice in theory, it fails to function because the Flash Player version on PSP is far less lower that the required version on YouTube. Currently speaking, an app named GoTube seems to be the only choice left for users. As a Java based program, GoTube provides users accesses to famous online websites like YouTube.

To make the application work, users only need to install GoTube under the folder of GAME. To choose the right YouTube video for viewing, click “Select” button to switch to YouTube, “X” button to type in the keyword and “O” button to play the YouTube movie on Sony PSP. However, GoTube is not an application that fits all generation of Sony PSP. Moreover, it may face the same fate of PSPTube who went outdated after ceasing to provide users latest update.

Method Two: Convert YouTube movie to PSP video

Another method for users to enjoy YouTube movie on Sony PSP is to convert YouTube movie to PSP video. In this way, users are not only allowed to view YouTube video on every generation of Sony PSP, but also to watch YouTube video on PSP without Wi-Fi connection. Of course, to make sure the conversion works, a powerful YouTube movie to PSP video converter like Moyea SWF to PSP Converter is highly desired.

Step 1: Opening the YouTube video one desired to play on Sony PSP, click “Share” tab, choose “Embed” button and then check “Use old embed code” box. Find the embed code and copy the first part of the URL address.

YouTube on PSP: Choose embed code

Step 2: Download and launch Moyea SWF to PSP Converter. Open it and choose “From URL” in the drop-down menu of “Browser…” button. Paste the copied URL address to the corresponding bar and click “OK” button.

YouTube on PSP: Import YouTube video

Step 3: Click “Export” tab and then set the output file as a PSP video in the drop-down menu of “Style”.

YouTube on PSP: YouTube to PSP

Step 4: Click “Convert” tab to enter into corresponding panel where users can start the conversion process from YouTube video to PSP movie with “Play and Capture” and “Finish” buttons. As the conversion ends, users can play the YouTube video on PSP freely.

YouTube on PSP: Start the conversion

Adobe Released the First Package for Flash Player Flaws in 2013

Will the evolution of Adobe Flash Player be dominated by system flaws and security updates in 2013? Currently speaking, there is a great chance that vulnerabilities will once more set the main tunes for Adobe Flash Player in 2013. Just a few hours ago, Adobe has released the first package for Flash Player flaws in 2013 in an attempt to protect customers from being attacked by a system vulnerability identified as APSB13-01. This time, instead of providing detailed information about the system vulnerability, Adobe only describes it as something that may cause a crash or provide hackers the chance to control the computer.

According to the bug-fixing plan provided on the second Tuesday in 2013, Windows users using version 11.5.502.135 or below shall update to 11.5.502.146; Mac users with version 11.5.502.136 shall update to 11.5.502.146 and Linux users with version shall update to Moreover, even though Adobe Flash Player had retreated from Android market, this update has also offered promised package for Flash Player flaws to Android users. Of course, the package is theoretically patched to users who had installed Flash Player on Android devices before August 15, 2012. ICS device is advised to install Adobe Flash Player and device running system below android 4.0 to install Adobe Flash Player

First Update about Flash Player in 2013

Even though the first package for Flash Player flaws is patched for almost all platforms, it is not accessible for both Chrome users and IE 10 users. Given the fact the vulnerable Adobe Flash Player frequently brings troubles to system security, both web browsers are reluctant to add full support to the application. As a consequence, Adobe Flash Player is either sandboxed in Chrome or used as a plugin for IE 10. The only way for Chrome users and IE 10 users to update Adobe Flash Player is to wait for the update from Google and Microsoft respectively.   

What makes Adobe Flash Player so vulnerable and fragile? For one thing, Adobe Flash Player is a close application not that perfect in design. This provides a chance for hackers to take full advantage of its potential design flaws. For another, Adobe Flash Player is a popular cross-platform application that poses great influences on Internet fields like video streaming and online gaming. As a consequence, it has been the target for most hackers for a long time.

In fact, in the latest package for Adobe Flash Player flaws, Adobe also provides the priority ratings of the package for different platforms. The ratings are generally made in accordance with the popularity rankings of the operating systems for PC. Windows, with over 90% market share in PC market, gets top priority, followed by Macintosh with 7% market share. With the least market share, Linux only gets lowest priority ratings from Adobe in the three mainstream systems.

Top 4 Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player on Mac System

It is a known story that Steven Jobs hates Adobe Flash Player for its vulnerabilities and closeness. Therefore, he has decided to block the accesses to Adobe Flash Player in almost all iOS devices. Since Adobe Flash Player never makes its influence in mobile field, this move does little harm to iOS users. However, when it comes to computer field, even the Apple CEO dare not kill Adobe Flash Player immediately. With deep-rooted influence, Adobe Flash Player turns out to be used in most online video sites and gaming fields. Therefore, even though it frequently brings risks to Mac systems or leads to the crash of Safari, Mac users still have to tolerate it.

Alternative to Adobe Flash on Mac

In fact, though there are various alternatives to Adobe Flash Player on Mac, none can be compared with Adobe Flash Player in terms of helping users play Flash on Mountain Lion. However, when alternatives to Adobe Flash Player become powerful enough in the future, things will be different. Therefore, this post will cover top 4 alternatives to Adobe Flash Player on Mac system. Generally speaking, some alternatives to Adobe Flash Player are available in the market, some will come out soon and some are still under development.

1. BBC iPlayer

Alternative to Adobe Flash on Mac: BBC iPlayer

It is true that BBC iPlayer used to be a Flash Player based media too. However, shortly after Adobe Flash’s quitting from Android market, BBC iPlayer has replaced the role of Adobe Flash Player with Adobe AIR. Therefore, with BBC iPlayer, users can enjoy Flash contents on websites even under the absence of Adobe Flash Player. However, this alternative to Adobe Flash Player on Mac can merely be employed in UK. Moreover, it only enables users to play limited Flash contents provided by BBC channels. Therefore, BBC iPlayer is definitely a favored choice for Mac users who happen to be BBC fans.

2. ClickToFlash Plugin

Alternative to Adobe Flash on Mac: ClickToFlash Plugin

As a plugin for Safari, ClickToFlash Plugin enables Mac users to take full advantages of Flash animations without installing Adobe Flash Player.  Moreover, as an alternative to Flash Player on Mac, ClickToFlash can used to prevent the automatic loading of some Flash contents. In this way, the Mac system turns out to be safer and securer. After it has boxed the Flash content, users only need to click the box to release the content. Moreover, ClickToFlash can also try to convert Flash-based content to HTML5 based video using the decoding technologies of Safari or other media player plugins.  

3. Firefox

Alternative to Adobe Flash on Mac: Firefox

As the most favored web browser only second to IE, Firefox is well-known for its good compatibility and fast running speed. In recent years, Firefox has done heavy researches on the HTML5. As a consequence, a few weeks ago, the latest Firefox for Windows are capable of supporting HTML5 based H.264 video directly. In a foreseeable future, the identical update will also come to Firefox for Mac. When the day comes, Firefox will become one of the best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player on Mac with which users are allowed to stream HTML5 version of Flash contents directly. Of course, the more rapidly HTML5 develops; the promising future Firefox gets.

4. Gianduia

Alternative to Adobe Flash on Mac: Gianduia

Apple gets its own alternative to Adobe Flash Player on Mac and it is named Gianduia. Apple decided to work on it in as early as 2007. However, the pasting years had witnessed no further information of the rumored Adobe Flash alternative on Mac had been spread. Even though none has much knowledge about Gianduia, everyone believes it will be the best alternative to Adobe Flash Player on Mac when it is released. According to the rumors, Gianduia can be of equally powerful as Adobe Flash Player in supporting Flash contents but is much safer and faster.