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Flash for YouTube Ideas – 4 Methods to Upload Flash to YouTube

If video sharing is an irresistible trend, YouTube is definitely the most prominent pusher. As the most famous online video website, YouTube also enjoys good reputations for being an excellent video sharing platform. It is no uncommon issue for users to share videos, photos, animations and even PowerPoint presentations on YouTube. In fact, publishing videos to YouTube has become a daily issue for most users. When they have recorded excellent movies, they want to share the movies on YouTube and when they have created funny Flash animations, they want to upload the Flash movies to YouTube.

Adobe Flash Player is important to YouTube because most YouTube videos are published as Flash movies. However, this can’t be used as a proof against the fact that Flash is excluded in the supporting list of YouTube. Therefore, for users who tend to upload Flash to YouTube, they need to find a way to convert Flash for YouTube in the first place. In other words, only when users have found a way to convert Flash to YouTube video can they publish Flash to YouTube. Therefore, this post will illustrate three free methods to upload Flash to YouTube.

Method One: Convert Flash to MP4 video

Convert Flash to MP4 video

As a popular video format, MP4 is now widely supported by most portable devices. In the latest version of YouTube, MP4 video is viewed as a YouTube friendly file. Moreover, of all those YouTube videos based on HTML5, most are published as MP4 movies. Therefore, an efficient way to upload Flash to YouTube is to convert Flash SWF to MP4 video. However, users must make sure they have set the video codec of the MP4 video as “H.264” and the audio codec as “AAC”.

Method Two: Convert Flash to FLV video

Convert Flash to FLV video

FLV video is small in storage space and fast in loading speed. Therefore, FLV are usually used as the standard video format for YouTube file. In most cases, users will get FLV files after they have managed downloading some YouTube videos. To this extent, converting Flash to FLV video is an easier and safer way for users to upload Flash to YouTube. Luckily, some free methods to convert Flash to FLV video are available to help users manage the conversion process. One thing to notice is that YouTube only support FLV video with the video codec as FLV1 and audio codec as MP3.

Method Three: Convert Flash to MOV video

Convert Flash to YouTube

Widely used in portable devices like iPhone and iPad, MOV now turns out to be one of the mainstream video formats. As more and more new devices have made MOV movie as their default video file, YouTube has also added support to MOV video. In this way, mobile users can get easy ways to share their videos with friends. To this extent, users are allowed to upload Flash animations to YouTube after they have converted them to MOV videos. Though there are free ways to convert Flash to MOV video, users also need to make sure those methods can set the audio codec of the MOV file as H.264 and audio codec as AAC.

Method Four: Convert Flash to AVI video

Convert Flash to AVI

As a popular video format, AVI can be supported by most media players. AVI video is also used as the output file of popular video cameras. Therefore, AVI video is also listed as YouTube friendly file. Once users can convert the Flash movie to an AVI video, they can upload the Flash movie to YouTube. To manage the conversion process, users can either refer to online websites or low-budget converters like Moyea SWF to Video Converter. However, they must make sure the converted AVI video gets MJPEG as video codec and PCM as audio codec.

3 Methods to Play Flash on Jelly Bean

Though Adobe Flash Player is a vulnerable app, there is no means to judge it as an outdated app. Since loftily expected Adobe Flash alternatives like HTML 5 are still under development, Adobe Flash Player is still a necessity for most online video websites or online gaming sites. Even though websites like YouTube can provide users video contents based on HTML5, most video sites are still heavily Flash-dependent. Before the release of Jelly Bean, playing Flash on Android device will be just a piece of cake. However, after Android 4.1 is designed as a system incompatible to Adobe Flash Player, playing Flash on Jelly Bean has troubled many users.

For movie fans, they desire to watch Flash movie on Jelly Bean devices and for game lovers, they want to play Flash games on Jelly Bean devices. Therefore, users need to figure out ways to play Flash on Jelly Bean. Since this is not an easy task, this post will cover three methods on enjoying Flash with Jelly Bean. The first two will deal with the ways to install Flash Player on Jelly Bean devices while the last one will show the steps to convert Flash for Jelly Bean devices.

Method One: Install Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean

With the help of Adobe Flash Player, playing Flash on Jelly Bean won’t be a problem. However, since Adobe Flash Player has added Jelly Bean devices to the blacklist, users can only install side-loaded Adobe Flash player on Jelly Bean instead of officially downloaded Adobe Flash Player. When users have downloaded the side-downloaded app, they also need the assistance of third-party mobile browsers like Dolphin and Firefox that still support Adobe Flash Player. Open “Settings menu” of the Jelly Bean device and check “Unknown sources” to make sure the side-loader Flash Player can be installed. After that, install the Flash Player, start the browser and then uncheck “Flash Player” option in browser settings. Then users can play Flash on Jelly Bean devices freely. However, since the installation of side-loaded app will bring potential risks to the devices, users had better try other methods to play Flash on Jelly Bean before they can find a reliable side-loaded Adobe Flash Player.

Method Two: Downgrade Jelly Bean to ICS

Downgrade from Jelly Bean to ICS

Theoretically speaking, ICS is still supported by Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, once users can downgrade the Jelly Bean device to ICS one, they can easily play Flash on the reverted Jelly Bean device. However, not all the Jelly Bean devices can be downgraded. Usually, users are only allowed to downgrade the Android devices that are updated to Jelly Bean manually. Moreover, the downgrading process calls for users’ knowledge about booting and flashing different ROMs. After Adobe Flash’s retreating from Android market on August 15, users can’t find the download link of Adobe Flash Player on Google Player. Therefore, after switching the mobile system from Jelly Bean to ICS, users also need to download the right version of Adobe Flash Player from this page.

Method Three: Convert Flash for Jelly Bean device

Convert Flash for Jelly Bean

Some users may feel installing Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean unnecessary when they are content with the HTML5 based sites. Therefore, when they want to play some Flash movies on Jelly Bean devices, they may find converting Flash movie more charming than installing Adobe Flash Player. To this extent, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter to manage the conversion from Flash contents to Jelly Bean devices friendly videos such as converting Flash contents to Google Nexus 7 video. This method is an easy way for them to play Flash on Jelly Bean.

3 Different Versions of Rise of the Guardians Games

As one of the most anticipated 2012 animated movies, Rise of the Guardians has experienced unexpected waterloo in the opening weekend. As a movie for Thanksgiving 2012, Rise of the Guardians should have done better in box office performance during Thanksgiving holiday. As an animated version of The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians have present the world the alliance consists of Santa, Sandman, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. In fact, Rise of the Guardians is an ideal movie for Thanksgiving in terms of plot and theme. Therefore, the 23.8 million box office recipients of this DreamWorks animated movie is far from satisfying.

Nowadays movie makers tend to publicize their movies by publishing corresponding games beforehand. Wreck-it-Ralph games come before the movie, so does Rise of the Guardians games. As a consequence, players surprisingly find that there are various versions of Rise of the Guardians games in the market in a week after the release of the movie. Most of Rise of the Guardians games are designed for portable devices like iPhone, iPad and Nintendo 3DS and they are all favored by players. The Rise of the Guardians games can’t only help players to have a good gaming time, but also better understand the movie Rise of the Guardians. Therefore, this post will introduce movie fans and game lovers three different versions of Rise of the Guardians games.

1. Rise of the Guardians for Wii

Rise of the Guardians for Wii

As the game exclusively designed for Nintendo Wii, Rise of the Guardians provides players the chances to go through adventures as the legendary figures in the movie. A player needs to choose one character from Santa, Sandman, Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Jack and then completes various missions to follow the storyline of the game. As character differs, the mission varies. Each character is attached with special skills which can be strengthen or upgraded by unlocking new powers. Since this Rise of the Guardians game is an action-packed adventure game, players will be indulged in the excellent single fighting or teamwork battle. Moreover, this Wii game enables players to wander around different legendary Guardian realms or cooperate with friends in multiplayer mode. Of course, there is only one ultimate goal for this Rise of the Guardians game: beat evil Pitch and his nightmares.

2. Rise of the Guardians for iPhone

Rise of the Guardians for iPhone

As a four-star iPhone game, this Rise of the Guardians game was released far earlier than the movie version. In this iPhone game, players will be brought to a legendary guardian realm to find out the myths of the guardian. When they have finished their searching, players can move to next realm to begin another round of exploration. In Bunny world, players are required to find ten Easter eggs. When an egg is found, a window will be pop out which contains videos and stories about the Easter Bunny. In the earlier version of this Rise of the Guardians game, only the realms of Easter Bunny and Sandman were available. Now after the releasing of Rise of the Guardians, players can enter into the realms of these six guardians. For movie fans who want to know more about the guardians, this Rise of the Guardians game is definitely a good choice.

3. Rise of the Guardians Flash game

Featured in small storage and fast loading speed, Flash game turns out to be the first choice for players to spend leisure time. Therefore, players can always find Flash version of favored games like Angry Birds and Super Mario. In fact, while some players are still waiting for the Wii U version of Rise of the Guardians game, the Flash version of Rise of the Guardians game have been available in the market.  In this Flash game named Rise of the Guardians: Hidden Objects, players need to find all those objects shown in the bottom box. Of course, as players move on, the objects will be hidden in the places too secretive to be noticed. Therefore, for players who want to play this Rise of the Guardians game, they can download the Flash game with Free Flash Downloader.

2 Free Methods to Convert Flash Movie to MOV Video

 “Are there any ways to convert Flash to MOV for my iPhone?” “Can anyone tell me how to convert Flash movie to MOV video for QuickTime Player?” Featured in small storage and fast loading speed, Flash file turns out to be an industry standard for online video and online game. However, with unique and closed design, Flash turns out to be a format devoid of accesses to mainstream video editors and media players. As a consequence, Flash movie is almost inaccessible without the help of Adobe Flash Player.

Contrary to the embarrassing situation Flash faces, MOV seems a promising future. With the popularization of iPhone series, MOV turns out to one among the mainstream video formats for portable devices. To this extent, the conversion process from Flash movie to MOV video has provide Flash fans a solution to watch Flash movie with portable devices like iPhone 5. Therefore, this post will focus on two free methods to convert Flash movie to MOV video. Of course, fans can also refer to a powerful SWF to MOV converter to manage the conversion effortlessly.

Method One: Convert with Adobe Premiere Pro

As a professional video editor released by Adobe, Adobe Premiere Pro can be used to watch, edit and even convert Flash movie. In fact, Adobe Premiere Pro enables fans to manage the conversion from Flash movie to MOV video directly. However, this method is not that flawless.  The conversion process is time consuming because converting an 8M Flash movie means half an hour waiting. The output quality is not that satisfying and fans are not allowed to set the video size of the MOV file freely.

Step 1: Download and launch Adobe Premiere Pro, open it and then click “Import…” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to input the Flash movie for conversion.

Import Flash movie

Step 2: Edit the Flash movie with this SWF editor, click “File” and choose “Export” option in the drop-down menu. After that, choose “Media…” to enter into Export Settings panel. Set output format as QuickTime and video codec as “H.264” in the panel and click “OK” button.

Set MOV movie

Step 3:   Enter into Adobe Media Encode panel and then click “Start” button to begin the conversion from Flash movie to MOV video. As the conversion ends, one can enjoy the Flash movie on iPhone 5 easily.

Convert Flash to MOV

Method Two: Convert with Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter

Provided as a powerful and free Flash for mobile tool, Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter enables fans to convert Flash movie to 3GP video. Then fans need to convert the 3GP video to MOV file with the help of other free converters like Moyea Video4Web Converter. Though this method seems to be quite complicated, it can help MOV video to keep the original video quality of the Flash movie. Moreover, fans are allowed to customize the video size of the MOV file.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter.  Open it, choose “Input” tab and then click “From Folder” option in the drop-down menu of “Browser…” to import the Flash movie for conversion.

Import Flash file

Step 2: Click “Export” tab and then set the output file as 3GP video in the drop-down menu. After that, click “Convert” tab to enter into corresponding bar and then start the conversion from Flash to 3GP with “Play and Capture” and “Finish” buttons.

Convert Flash to 3GP

Step 3: Download and install Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it and then click “Add Video Files” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the 3GP video.

Import 3GP video

Step 4: Set the output file as MOV movie in the drop-down menu of “Profile”. Then click “Settings” button to enter into Profile panel where various video parameters are provided. Then fans can set the video size of the MOV movie in the panel.

Convert 3GP movie to MOV video

Step 5: After all those steps, click “Convert” button to start the conversion process from 3GP video to MOV movie. As the conversion ends, fans have finished the conversion from Flash movie to MOV video.

Cyber Monday Promotion – 80% Off for Moyea SWF Converters

Shenzhen, China, November 21st, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on PowerPoint converters and SWF converters, has announced its promotion plan for 2012 Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday Promotion Plan from Moyea Software will offer inexpensive SWF and PowerPoint converters, free resources about Thanksgiving 2012 and discount coupon code. As a consequence, the promotion plan provides users big chance to get best Cyber Monday deals.

If Black Friday starts the shopping season of Thanksgiving 2012, Cyber Monday opens the door for online shopping festival. Therefore, Cyber Monday turns out to be a time when low-budget online goods are offered and best online deals are agreed. In an attempt to celebrate Cyber Monday 2012 as well as show its gratitude to users who have always been supportive to the company, Moyea Software will provide users as many best Cyber Monday deals as possible by including decent SWF converters with up to 80% price off in its promotion plan for Cyber Monday 2012. Then users are capable of getting perfect solutions to play Flash on iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD or Surface RT.

Cyber Monday banner

What’s the validate date of Cyber Monday Promotion Plan?

The promotion plan for Cyber Monday 2012 will start from Cyber Monday and then last for 4 days. In order words, the plan will start from November 26th 2012 to November 29th 2012.

What can users get from Cyber Monday Promotion?

During the promotion time, various SWF converters and PowerPoint converters will be provided with 20% to 80% price off. Besides that, free resources for Thanksgiving 2012 can help users indulge in the great festival as well. However, the only way for users to get promised benefits is to enter corresponding purchase pages via buttons on activity homepage.

80% Price Off: As a program designed to make portable devices compatible to Flash movie, Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro will be sold with 80% price off on November 26th only. After that date, the price will increase by 20 dollars per day until it stops at 79.99 dollars on November 29th. That’s to say, purchases on the first day of Cyber Monday Promotion will enjoy 80% price off while on the last day will just enjoy 20% price off.

80% Discount: In the promotion days, eight video converters from Moyea Software will be provided with 20% off. They include three PowerPoint converters (PPT to DVD Burner Lite, PPT to Video Converter, PPT4Web Converter), four SWF converters (SWF to Video Converter Std, SWF4Tube Converter, SWF to MPEG Converter, SWF to iPad Converter) and Moyea DVD4Web Converter.

Free Resource: Cyber Monday 2012 is not only a day for online purchase, but also the time for celebration. Therefore, Cyber Monday Promotion will provide users free resources to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012. With free Thanksgiving PowerPoint templates, users can make excellent PowerPoint for Thanksgiving 2012. With Thanksgiving tips, users will learn know to make Thanksgiving 2012 meaningful.

What about the promised discount coupon code?

Coupon code 20M-45K2D46B9F allows users to get 20% discount when purchasing products (SWF to Video SDK excluded) in, and However, the coupon code only works when users use it for SWERG payment.

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Thanksgiving 2012 Ideas – Celebrate with Thanksgiving Flash Cards, Thanksgiving Songs, Thanksgiving Movies and Thanksgiving Flash Games

As an important festival observed around the world, Thanksgiving means family time for every man, shopping season for every customer and national ceremonial parade for every citizen. As the approaching of Thanksgiving 2012, the world is indulged in the joy of the great festival. In fact, questions about what to do on Thanksgiving 2012 and how to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 has turned out to the topics frequently discussed by people. Most people do not only want to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012; they do want to make the day impressive and joyful.

Therefore, to help people spend an unforgettable Thanksgiving 2012, this post will cover several celebration ideas about Thanksgiving 2012. Those Thanksgiving 2012 ideas have covered various Thanksgiving 2012 elements ranging from Thanksgiving cards to Thanksgiving games. Generally speaking, those Thanksgiving 2012 ideas include sending Thanksgiving Flash cards, enjoying Thanksgiving songs, watching Thanksgiving movies and playing Thanksgiving games.

1. Send Thanksgiving Flash Cards

It has been a tradition to exchange cards with friends on festival to share happiness together. Therefore, on Thanksgiving 2012, a feasible celebrating way is to send friends well-made Thanksgiving cards. To this extent, Thanksgiving Flash card is highly recommended to be used as Thanksgiving gift than traditional post card. After all, Thanksgiving Flash card is not only smaller, funnier and cheaper but also more meaningful and desirable. Here several Thanksgiving Flash cards will be provided. For people who want to get them, they can download those Flash cards.  

1. Thanksgiving Flash Card 1

2. Thanksgiving Flash Card 2

3. Thanksgiving Flash Card 3

4. Thanksgiving Flash Card 4

5. Thanksgiving Flash Card 5

II. Enjoy Thanksgiving Songs

Function as a way to release emotion, singing can always be impressive and infectious. Therefore, good Thanksgiving music is a necessity for perfect Thanksgiving 2012 celebration. Though there are numerous Thanksgiving songs available in the market, this post has picked up three Thanksgiving songs that are most suitable for Thanksgiving 2012.

1. Amazing Grace

As one of the most recognizable songs, Amazing Grace is created to praise the God and show thankfulness to the world. “I once was lost but now am found”, just as the lyrics of this Thanksgiving song shows, being thankful can create various miracles.

2. Thanksgiving Song

As the 2008 song sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter, Thanksgiving Song expresses the singer’s gratitude towards everything including getting a shelter to live, having food to eat and owning the chance to spend time with family members.

3. What a Wonderful World

Sung by famous jazz singer Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World is a Thanksgiving song aiming to praising the world. Everything seems to be wonderful in the song, the tree, the flower and the sky all laugh with the singer.

III. Watch Thanksgiving Movies

No one will reject the invitation for watching a good movie. For movie fans, nothing can be more wonderful on Thanksgiving 2012 than watching excellent Thanksgiving movies. In fact, after watching good Thanksgiving movies, audiences’ heart are filled with gratitude and their minds are haunted with unforgettable movie scenes. Therefore, this post will cover two top-rated Thanksgiving movies.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a 2006 movie about William Wilberforce’s lifelong attempt to end evil British transatlantic slave trade. In this Thanksgiving movie, the idealist William Wilberforce fights alone all the time against all rich and noble just to manage what he thinks is the right thing to do. He has been laughed, beaten, threatened and betrayed, but he never finds the term “give in” in his dictionary. Life threat can’t shake his determination and sick body fails to prevent his adventures. All he does is to save those slaves who he has never met in all his life and whose suffering is the only reason the man weeps. Thanks for those idealists, for making the world better.   

2. Dead Poets Society

As one of the most profitable movies acted by Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society presents the audiences the image of a brave and sincere teacher named John Keating. In this Thanksgiving movie, Keating has been a new teacher who has freed the mind of the students in an old-fashioned school. He teaches them to seize the day, to love poets and to follow their own wills. Though being hostile treated in the campus, Mr Keating never gives up his spiritual teaching. Thanks to the world for have teachers like Keating who tells that everyone his body can be tortured while his mind can never been restricted.  

IV. Play Thanksgiving Flash Games

Nothing can be more enjoyable than playing Thanksgiving games on Thanksgiving 2012. To this extent, Thanksgiving Flash game is highly recommended. Generally speaking, Thanksgiving Flash game is not small in storage, fast in loading speed but also funny in content and attractive in effects. Therefore, three Thanksgiving Flash games will be introduced here. To download them from the Internet, one can refer to Free Flash Downloader.

1. Thanksgiving Turkey Survival Mission

This is no need to introduce the importance of turkey to Thanksgiving 2012. Different from the image of a traditional Thanksgiving food, turkey in Thanksgiving Turkey Survival Mission needs to eat the food provided to survive from the hunger. It needs to be cautious because unexpected attacks may come during its meal time.

2. Frenzy Farm

As a Thanksgiving farming game, Frenzy Farm means a lot to Thanksgiving Day which is original created to celebrate the harvest of the year. To get a good harvest, player needs to pay more attention to run the farm. Make sure enough water is supplied and animals are living comfortably.

3.Thanksgiving Day Shopping

As the prelude of a month-long shopping season, Thanksgiving will provide people various inexperience goods. Therefore, be prepared for the shopping in this Thanksgiving shopping game.

As Adobe Flash Player Sandboxed, Chrome Vulnerability Disappears

Vulnerable program as it is, Adobe Flash Player is still too important in Internet field to be ignored by web browsers. In fact, the current market is not only hunting perfect Adobe Flash Player alternatives for web browsers but also trying to figure out methods to make Adobe Flash Player more secure in web browsers. To improve the security level of Chrome, Google has announced that Adobe Flash Player will be sandboxed in newly-released Chrome 23 running on desktop platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. To some extent, the sandboxed Adobe Flash Player may lead to the disappearing of Chrome vulnerability.

Chrome and Flash

Sandbox, as a security mechanism, is used to run vulnerable program like Adobe Flash Player. Sandbox a program is just like trapping a man in a virtual world that is highly supervised. He can only act when permission is granted. Moreover, whatever happens to him has little influence to the real world. Theoretically speaking, sandboxing Adobe Flash Player will prevent the automatic installation of malware, stop the downloading of hostile programs existing on malicious web pages and cease the leaking of privacy information caused by Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Therefore, sandboxed Adobe Flash Player may symbolize the ending of Chrome vulnerabilities caused by Flash Player flaws that may lead to buffer overflow, memory corruption and even security bypass.

This is not the first time Google tries to help Chrome take full advantage of Adobe Flash Player in a safe way. As the owner of YouTube, the largest online video website in the world, Google has to add support to Adobe Flash Player in Chrome. For one thing, Adobe Flash Player is a necessity for Chrome users to watch YouTube videos; for another, HTML5 needs more time to win the battle of HTML5 vs Adobe Flash Player. Chrome first employed Adobe Flash Player as a third-party app. However, Adobe Flash vulnerabilities often got Chrome users in a situation where their computers might be affected by virus or controlled by hackers. Then Google tried to use Adobe Flash Player as a plug-in for Chrome. However, shockwave frequently refused to response to users’ requests, making Chrome an easy-to-crash web browser. Even when new Chrome vulnerabilities caused by Flash flaws were found, users could only fix them by waiting for the new updates from Google. Now, it comes to Google’s sandbox trick.

However, the story of Google and Adobe Flash Player in mobile field is a totally different one. As the developer of Android system, which is a mainstream mobile system at present, Google cooperated with Adobe Flash Player for quite a long time. Android devices running systems from 2.2 to 4.0 can take full advantage of Adobe Flash Player. However, things have changed in Android 4.1, which is also known as Jelly Bean. Google designed Android 4.1 as a system incompatible to Adobe Flash Player. Even the Chrome preinstalled in Jelly Bean devices like Nexus 7 is banned the use of Adobe Flash Player. As a consequence, Adobe Flash Player decided to retreat from Android market on August 15.

2 Free Methods to Convert Flash to FLV Video

Though the fall of Adobe Flash Player is a known story, it does little harm to the dominance of Flash in entertaining fields. Till now, Flash is still widely employed in various fields like online gaming or online video watching. As a consequence, the market is trying to find perfect Adobe Flash Player alternatives to help users enjoy Flash movies at ease. However, Flash is so unique that it won’t be supported by most mainstream media players and even video editors. Therefore, the conversion from Flash to FLV video seems to be quite necessary.

In fact, converting Flash movie to FLV video is of great benefits to users. For one thing, users can share the interesting Flash content with friends by uploading it to YouTube after the conversion. For another, users are allowed to edit the Flash file with easy-to-use editors like Windows Movie Maker after the conversion. Though there are plenty of decent SWF to FLV converters in the market, most of them charge. Therefore, two free methods on converting Flash to Flash video will be covered here to help users better enjoy the fun of Flash movies.

Method One: Record Flash with Screencast-O-Matic

As a professional screen recorder, Screencast-O-Matic enables users to record everything on the screen at ease. Moreover, Screencast-O-Matic not only allows users to set the output format of the recorded video as FLV/MP4/AVI/GIF file, but also upload the recorded video to YouTube directly. Therefore, here is the strategy of converting Flash to FLV video with Screencast-O-Matic. Users can record those online or downloaded Flash with this screen recorder and then save the recorded video as FLV video.

Step 1: Download and launch Screencast-O-Matic, open the Flash file one desires to convert to FLV video and then open the video recorder. Fix the recording window to the appropriate size of the Flash movie.

Set the recording area

Step 2: Click “Start” button or press “Alt+P” keys to start the recording process. As the Flash movie finishes, click “Done” button to finish the recording.

Record the screen

Step 3: Click “Publish to Video File” and then set the output file as FLV video in the drop-down menu of “Video Type“. After that, click “Save Video” button to start the conversion from Flash to FLV. However, users have to tolerate the irritating black margin once they fail to get the appropriate recording size.

Export as FLV video

Method Two: Convert Flash with converters

Since it is not an easy task to get a powerful and free Flash to FLV video converter, this method will introduce users how to manage the conversion in an indirect way with two free converters. What users get to do is to convert Flash SWF to 3GP video with Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter and then convert the 3GP file to FLV video with Moyea Video4Web Converter. Though the method may seem to be quite complicated, it can provide users decent FLV video without the annoying black margin.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it and click “Input” tab and then choose “From Folder” option in the drop-down menu of “Browser…” to import downloaded Flash file.

Import Flash file

Step 2: Click “Export” tab and then set the Flash file to 3GP video in the drop-down menu of “Style“. After that, click “Convert” tab to enter into corresponding panel where users can manage the conversion from Flash file to 3GP video.

Convert Flash to 3GP

Step 3: Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it and then import the 3GP video with “Add Video Files” option in the drop-down menu of “File“.

Import the 3GP video

Step 4: Set the output video as FLV file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“. Then click “Edit” button to enter into Video Edit panel where users can wipe out the black margin of the video with “Crop” tab.

Convert 3GP to FLV

Step 5: After that, click Convert button to manage the conversion process from 3GP to FLV. As the conversion ends, users have succeeded in converting Flash file to FLV video.  

4 Different Versions of Wreck-It Ralph Games

As the latest animation movie released by Disney, Wreck-It Ralph surprises the world with its stunning imagination and amazing characters. In this movie that audience can find the silhouettes of famous game stars like Sony, Bowser and Zangief. In fact, over one hundred and fifty game characters will show up in this movie. As a consequence, Wreck-It Ralph has turned out to be the Disney animation movie with the best box office in opening weekend. Moreover, Wreck-It Ralph is not only promising to take over the place of The Lorax as the most profitable animation movie of the year, but also become a big winner in 2013 Oscar.

In Wreck-It Ralph, a villain named Ralph has fed up with his role and wants to be as favored as a hero. Therefore, he decides to escape to other game worlds to do something heroic. After he accidentally releases an evil boss, he seems to get his only chance to prove his greatness. In fact, to make the movie as influential as possible, Disney has released several Wreck-It Ralph games. Moreover, after the movie has turned out to be a real market hit, more and more Wreck-It Ralph games are about to be released. Therefore, this post will introduce you four different versions of Wreck-It Ralph games. Maybe they are not as influential as famous versions of Mario games, they are also worth playing.

1. Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

As the earliest Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released in 1982. Designed as an arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr turned out to be a great success at that time. It was even influential enough to make Ralph become the main character in other games like Wreck-It Ralph Nation and Ralph’s Buddy at that time. In this game, players are required to control Felix to fix those windows broken by Ralph with his magic hammer. Of course, the villain Ralph will not only quicken his speed to break the house, but also try to kick Flick out of the game with his fist or falling bricks. Once players can fulfill the mission, a medal will be sent and Ralph will be beaten.

2. Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Released earlier than the animation movie by Disney, this iPhone game is a part of the company’s campaigning plan. There are three separate games in this iPhone app including Fix-It Felix Jr, Sweet Climber and Hero’s Duty. In Fix-It Felix Jr, players need to control Felix to fix the house with hammers; In Sweet Climber, players need to do stage-to-stage jumping as Ralph and in Hero’s Duty, players get the mission to shoot alien monsters with weapons. To be honest, those three games are different in both plots and operations. The only reason they can be related is that they stand for the three different game worlds Ralph has travelled to in the movie. Moreover, it isn’t that to enjoy three games in just one app.

3. Wreck-it Ralph game for Nintendo 3DS

Wreck-it Ralph game for 3DS

If the iPhone game is designed to publicize Wreck-It Ralph, the Nintendo 3DS game is created to extend the influence of the movie. The decision to release this Wreck-It Ralph game was been made after the success of the movie. Therefore, the Nintendo 3DS game mainly deals with the stories starting from where the film ends. As a new enemy Cy-bugs has threatened the security of the game field, Ralph teams with Felix to begin their journey to rescue the world once more. In the game, players can make a switch between Ralph and Felix so that they either ruin the obstacles with Ralph’s power or fix broken objects with Felix’s magic hammer. Moreover, players can choose the background from one of the four virtual game worlds shown in the movie to have more fun with the game.

4. Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Featuring in small storage space, fast loading speed and funny content, Flash games are always favored by gamers. For players who get neither iPhone nor Nintendo 3DS, they can refer to the Flash version of Wreck-It Ralph. As a flash-base Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released by Disney in recent days. It is almost the same as the 1982 game in both game settings and operations. Players need to control Felix to fix all the windows without being hurt by Ralph. Besides that, they need to gather as many pies as possible. The Flash game is now available on the official website of Disney. Of course, players can also try to download this Flash game via tools like Free Flash Downloader.

Adobe Flash Player Gets Security Updates on 2012 Election Day

While the world is paying all attention to the battle between Obama and Romney on 2012 Election Day, Adobe has quietly released new security updates for its vulnerable Adobe Flash Player. The security updates covers five bugs of Adobe Flash Player running in different platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linxu and Android and two bugs of Adobe AIR designed for Windows and Macintosh or SDK and Android. With the new updates, users can not only free from the irritation brought by the easily crashed Flash Player but also make sure their systems can stay away from the potential danger of being controlled by hackers.

Adobe Flash Player versions for systems

Generally speaking, users can get the new security updates by downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player from Adobe Flash Player Download Center. However, the method won’t work for IE 10 and Chrome users. Functioned as plug-in in IE 10 and latest Chrome, Adobe Flash Player can’t benefit from security updates sent by Adobe. Only when official updates from Microsoft and Google are released can IE 10 users can Chrome users have their Flash Player updated. This also explains why Microsoft fixed the Flash Player bugs with Adobe in October. In general, IE 10 users can get the updates via Windows Update or by installing the latest version of IE 10. However, Chrome users have no choice but wait some time for the coming of the latest version of Chrome.

According to the news released by Adobe, different systems require the installation of different versions of Adobe Flash Player to enjoy the latest security updates. While Adobe Flash Player has added support to Android systems ranging from Android 2.2 to Android 4.0, Adobe has also added address to Android 4.0, the dividing line for the cooperation between Android and Adobe Flash Player. Users with ICS devices need to install Adobe Flash Player while users with mobiles running Android system below 4.0 are required to install Adobe Flash Player However, Adobe also notes that the updates can only applicable to Android devices with Flash Player installed prior to August 15, 2012, the date when Adobe Flash Player retreated from Android market.   

According to some reports, the security updates are released to solve Adobe Flash vulnerabilities may lead to buffer overflow, memory corruption or even security bypass. As is known to most users, buffer overflow provides easy chances for hackers to take control of users’ system; memory corruption will lead to the crash of the program or even the system and security bypass may invalidate security measures like password protection. In fact, the vulnerable design is system is one of the reasons that lead to the fall of Adobe Flash Player. Though releasing bug-fixing plans for Adobe Flash Player on 2012 Presidential Election Day is viewed as Adobe’s celebrating method by some people, it may just be a coincident. After all, the later the security updates Adobe releases, the more dangers user’s computer gets.