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Celebrate the Birth of Star Wars Episode 7 with Different Versions of Star Wars Movie

Is Revenge of the Sith the final movie of Star Wars series? Disney doesn’t think so after the company has purchased Lucasfilm with 4.05 billion dollars. In fact, Disney has determined to release Star Wars Episode 7 as a 2015 movie. Moreover, this is good news for Star Wars fans because it has also hinted that there will be more Star Wars movies in the future, three movies at least. The news comes so quickly without being noticed that makes Star Wars VII an unexpected movie in the market.  

Equally influential as The Lord of the Rings movies, Star Wars movies have posed great influence on the production of fictional movies. Therefore, as the latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode 7 turns out to be eye-attracting. According to the rumors about the seventh Star Wars movie, the film may focus on the new adventure of Luke Skywalker in other plants, making it not tightly connected with previous Star Wars films in plot. Anyway, the birth of Star Wars Episode 7 is still an issue worth celebrating. Therefore, to celebrate the birth of Star Wars VII, this post will present you different versions of Star Wars movie.

1. Film version of Star Wars Movie: Episode I to Episode VI

Star Wars episodes

The existing six Star Wars movies can be divided into two parts: stories about Anakin Skywalker and stories of Luke Skywalker. The first three Star Wars movies show how Anakin Skywalker turns from a Jedi to a Sith while the later three Star Wars movies focus on how Luke Skywalker leads the Jedi to victory. Moreover, though the first three episodes function as prequels in plot, they are actually produced in a much later time.

In The Phantom Menace, Anakin cooperates with Obi-Wan Kenobi to free Naboo. In Attack of the Clones, Anakin leads the war with his master to fight against separatists as a Jedi and loses one hand in the battle In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin betrayed Jedi after being lured by Sith Lord and Jedi fighters lose the battle. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin, succeeds in destroying the Second Death Star after Obi-Wan is killed by Anakin. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke loses one hand while trying to rescue his friends and knows his identity as Anakin’s son. In Return of the Jedi, when Luke is in the edge of death, Anakin finally realizes his sin and helps his son to beat evil Sith lord.

2. Animation version of Star Wars Movie: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

As an animation version of Star Wars produced in 2008, The Clone Wars mainly describes the war between the Republic army lead by Jedi and the separatist force lead by Droids. The animation movie is produced because the clone war isn’t introduced in details in the six Star Wars movies. In order to win the war, Anakin and his new disciple need to fight against crime lord Jabba the Hutt and Count Dooku to complete a secret mission while other Jedi fighters are fighting their way to keep the dark side from invading the Galactic Republic. To this extent, this Star Wars movie can help audiences to know issues occurred between Episode 2 and Episode 3.

3. Flash version of Star Wars Movie: Expendable Sith

Featured by small storage and funny content, Flash movie never fails to earn audiences’ laugh and joy. Therefore, as the Flash version of Star Wars movie, Expendable Sith is designed to make all Star Wars fans have a enjoyable day. Based on the plot of Episode 3, the Flash movie mainly shows how Sith Lord succeeds in persuading characters like Sith fighter, Count Dooku and Anakin to serve him with witty language. In fact, the plot of the Flash movie matches with that of Revenge of the Sith, only in a hilarious way. Therefore, if you want the Flash movie, you can download the Flash with Free Flash Downloader.

Moyea 2012 Halloween Promotion Provides Up to 40% Discount for iPad Mini Users

Shenzhen, China, October 29th, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter, has carried out its promotion plan for 2012 Halloween. In an attempt to celebrate Halloween 2012 and the debut of long-rumored iPad mini, Moyea had decided to provide inexperience converters to all users. To make sure all users can take full advantages of Moyea products to enjoy Halloween 2012, users, especially iPad mini users, are provided with 20% to 40% discounts in Moyea 2012 Halloween Promotion.

October 2012 not only witnesses the nearing of 2012 Halloween, but also the birth of iPad mini. As a loftily expected tablet, iPad mini turns out to be the biggest surprise Apple has prepared for Halloween 2012. Therefore, in 2012 Halloween Promotion, iPad mini users can make use of various iPad mini converters that can provide perfect solution to watch DVD movies on iPad mini, scan 2012 Halloween PowerPoint with iPad mini or even enjoy 2012 Halloween Flash with iPad mini.

How are iPad mini users supposed to enjoy the discount?

In 2012 Halloween Promotion Plan, iPad mini users can enjoy up to 40% discount when paying with coupon code. Generally speaking, two coupon codes will be given which represent different discounts. Coupon code HAL-45K2D4693S means 20% off while coupon code HAL-45K2D46B9F symbols 40% discount. For those who have no idea on the usage of those coupon codes, they can refer to this post.

What products can be purchased with coupon code?

Almost all products in and can be purchased with coupon codes. Those products include PPT converters, DVD4Web Converter and Flash converters. However, one shall notice that discount for Moyea SWF to Video SDK is not included in 2012 Halloween Promotion Plan.

PPT Converters: Various PPT converters provided with low price tags can help users to gain access to PowerPoint files via various portable devices. For example, users can enjoy 2012 Halloween PowerPoint backgrounds with iPad mini via Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Flash Converters: With up to 40% discount, users can make Flash movies compatible to their devices in a low-budget way. For example, users can view 2012 Halloween Flash with iPad mini by converting them to iPad mini friendly files with Moyea SWF to iPad Converter.

DVD4Web Converter: As a professional DVD converter, DVD4Web Converter provides best solution to convert DVD files to YouTube friendly movie for uploading. Besides that, iPad mini users can also convert DVD movies to iPad mini video with this DVD converter.

What’s the validate date of those coupon code?

Coupon code HAL-45K2D4693S is available at present and can be used till 23:59 UTC on Nov 15, 2012. Coupon code HAL-45K2D46B9F will be available at 00:00 UTC on Oct 30, 2012 and outdated after 23:59 UTC on Nov 1st, 2012.


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Halloween Game Recommendations – Top 4 PC Games to Play on 2012 Halloween

As a yearly holiday observed around the world, Halloween is second to none in importance and influence. Created to commemorate the dead, Halloween is featured by Halloween horror story, Halloween horror movies and Halloween horror costumes. Though those Halloween elements may sound spooky, they have made Halloween special. Now as Halloween 2012 is approaching, people are trying to figure out new ways to celebrate it.

“How Can I celebrate Halloween 2012?” “What can I do on Halloween 2012?” To some people, it is a good way to celebrate Halloween 2012 in a tradition way by sharing horror stories or watching horror movies. For others, they may desire to spend an impressive Halloween with creative Halloween 2012 ideas like playing recommended Halloween games. Therefore in this post on Halloween game recommendations, four PC games will be covered to help you enjoy 2012 Halloween.

1. Haunted Hogs

Haunted Hogs

In recent days, the world not only witnessed the birth of iPad mini but also the release of the Halloween edition of Angry Birds Seasons named Haunted Hogs. However, as iPad Mini has stolen all the thunders of Haunted Hogs, the game had gained far less attention than it should have. As a game exclusively designed to celebrate Halloween 2012, Haunted Hogs had been attached with various Halloween elements.

As the latest version of Angry Birds game, Haunted Hogs require users to whip those hidden hogs with the birds in a haunted house. To match up with Halloween spirit, not only is spooky music and haunted background added but also new tools like ghost block. Moreover, some hogs are also designed as Vampire-pigs, Fraken-pigs or scarecrow-pigs. Of course, there are PC version and mobile version for Haunted Hogs.

2. Neighbours From Hell

Neighbours From Hell

As prank has played an important role in Halloween celebration, Neighbours From Hell turns out to be a recommended PC game for 2012 Halloween. To play this prank-oriented PC game, players need to control a character named Woody to manage various pranks in a house. The tools used to make pranks are scattered in every corner of the house so players need to gather them without being noticed by his neighbor who will do same things repeatedly. After that, players need to figure out the use of each tool. When all pranks have been done, scores will be given according to the time the pranks have taken and the anger rate the neighbor has gained. Though it is not that hard to manage all pranks, it is quite difficult to get five-star performance.

3. Super Mario 64 Halloween Special

Super Mario 64

As a Mario game designed for Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 has sold over eleven million copies. In fact, Super Mario 64 is a game attached with various festival elements ranging from Halloween to Christmas. In the Halloween Special of Super Mario 64, Mario needs to collect all the stars in a haunted house. When Mario has first beaten Bowser, he can find a lot of ghosts in the backyard. After beating a special ghost, he will enter into a ghost world. In the ghost world, there are not only creepy background music, vampire-like book and scaring piano, but also king of ghost. Therefore, players need to control Mario to finish various missions in the maze-style haunted house. To many people, spending Halloween 2012 with a Mario PC game will be a wonderful thing.

4. Biohazard 6

Biohazard 6

Besides those recommended funny PC gamed for Halloween 2012, players can also try some really scaring and horrible PC games like Biohazard 6. As the latest version of Biohazard series, Biohazard 6 returns with a vengeance after three-year preparation. In this popular zombie-based PC game, players are required to complete various missions designed for Leon, Chris, Ava Wong and a new character. Though still following the tradition plot of human vs zombies, Biohazard 6 aims to provide users extraordinary fears towards uncertain future. Besides that, players need to control characters to fight against old zombies coming from every corner and new zombie named J’AVO.

Born with iPad Mini is Moyea Discount Plan for iPad Mini Users

Shenzhen, China, October 24th, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter, has carried out its discount plan exclusively designed for iPad mini users. According to the latest Moyea Discount Plan, iPad mini users can not only gain state-of-art iPad mini converters in low-budget way, but also get free resources related to iPad mini. In general, Moyea Discount Plan can be divided into three sections: products with 20% discount, iPad mini tips and iPad mini free resources and reviews.

As the latest Apple tablet released just a few days ago, the loftily expected iPad mini bears heavy expectation to win tremendous success in 7-inch tablet market. To make full use if iPad mini, users can’t merely rely on apps in App Store. In Moyea Discount Plan, several apps are offered that can provide perfect solutions to play Flash on iPad mini, watch DVD with iPad mini and enjoy movies with iPad mini. Moreover, to celebrate the releasing of iPad mini, those apps are available with 20% off.

iPad Mini banner

What’s the validate date of Moyea Discount Plan?

As a plan born with iPad mini, Moyea Discount Plan is long live with iPad mini. As long as iPad mini is still available in the market, those benefits for iPad mini users in the plan still count.

What are provided for iPad mini users in Moyea Discount Plan?

1. 20% Off: Two converters will be provided with 20% price off and they are both exclusively designed for Windows systems.

PowerPoint to iPad mini Converter: Now sold for 39.96 dollars, the converter makes iPad mini an ideal PowerPoint reader by converting PowerPoint files to iPad mini friendly videos.

SWF to iPad mini Converter: After lowering its price from 50 dollars to 40 dollars, SWF to iPad mini Converter enables users to gain perfect solution to watch Flash (both online and offline) with iPad mini without Adobe Flash Player installed in an economic way.

2. 20% Discount: Two converters are available with 20% discounters and they are offered with both Windows version and Mac version.

 iPad mini Video Converter: With 24 dollars, users can make iPad mini a powerful device that is compatible to all video files. What they get to do is just convert those videos to iPad mini files with iPad mini Video Converter.

DVD to iPad mini Converter: As a necessity to help users play DVD on iPad mini, DVD to iPad mini converter provides low-budget solution to convert DVD movie to iPad mini file with 3D effects attached. With 20% discounter, its price decreases from 30 dollars to 24 dollars.  

3. Low-budget Utility: iTransfer is a professional iPad mini transfer that makes the data transference between iPad mini, iOS devices, computer and iTunes feasible without iTunes involved.

What’s provided for free in Moyea Discount Plan?

iPad mini Tips: The section is a gathering of posts that provide various solutions to help users take full advantage of iPad mini. Here, users can not only learn how to make incompatible files to be iPad mini friendly but also methods on transferring data from iPad mini to computer.

Reviews and Free Resources: In this section, there are several posts about the comparison between iPad mini and Nexus 7 or iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD. As a consequence, users can know iPad mini better.

How to enjoy those benefits provided by Moyea Discount Plan?

Since all the benefits in Moyea Discount Plan is provided in iPad mini topic page, users can only enjoy those benefits via this web page. That’s to say, the discount only counts when users have entered into corresponding purchase pages via links in iPad mini topic page.


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Top 4 Flash Player Alternatives in Mobile Market

With the advancement of science and technology, mobile is playing a more and more important role in people’s entertainment. Nowadays, people can not only record videos or play music with mobiles but also watch YouTube movies via mobiles. However, as mobile users’ demands of accessing to YouTube video via mobiles increases, the mobile market share of Adobe Flash Player is decreasing drastically. In most cases, mobiles without Flash Player can gain no access to YouTube videos. Therefore, Flash Player alternatives are highly desired in mobile market.

Right after iPhone‘s rejection to Adobe Flash, Jelly Bean device has excluded support to Adobe Flash in system design. Though Windows mobile still leaves a place for Adobe Flash, it is most likely to follow suit after security flaws caused by Adobe Flash has been founded in Windows 8. Therefore, Flash Player alternatives are quite necessary. Without Flash Player alternatives, the absence of Adobe Flash in mobile market will lead to the turmoil of the market. Luckily, the mobile market has gotten such Flash Player alternatives already. Therefore, this post will show you top four Flash alternatives in mobile market.

1. HTML 5: Flash Player alternative for all mobiles


As the major competitor of Adobe Flash Player, HTML5 gains the final victory in the battle of Adobe Flash vs HTML5. Even Adobe has decided to switch its attentions from Adobe Flash to HTML5 in the future. Once HTML5 is widely adopted, the era of Adobe Flash will end. For video websites with HTML5 support, Adobe Flash Player is no longer a necessity to watch online videos. Therefore, the popularization of HTML5 will help mobile users to enjoy YouTube videos freely.

2. Gianduia: Flash Player alternative for iPhone


It is a well-known story that Apple is working on its own Adobe Flash Player named Gianduia. Though there are few details about the loftily expected app, people believe that the alternative Flash Player will be no less powerful than mobile Adobe Flash. Moreover, according to the tradition of Apple, Gianduia is almost certain to be an app powerful in function and secure in design. The only problem is that the launch date of the Flash Player alternative is still unknown. Moreover, after YouTube app has been rejected by iOS 6, users need to figure out ways to watch YouTube videos with iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5.

3. Silverlight: Flash Player alternative for Windows mobile


In 2007, Microsoft is working on a Flash Player alternative named Silverlight. Unlike Gianduia, Silverlight was put in use in some certain fields. As a free plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple devices and operating systems, Silverlight seems to be an ideal Flash Player alternative in mobile market. To many people, it is quite surprising that Silverlight is not used as an official app for Windows 8 system. However, after Adobe Flash Player has lost its last chance in Windows 8, Silverlight may become an ideal choice for Windows mobile.

4. Adobe AIR: Flash Player alternative for Android mobile

Adobe AIR

As another product provided by Adobe, Adobe AIR is playing a more and more important role in Android market. As a cross-platform runtime environment designed to build Rich Internet Applications, Adobe AIR is now widely used to create apps for Android mobiles. Moreover, via Adobe AIR, people can help Android mobiles to gain access to online videos without Adobe Flash Player installed. For example, BBC had replaced Adobe Flash with Adobe Air in iPlayer a few weeks ago. Therefore, Adobe AIR can be viewed as a Flash Player alternative for Android mobile.

Collection of Halloween 2012 Ideas – Halloween Flash Cards, Halloween Flash Games and Halloween Movies

Originally created as a day to celebrate harvest season and honor the dead, Halloween now turns out to be an influential festival celebrated all around the world. Generally speaking, spooky atmosphere and scaring stories play important roles in making people’s Halloween celebrations impressive and special. Therefore, as Halloween 2012 approaches, people are eager to get some good Halloween 2012 ideas to celebrate the great festival.

According to the tradition, on Halloween 2012, children can play trick-or-treat with jack-o’-lanterns in hand and adults can attend costume parties or share scary stories. However, for those who desire fresh ideas for Halloween 2012, this post will provide them some Halloween 2012 ideas for reference. Generally speaking, to make Halloween 2012 unique and impressive, one can celebrate the festival with Halloween Flash cards, Halloween Flash games and Halloween movies.

I. Halloween Flash Card

For those who desire to spend an impressive Halloween 2012 with friends, they may just as well send friends Halloween Flash cards. For one thing, you can express your best wishes on those Flash cards; for another, those Halloween Flash cards can be retained as witnesses to the friendship. To this extent, making DIY Flash cards for Halloween is highly recommended. On the one side, it will be the most valuable gifts for your friends; on the other side, you can decide the content of the Flash cards. You can either send scaring Halloween cards to play joke on them or funny Halloween Flash cards to share happiness with them. Here several Free Halloween Flash cards are provided. If you are interested in them, you can download those Flash cards.

1. Halloween Flash Card 1

2. Halloween Flash Card 2

3. Halloween Flash Card 3

4. Halloween Flash Card 4

II. Halloween Flash Games

Since gaming is an efficient way to make people feel relax, you can try to celebrate 2012 Halloween with funny Halloween games. Since computer games like Biohazard are time-consuming and energy-eating, Halloween Flash games are highly recommended. For one thing, they are simple in operation and funny in content; for another, they require little time. Therefore, Halloween Flash games are favored choices to help you spend a relaxing Halloween 2012. Here several Flash games are provided here.

1. Ghost Town

In this game, you are ghost hunter in a ghost town. Therefore you need to wipe out as much ghost as possible.

2. Halloween Fashion

Get the right and beautiful Halloween costume for the character. It may help you to get new 2012 Halloween ideas of your Halloween costume.

3. Pumpkin Run

Control the pumpkin to collect as many candies as possible.

III. Halloween Movies

When it comes to Halloween 2012, Halloween movies matter. A good Halloween movie can not only help you spend an impressive Halloween 2012 but also keep you in a high spirit for a certain time. Therefore, several wonderful and best Halloween movies will be covered here. To watch them with your portable devices, you can try to convert those Flash videos on YouTube.

1. Most Interesting Halloween Movie: Scared Shrekless

As a special Shrek movie directed to celebrate Halloween, Scared Shrekless is just as funny and interesting as its predecessors. The movie mainly focuses on how Shrek gets in the Halloween spirit by challenging his fairytale friends to come up with scary stories for a contest. This Halloween movie is so interesting that even the horror stories told by the fairy friends can make you laugh.

2. Most Profitable Halloween Movie: Paranormal Activity

Though Paranormal Activity may not be the most successful Halloween movie, it is definitely the most profitable Halloween movie. The cost of the movie was 11 thousand dollars but the box office of the movie reached to 193 million dollars. Paranormal Activity gives the illusions that it is a documentary film recording the stories in a haunted house. Therefore, it makes you feel scaring and spooky.

Microsoft and Adobe Jointly Fix Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities

Shortly after Adobe released a patch for Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, Microsoft had unveiled an update exclusively designed to fix the vulnerabilities of IE 10 brought by Adobe Flash Player. Since Windows 8 is not covered in Adobe’s solution, similar update from Microsoft is quite necessary. However, the fact that Microsoft and Adobe Flash jointly fix Adobe Flash vulnerabilities is still quite surprising.

The solution provided by Adobe only works on plug-in version of Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR. Since Adobe Flash becomes a built-in component of IE 10, vulnerabilities of Windows 8 are beyond the reach of Adobe‘s solution. That’s to say, solution from Microsoft is the only way to get rid of those Flash vulnerabilities caused by Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8. However, while the world believes the update will come after the launch date of Windows 8, Microsoft’s decision to debut the solution on the same date with that of Adobe is still out of everyone’s expectation.

Actually the cooperation between Microsoft and Adobe is full of such surprises. While most major operation systems were rejecting Adobe Flash, Windows 8 decided to leave a room for it. As an alternative app to Adobe Flash developed by Microsoft in 2007, Silverlight was even replaced by Adobe Flash as the built-in component of IE 10 to help users gain access to Flash content. After Flash vulnerabilities in IE 10 were found, everyone believed that Adobe Flash lost its last chance in Windows 8. However, now it seems that Windows 8 users need to handle with Adobe Flash for quite a long time.

As a vulnerable application, Adobe Flash has brought one security concern after another to PCs in 2012. According to the latest patch from Adobe, 25 Flash vulnerabilities were covered including 14 buffer overflows and 11 memory corruption flaws. After applying the patch, the Adobe Flash Player version will be updated to 11.4.402.287. Meanwhile, the update released by Microsoft named Security Advisory 2755801 aims to wipe out those Flash vulnerabilities in IE 10. The fix will be updated automatically in Windows 8 systems with default update settings. For users who have banned automatic update function, they need to fix the bug manually.

However, even with the support of Windows 8, Adobe Flash still witnesses a tough way lying ahead. For one thing, the vulnerable application will be ceased to update in just a few years; for another, alternative apps like HTML5, Silverlight from Microsoft and Gianduia from Apple will definitely become more and more popular in the future.   

Top 4 Alternative Apps to Adobe Flash Player for iPad Mini

In recent months, the releasing of Android tablets like Kindle Fire HD and Windows 8 tablets like Samsung ATIV Tab has threated the dominance of The new iPad. Therefore, in an attempt to consolidate its dominance in tablet market, Apple is about to release iPad Mini, the small-size iPad. However, as a device designed to provide users extraordinary entertaining experience, iPad Mini may not be that flawless in function.

It is known that Apple hates Adobe Flash while YouTube loves Adobe Flash. Therefore, iPad Mini users who happen to be Flash lovers or YouTube fans may feel disappointed because they can neither view Flash with iPad Mini nor gain access to YouTube video with iPad Mini. The situation is extremely troublesome after YouTube app has been removed from iOS 6 devices like iPad Mini. To some extent, finding methods to play Flash on iPad Mini is concerned by most iPad Mini users. Therefore, this post will list top 4 alternative apps to Adobe Flash Player for iPad Mini.

1. Alternative App for iPad Mini: Skyfire


As a web browser for iPad Mini, Skyfire is an alternative app designed to help users unlock Flash content in the Apple device or on YouTube. As a cloud based mobile browsing app, Skyfire is able to translate those Flash movies to iPad Mini friendly videos in a short time. In other words, it functions like an online Flash for iPad Mini converter. However it doesn’t support all video sites and it costs users about 4.99 dollars.

2. Alternative App for iPad Mini: iSwifter


Similar to Skyfire, iSwfiter is an iPad Mini app designed to replace Adobe Flash Player. The app is capable of converting Flash movies on YouTube to HTML5 based videos so that iPad Mini can gain access to them. To this extent, it functions equally the same as a powerful Flash to HTML5 converter. As an iPad Mini app with better compatibility than Skyfire, iSwifter is provided for free in the first seven days. After the trial period, 4.99 dollars is what one needs to pay.

3. Alternative App for iPad Mini: Gianduia


As the rumored Flash Player killer, Gianduia was first recognized by the world in 2009 as Apple’s choice to replace Adobe Flash Player. However, till now, the loftily-expected app is still staying in the laboratory. Theoretically, Gianduia will function equally if not more powerful as Adobe Flash Player in playing Flash files or handling YouTube videos. According to the latest iPad Mini rumors, Gianduia may first appear in the latest iPad tablet. Once the rumor is proven to be true, iPad Mini users can enjoy Flash freely with their devices.

4. Alternative App for iPad Mini: iOSFlashVideo


Though iOSFlashVideo is neither a web browser nor a media player, it enables users to enjoy Flash files with iPad Mini freely as well. As a bookmarklet, iOSFlashVideo only works when users have installed OPlayer beforehand. To play YouTube video on iPad Mini with this app, users need to save the page as a bookmark, open the bookmark, choose iOSFlashVideo, delete all the characters before “javascript” and hit “Done” button. Though the operation may be quite complicated, the app is provided for free.