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4 Top Rated Pop Cap Games of All Time

After Pop Cap’s decision to release Zombies vs Plants 2 (a sequel of its most favored game) in the first half of 2013 was announced, it successfully attracted the world’s attentions with such good news. However, Pop Cap once again turned out to be eye-catching with a piece of bad news: EA’s decision to downsize Pop Cap. Though there are various top-rated Pop Cap games in the market, Pop Cap is actually going through a difficult time.

As the social and mobile gaming arm of EA, Pop Cap never fails to surprise the world with numerous top rated Pop Cap games. Generally speaking, those top rated Pop Cap games are featured by easy operation, funny content, weird characters and irresistible charms. Consequently, players tend to control the zombies, the plants or the frogs with a few mouse clicks for hours without getting tired. Moreover, those small-storage top rated Pop Cap games can bring players extraordinary entertaining experience.

Therefore, this post will present users 4 top-rated Pop Cap games of all time designed for the sake of entertainment. Various versions of those top rated Pop Cap games are released to guarantee users can enjoy them on various game consoles. To play those games on Android mobile, download the APK version and to play them on computer, download corresponding Flash games.

1. Zombies vs Plants

Zombies vs Plants

Since its release in Apple Store, over 300,000 copies of Zombies vs Plants were sold in nine days, making it the fastest-selling Pop Cap game. Although there are various versions of Zombies games, Zombies vs Plants is probably the most influential Zombies game. Moreover, since various modes are provided in this Pop Cap game, players can act as the plants in Adventure Mode or as zombies in Survival Mode.

In this tower-defense game, players need to deploy various plants in the garden to prevent invading the brain-lust zombies. Also as the plant differs, its function varies. Sunflower is an energy provider which provides the sunlight needed to plant other plants, the bean shooter; Cherry Bomb is an instant killer; Wall-nut is an obstacle for zombies to get players more deploying time and Snow Pea can shoot and slow down zombies. With different combination of those plants, the attack effects vary.  

2. Zuma

As a top rated Pop Cap game, Zuma is featured by its ancient background, mysterious Indian music and weird-looking frog. To win this shooting game, players need to wipe out all color balls on the tunnel who marches forward continuously. Since three balls of the same color in a row will lead to the elimination of those balls, players need to execute accurate shootings to make sure they can hit the balls with the same color. Of course, along with the increasing levels of this game comes the accelerating speed of the moving balls.

3. Bejeweled

As a title-matching puzzle Pop Cap game, Bejeweled performs quite well in the market with over 75 million-copy sales and 150 million downloads. Since three diamonds of the same shape in a row can help players to earn bonus, players need to make as many horizontal or vertical chains as possible. There are two modes provided in the Pop Cap game naming Normal and Time Trial. Since no time limitation is provided in Normal mode, the game ends when no chains are available. Time Trial requires players to operate find the chains as quickly as possible to earn extra time. When time runs out, the game ends.

4. Bookworm

Bookworm is a word-forming Pop Cap game designed for puzzle game lovers. Once players start the game, a list of letters will be shown in tiles. What players get to do is to start from a letter and then move to the next neighing letter to form a word. The longer word they produce, the higher bonus they get. There are also two modes in Bookworm, Classic and Action. Classic mode provides players numerous times to form words while Action mode requires players to remove red tiles as soon as possible.

Therefore, those are the four top rated Pop Cap games of all time. For those players who are interested in them, they may just as well download corresponding versions of those games for their game consoles. Moreover, for any better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

2 Free Methods to Convert Flash to Animated GIF

“How can I get a free method to convert Flash to Animated GIF?” Questions like this can be easily found on Yahoo Answers. Though there are various ways to convert Flash to Animated GIF directly, most of them charge. For users who just want to make the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF happens for one time or two, it is really unnecessary to pay a price for corresponding apps.

Why will someone tend to get Animated GIF out of Flash file? Featured in small storage and excellent animated effects, Flash file is a desired entertainment choice. There are several advantages to convert SWF to Animated GIF. For one thing, through the conversion, one can not only gain the animated effects of the original Flash, but also get a file also featured in small storage. For another, it is a better way to solve the incompatibility of Flash to various applications. After all, it is easier to get an image scanner than a SWF player.

Therefore, this post will present you two free methods to convert Flash to Animated GIF. Comparing with those charged applications, those methods may be either time-consuming or operation-complicating. However, they are also the best choice for users who tend to convert Flash to Animated GIF for one time or two.

Method I: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

As a powerful video editor released by Adobe, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is a combination of video editor and video converter. Moreover, with the help of an alpha channel, Flash can be imported by Premiere CS4. Though the audio and interactive content of the Flash won’t be retained, it does no harm once you just want to convert SWF file to Animated GIF image.

Step 1: Download and launch Adobe Premiere CS4. Open it, and then choose “Import…” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the Flash file.

Import Flash SWF Files into Premiere Pro CS4

Step 2: Click “Export” option in the drop-down menu of “File” and select “Media…” option to enter a new panel. Then set the output file as Animated GIF in the drop-down menu of “Format“.

Choose Animated GIF

Step 3: After all those steps, click “Start Queue” option to start the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF.

Start Queue

Though Adobe Premiere CS4 also charges, it is provided for free in 30 days for new users. However, the conversion process is quite time-consuming. For a 2.3M Flash file, it takes over five minutes to manage the conversion process.

Method II: Ulead GIF Animator 5

As a professional tool designed to make Animated GIF, Ulead GIF Animator 5 not only enables you to make photos to GIF image but also video to GIF image. However since it merely support AVI video, a free way to convert SWF to AVI is required.

Step 1: Mange the conversion from SWF to AVI

1. Download and launch SWF Editor, open it and then click “Import…” in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the Flash file.

Import Flash into SWF Editor

2. Click “Export” option in the drop-down menu of “File” and then choose “Export Movie…” to export the SWF file as AVI video.

Flash to AVI

Step 2: Convert AVI to Animated GIF

1. Download and launch UIead GIF Animator 5, open it and then click “Add Video” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to import the AVI file.


2. After the importing, click “Save As” option in the drop-down menu of “File“. Then set the output file as Animated GIF.


3. After all those steps, the conversion from SWF to Animated GIF has completed.

Both SWF Editor and Ulead GIF Animator 5 can be used as free software for a period of time for new users. Since the AVI file you get from SWF Editor is extremely large in storage, it really takes time to manage the conversion from AVI to Animated GIF. Therefore this method is not time-costing but also operation-complicating.

Those are the two free methods to help you convert Flash to Animated GIF. Though they both are not flawless, they are best choices for users who want to do the conversion for a few times. For those who want a professional tool to manage the conversion, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

New Adobe Flash Flaw Stirs New Security Concern

The vulnerable Adobe Flash once again poses your computers at risk with a new Adobe Flash flaw. In recent days, after taking full advantages of the latest Adobe Flash flaw, a Word document named “iPhone 5 Battery” turns out to be a new menace for personal computers. Consequently, on seeing such document, delete it immediately instead of opening it. Otherwise, a backdoor known as Backdoor Briba, which will disguise an executable file downloaded from remote server as a GIF image, will be executed.

Adobe Flash Flaw

Actually, this is not the first time that hackers tried to attack personal computers via Adobe Flash flaws. In March, an Adobe Flash flaw known as CVE-2012-0779 made it easier for users to attack the computers via custom crafted emails with malicious attachments. In May, the vulnerability described as object confusion vulnerability enabled hackers to execute malicious code and even take control of the computer. Even though those Adobe Flash flaws were fixed with corresponding updates, doubts about the security of Adobe Flash have never ceased.

Just as the old saying, misfortune never comes singly. This year, Adobe Flash not only has to cope with those security vulnerabilities but also face rejections from various companies. After turned down by The new iPad for being a high-energy consuming but low-security concerning application, Adobe Flash was excluded from the supporting list of Android devices running Jelly Bean. Consequently, alternative applications are called for to help users play Flash on iPad or enjoy Flash on Google Nexus 7.

To some extent, Apple product accidentally plays an important role in the popularization of Backdoor Briba. Now as the releasing date of the long-rumored iPhone 5 is approaching, various iPhone 5 rumors were spread. As a consequence, any things related to iPhone 5 can easily stir people’s curiosity. By naming the Word document “iPhone 5 Battery”, the backdoor program gained more chances to be executed and spread. Therefore, not only Adobe Flash vulnerability is being employed by hackers this time but also people’s passion towards the latest Apple mobile, iPhone 5.

As the hit product of Apple, iPhone series has earned both profits and good reputation in recent years. As the latest member of iPhone series, iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in September along with the long-rumored iPad Mini. Though details about iPhone 5 remain unknown, one certain thing is that support for Adobe Flash on iPhone 5 won’t happen. Moreover, even though with improved security, Adobe Flash is not likely to regain its place for the rising of alternative applications.

2 Apps to Record Flash Game for YouTube

Featured by rough video quality and simple operations, Flash game still plays an important role in the gaming field. Abundant in quantity and small in storage, Flash game is much favored by players. Moreover, players can not only find the Flash version of NES games like Super Mario but also Flash version of the latest games like FIFA 2012. However, not all the Flash games are easy to play.

“Are there any tips on Flash game Crimson Room?” Since there are difficult Flash games, various questions like the above one are asked to seek for guidance. If you happen to be good at this Flash game, you may just as well record the Flash game and then upload the recorded video to YouTube. Recording Flash game for YouTube is not only a time-saving method but also an efficient and simple way to help those green hands out.

However, to record Flash game for YouTube, we need the support of a powerful video reorder that can export the video as Flash video for YouTube. Therefore, this post will present you two apps to help you manage it.

I. Moyea SWF to Video Converter

Though Moyea SWF to Video Converter is not a screen recorder, it enables you to record the Flash game and then convert the recorded video to FLV file for YouTube. You can manage it with just a few clicks, follow those steps.

1. Download the Flash game from the Internet with Moyea Free Flash Downloader.

2. Open Moyea SWF to Video Converter, click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folder” option to import the downloaded Flash game.

Import SWF

3. Click “Export” tab, check “Video” and then set the output video as FLV file for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Style“.


4. Click “Settings” button in the “Export” tab to enter Settings panel. Then set corresponding video parameters like video size and video codec.

Customize video

5. Click “Convert” tab to enter a new panel. Then click “Play and Capture” when you start playing and click “Finish” button when you have finished the Flash game. After that, the recorded video will be converted to FLV file for YouTube soon.

Start recording

II. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a powerful screen recorder that enables you to record the Flash game freely. Moreover, one can keep the recorded video as YouTube video and even upload the video to YouTube automatically.

1. Download and launch Screencast-O-Matic and then open the web page where the Flash game rests.

2. Then customize the recording area as the same size of the window with the cursor. Click the red button in the panel to start the capturing.

Set recording area

3. Press “”Alt+P” button in the keyboard to pause. After that, click “Done” button to finish the recording process.

Record flash game

4. Click “Publish to YouTube HD” icon, fill in the necessary information including “Title“, “Description“, “YouTube Account“, etc. and then click “Upload to YouTube” button.

Publish to YouTube

Those are the two apps for you to record Flash game for YouTube. In general, they all gain their advantages and disadvantages. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a more powerful tool to help you record Flash game and Screen-O-Matic can help you to record various other games besides Flash game.

As Jelly Bean Rejects, Adobe Flash Retreats

What has happened to Adobe Flash in 2012? The new iPad had turned it down; Android mobile running Android 4.1 had abandoned it and even Windows 8 only desired to provide limited support to it. Today, bad news for Adobe Flash spread that Adobe Flash would not be available on Google Play store from August 15. In other words, no more Adobe Flash for Android mobile users in the future.

No mobile Flash for Jelly Bean

For Android mobile users who have installed mobile version of Adobe Flash before August 15, they can continue to enjoy the fun provided by Adobe Flash. However, they may fail to receive updates to mobile Flash quite often or get brand new functions of mobile Flash after Adobe decides to put more focus on HTML 5 last year.

In 2011, Adobe Flash surprisingly decided to cease further researches on Adobe Flash Player and paid more attention on HTML 5. It also announced that support to Android system above Ice Cream Sandwich would not be excluded in its plan. After Android 4.1 was presented along with Google Nexus 7, Jelly Bean turned out to be a favored choice for popular Android devices. This is a potential reason that why Google Play store turned Adobe Flash down.

Adobe Flash started its support to mobile running Android 2.2 and ended its support to mobile running Android 4.0. Till now, above 98.5% mobile are running systems within this range. Among them, mobiles running Android 2.3 account for 60.6%. Moreover, Adobe Flash is a necessity to watch online videos or play online Flash games. Consequently, users need to figure out other ways to play Flash game on Android mobile when they have mobiles running systems out of the range or when they fail to install mobile Flash on time.

As the dominator in the market, why does Adobe Flash fall into sudden death? The rising of HTML 5 is one reason and the mistakes made by Adobe Flash is another. There are several reasons that had led to the fall of Adobe Flash. For one thing, Adobe never took mobile market seriously which made mobile Flash far less powerful than its computer version. For another, Adobe got a wrong market strategy in the beginning by pricing money on mobile Flash while providing Adobe Flash for free on computers.

Starting from the rejection from Google Play store, Flash as a ubiquitous video standard on the mobile web will gradually cease to exist. However, good news for Adobe is that Adobe Air is seeing a promising market. Adobe Air is mostly used to turn Flash game to APK game for Android devices.

Top 3 Free Windows Screen Recorders Designed for Better Entertainment

What can we do when we have no time to enjoy our favored sports events? This is what had troubled thousands of sports fans during 2012 London Olympics. Though 2012 Olympic closing ceremony had ended, we may encounter the same embarrassing situations in the next Summer Olympics. When we have missed an excellent Olympic match, we have to wait for long before the replay is available. Therefore, we need to figure out a way to help ourselves out.

A feasible way to manage it is to record those sports events with powerful and free Windows screen recorders. For one thing, free Windows screen recorders can provide us videos with excellent quality. For another, free Windows screen recorders help us to flex time to enjoy those recorded Olympic competitions. Moreover, we can also convert those recorded matches to various videos for our portable devices. Therefore this post will present you top three free Windows screen recorders that can provide you better entertainment experience.

1. BB FlashBack

BB Flashback

BB FlashBack is an easy-to-use Windows screen recorder that can provide you decent and high quality movies. Three recording modes are provided naming “Full screen“, “Region” and “Window“. One can choose to record the sound from PC Speaker or Microphone. However, it is quite troublesome to record a certain regions because you need to trim the recording area with your cursor.

After the recording process, you can not only export the file as video in .swf/.mov/.wmv/.avi/.mp4/.exe formats, but also as a PowerPoint file. Consequently, you can play the recorded file with your portable devices easily. For example, you can play the exported Flash with HTC One X by converting the SWF file to AVI video with Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

2. Screencast-O-Matic


Unlike BB FlashBack, Screencast-O-Matic is a Windows screen recorder provided with free version and pro version. In the free version of Screencast-0-Matic, the default size of recording area is provided ranging from 640×480 to full screen. Of course, you can crop the window size with the cursor. Press “Ctrl+P” to start the recording and then click “Done” button to end the recording.

Moreover, you can not only publish the recorded video to YouTube but also export the file as a FLV/MP4/AVI video or a GIF image. To use it as a free Windows screen recorder, the watermark will be added to the left corner of the video.

3. HyperCam 2

Hyper Cam2

As a free Windows screen recorder, HyperCam 2 only exports the recorded file as AVI video. Good news is that no watermark will be traced in the output video. You can only choose to record a specified region or a certain window. However, it provides you much simple operations on choosing recording regional area. A dashed box will be provided to enable you customize those regions you desire. To start recording, press F2 button and to end the recording, press F3 button before clicking F2 button again.

Those are the top three free Windows screen recorder for you to get better entertainment experience. Whenever you get no time for a favored program, you can record them with those free screen recorders. Then convert the recorded files to other videos for your portable devices like HTC One X, Google Nexus 7 or The new iPad.

Up to 40% Discounts: 2012 Back to School Surprise for Teachers and Students

As 2012 Back to School season draws near, Moyea Software has carried out its 2012 Back to School Surprise for teachers and students. According to Moyea 2012 Back to School promotion plan, converters including PPT to video converter series and SWF to video converter series are provided with discounts up to 40%.


Therefore, with 2012 Back to School Surprise, teachers and students can not only get low-budget video converters to make DIY videos but also decent video converters to share videos on YouTube. Since Moyea 2012 Back to School promotion plan lasts from August 10th 2012 to September 10th, teachers and students have to pay full price for the converters in other time periods.

What are the benefits of 2012 Back to School Surprise for teachers and students?

Converters with 40% Discounts: In Moyea 2012 Back to School Promotion, Moyea SWF to Video Pro and Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition are provided with 40% discounts. Therefore, in a rather economic way, teachers and students can not only enjoy PPT with DVD player but also make Flash files accessible to android mobiles running Jelly Bean.

Converters with 20% Discounts: With coupon code BAK-45K2D4693S, 20% discounts are provided to teachers and students who have purchased products in the four websites including,, and However, the coupon code is only available when used for SWREG payment before September 10th, 2012.

Free Resources for Downloading: Besides discounts, free resources are also provided in 2012 Back to School Surprise. There are Back to School Tips to guide students better enjoy campus days and Back to School PowerPoint Templates to help teachers make excellent PPTs exclusively for 2012 Back to School.


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Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on TV, Computer and Mobile

As the most important 2012 sports event, London Olympics 2012 not only provides a platform to display the city’s charm but also a platform for all athletes to show their performance. In the 30th Olympic Games, all the athletes are fighting for the same goal: winning Olympic gold medal. Therefore, London Olympics 2012 has successfully presented us one breathtaking match after another.

When watching London Olympics 2012 in real-time, audiences can fully experience the thrills brought by London Olympics 2012. Moreover, by watching a certain 2012 Olympic event live online, audiences can feel the same feelings of the athletes. On watching London Olympics 2012 live, some were exciting as Bolt broke the world record in the 100-meter race but turned sad when Liu Xiang accidently fell down in 110-hurdle race.

Therefore, this post will present audiences ways to watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV, computer and mobile. With those methods, audiences can fully experience the thrill and excitement brought by London Olympics 2012 when watching the 2012 Olympic events live.

I. Watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV

Watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV

As a traditional media, TV is the major way for audiences to get access to 2012 Olympics live. In order to make sure audiences can watch 2012 Olympic matches live on TV, various TV channels are served for London Olympics 2012. Therefore, when two 2012 Olympic events are presented at the same time, audiences are able to view them both simultaneously with two TVs. NBCSN and BBC provides major 2012 Olympic channels to help audiences watch London Olympic 2012 live.

II. Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on computer

Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on computer

With the popularization of Internet, watching London Olympics 2012 live online becomes a more favored choice for some audiences. However, to watch London Olympics 2012 live on computer, audiences need to do more than just clicking the remote control. Luckily there are some websites exclusively designed to help audiences watch London Olympics 2012 live on computer. Audiences just need to install certain adds-on before enjoying the 2012 Olympics. Here is the list of such websites.

Official Olympic Channel:
NBC Olympics:
CTVOlympics YouTube Channel:
The Guardian:

III. Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on mobile

Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on mobile

With the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phone now plays an important role in people’s daily entertainment. It is said that more users tend to log in Facebook via mobile than via computer. Therefore, there are various mobile apps designed to help audience better experience London Olympics 2012.

There are apps to help mobile users to watch 2012 Olympic opening ceremony on android mobile and there are apps to help them watch 2012 London Olympics live on android mobile. Here is a list of such apps to help android users to watch London Olympics 2012 in real time: Buddy TV Guide, PlayUp, Reuters Olympics London 2012, NBC Olympics and OPlanner.

Therefore those are the ways to help audiences to watch 2012 London Olympics in real time. TV users can get those events on the TV channels, computer users can watch the events on corresponding websites and mobile users can view the Olympic matches with related apps.

5 Innovative Ideas on Olympic Torch Lighting in Summer Olympics

When it comes to Olympic Games, Olympic torch plays an important role. Ignited in Greek several months before the opening ceremony, Olympic torch is a powerful tool to publicize the Olympic spirits in the Olympic torch relay. Moreover, the mission of Olympic torch doesn’t end until it lights the Olympic flame in the opening ceremony. Usually, the lighting of Olympic flame stands for the beginning of the Olympic Games.

At present, Olympic torch lighting ceremony becomes the most eye-catching event in the Olympic opening ceremony. Consequently, ideas on Olympic torch lighting are of great importance. Luckily, from Barcelona Olympics to 2012 London Olympics, the Summer Olympic hosts never fail to surprise the world with one innovative idea on Olympic torch lighting after another.

This post will present you five innovative ideas on Olympic torch lighting in Summer Olympics. Since corresponding videos are available on YouTube, users can view them freely on YouTube. For iPod users, they can view those videos on iPod by converting YouTube files to MP4 videos.

1. Torch lighting 2012: Team lighting

In the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics, the Olympic flame was lit by a group of young athletes. When they had lighted all petals, the petals gathered and turned out to be the Olympic flame. It was the first time that the Olympic torch lighting was executed by a group of people who were not celebrities.

2. Torch lighting 2008: Sky walk

The idea on Olympic torch lighting in the 29th Olympics was to light the Olympic flame in the air. Holding an Olympic torch in hand, a man walked in the sky and then lighted the Olympic flame. While others put more focus on figuring out a way to send the Olympic torch to the sky, the opening ceremony surprisingly sent the man to the sky.

3. Torch lighting 2004: Mechanical lighting

As the athlete stood still, the huge torch came down to receive the flame. When it was lighted, it rose again to the sky. This was how the Olympic flame was lighted in 2004 Olympics. As the original city of Olympic Games, Athens surprised the world by lighting the Olympic flame in a traditional manner with innovative methods.  

4. Torch lighting 2000: Water lighting

As a city surrounded by the sea, the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in 2000 Olympics was also related to water. While a man stood on the water, he suddenly lighted the flame in the water. Then the flame began to rise to the top of the stadium. The idea of lighting Olympic flame in the water is creative enough.

5. Torch lighting 1992: Precious shooting

In the opening ceremony of 1992 Olympics, a disabled athlete stood up from the wheelchair and then lighted the Olympic torch by shooting the flame preciously from 70 meters away. It was said that he had practiced for it for over 2000 times so as to make the ceremony perfect. Of course, the innovative idea of Olympic torch lighting had surprised the entire world.  

4 Different Versions of Olympic Video Games to Enjoy London Olympics 2012

As the most ancient sports originated in Greek, the Olympic Games provides a good platform for all athletes to show themselves. Luckily, London Olympics 2012 not only brings us wonderful opening ceremony but also attractive and breathtaking matches. Nowadays, as London Olympics 2012 moves on, the world is indulged in a craze for the Olympics Games.

Of course, the great charm of London Olympics 2012 also extends to gaming field. Nowadays, various video games on Olympics especially on 2012 London Olympics are available in the market. To help people enjoy those video games better, the Olympic video games are designed for various game consoles. Therefore this post will display four different versions of Olympic video games that will help you to spend an impressive London Olympics 2012.

1. FC: Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92

Gold Medal Challenge 92

As an Olympic video game basing on 1992 Barcelona Olympics by Capcom for NES, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge’ 92 reminded us the happy time in the childhood. In this 8-bit Olympic video game, players need to heavily rely on button mashing. Moreover, there are eight Olympic sports events provided for selection. Also two players can choose to compete with each other or with the CPU.

2. PC: London 2012The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Released earlier than the opening ceremony, The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games contained a virtual opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. In this Olympic video game, player can act as an athlete who strives for the golden medal. Over thirsty sports event are provided to help players fully experienced the atmosphere of London Olympics 2012. One advantage of this Olympic video game lies in its vivid video quality and lifelike operations. With a wrong click, the athlete won’t swim forward.

3. iPhone: London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

As an Olympic video game designed for iPhone, London 2012- Official Mobile Game was released a month earlier than the London 2012 opening ceremony. Though this 143MB Olympic video game provides players nine Olympic sports events, players are able to train the athletes in over 220 sports events. Also three modes are provided for players to enjoy this Olympic video game including training mode, Olympic mode and challenge mode.

4. Flash: Olympic Flash game

Small in storage and simple in operations, Flash game plays an important role in the gaming field. Due to London Olympics 2012, various London Olympic Flash games are now available on the Internet. Actually, besides those Flash games for London Olympics 2012, various other Olympic Flash games are designed so far. Therefore, players can download the Flash from the Internet on the premise that they are interested in those Olympic Flash games.

Therefore those are four different versions of Olympic video games. As a FC video game, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92 has brought us much pleasure. The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games and London 2012 – Official Mobile Game are released as official games for London 2012. As for Olympic Flash games, they enable players to experience almost all the Olympic sports events.