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Top 26 Successful Elements of The Dark Knight Rises Listed from A to Z

After The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, another superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises had gained great success in the summer movie market this year. With the performance of over 160 million dollars in box office, The Dark Knight Rises has become a promising winner as the most profitable 2012 movie.  

However, without certain elements of The Dark Knight Rises, this movie couldn’t have been so successful. What are those elements of The Dark Knight Rises? Excellent plot, wonderful background and suitable atmosphere are all parts of the successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises. However, besides them there are plenty other successful elements as well. This post will list those successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises from A to Z.

A stands for Actors: Without the excellent performance of those actors, The Dark Knight Rises won’t be so successful.

B stands for Bane: As the most powerful Batman villain, Bane has disabled Batman in the comics. Therefore, as a major evil boss in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane successfully stirs people’s interest towards the battle between Batman and Bane.

C stands for Colorado Shooting: Occurred on the initial release data of The Dark Knight Rises, the tragedy made the movie well known in an embarrassing way.

D stands for Death: Rumors came out that Batman would die in this movie which turned out to be a hot topic before the release of the movie.

E stands for Enemy: Catwoman and Bane are two toughest Batman enemies in the comics. Now they are both available in The Dark Knight Rises.

F stands for Flash game: Flash game of The Dark Knight Rises is available before its release. In this The Dark Knight Rises Flash game, play needs to find out the different points between two images. For those who want to play them, they can download the Flash on the Internet.

G stands for Gotham: Gotham City is the place where Batman tries to protect and where all the stories begin.

H stands for Heath Ledger: Without the excellent performance of Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight wouldn’t have been so successfully. Without the success of The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises wouldn’t have attracted so much attention.

I stands for IMAX-3D: With IMAX-3D, the ticket price for the movies is higher which contributes to the high box office income.

J stands for Joker: As the most well-know Batman villain, Joker helped The Dark Knight Rises to gain tremendous success.

K stands for Knight: The Batman is also called for Dark Knight. Therefore, this Knight is a crucial element of The Dark Knight Rises.

L stands for length: The runtime of the movie amounts to 164 minutes. However, you will not want to miss even one minute in the movie.

M stands for Movie trail: The movie trail of The Dark Knight Rises on YouTube helps to publicize those movies. For those who want to view those files, they can download the YouTube video.  

N stands for Nolan: Nolan has marked the Batman movies with his own styles. Under his guidance, Batman movie is turning better and better.

O stands for Opening weekend: The Dark Knight Rises ranked sixth as the movie with best box office performance in the opening weekend.

P stands for Plot: The good plot is a key The Dark Knight Rises element which contributed to the success of the movie.

Q stands for Quotes: Since every successful movie will impressive you with quotes in the movie, this movie will do the same thing.

R stands for Riddler: Before the release of the movie, rumors came out that DiCaprio might act as Riddler in the movie.

S stands for Shooting: The Dark Knight Shooting is also known as Colorado Shooting.

T stands for Tom Hardy: With his performance, the image of Bane is quite impressive.

U stands for Utility belt: Just like the case of Jame Bond, the utility belt Batman will provide you new surprises.  

V stands for villains: In this movie, two powerful Batman villains will be present.

W stands for Wayne: The Batman is also known as Bruce Wayne, a rich and just businessman.

X stands for Xbox: The Dark Knight Rises game was already available on Xbox 360.   

Y stands for YouTube: YouTube is the main channel for people to know about this movie before its release.

Z stands for Zimmer: Han Zimmer is the composer of the theme song of the movie which happens to be an important successful element of The Dark Knight Rises.

A Free Method to Watch Flash on The new iPad

When it comes to tablet market, iPad matters. Since its release several years ago, iPad had not only brought tremendous profits to Apple but also led the world to the era of tablet. Since its release in March, The new iPad helped Apple to gain doubled profits in the second quarter with its innovative designs. However, watching Flash on The new iPad has become a trouble for users after support to Adobe Flash was excluded in the plan.

Generally speaking, favored apps like iSwifter and SkyFire are provided in iTunes which enables users to play Flash on The new iPad. With low budget, three dollars for iSwifter or five dollars for SkyFire, users can easily make Flash accessible to The new iPad. However, there are also some free ways to view Flash on The new iPad. For users who are OK with the complicated operations, this post will present them a free method to convert Flash for The new iPad.

Since MP4 video is supported by The new iPad, a feasible way to watch Flash on The new iPad is to convert the SWF file to MP4 video for The new iPad. Therefore, this post will show you how to manage the conversion from Flash to MP4 video in two steps.

Step 1: Convert SWF to 3GP. To convert SWF to 3GP for free, one can refer to Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” and then choose “From Folder” option in the drop-down menu.

Import Flash

2. Choose “Export” tab and then set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

Flash to 3GP

3. Click “Convert” tab to manage the conversion process from SWF to 3GP. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing and then click “Finish” button when the Flash file ends.

Convert Flash to 3GP

Step 2: Convert 3GP to MP4. A free app to convert 3GP to MP4 is Moyea Video4Web Converter which can convert videos to Flash videos easily.

1. Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. Open it, click “File” and choose “Add Video Files” in the drop-down menu to import the 3GP video for The new iPad.

Import 3GP

2. Set the output video. Make the output file a MP4 video for The new iPad in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.   

3GP to MP4

3. Set video size for The new iPad. Click “Settings” button next to “Profile” bar to enter corresponding panel. Then set the video size as 1920×1080, audio sample rate as 48 kHz and audio bit rate as 128 kbps for The new iPad.

Customize video

4. Click convert button to start the conversion from 3GP file to MP4 video for The new iPad.

Those are the steps to manage the conversion from SWF to MP4 for The new iPad. Though the operations are quite complicated, it is a free method to enjoy Flash on The new iPad. For those who want to convert Flash to MP4 directly, they can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

Methods to Edit Flash SWF File with 3 Different Video Editors

As an Adobe Flash file format, SWF is widely applied to multimedia, vector graphics and action script. Widely used in online video websites like YouTube or online Flash gaming center, Flash SWF plays an important role in people’s daily entertainment. Though the dominance of Flash SWF is threatened by new technologies like HTML 5, Flash SWF will still be people’s only choice in those fields in the next three years.

Generally speaking, Adobe Flash Player is required for viewing Flash file while Macromedia Flash 8 is a necessity to edit the SWF file. However, to edit Flash SWF file with Macromedia Flash 8, one needs to convert the SWF file to FLA file in the first place. When the edition completes, one needs to export the FLA file as Flash SWF file again. To be honest, the operations are quite troublesome and complicated.

Therefore, this post will present you ways to edit Flash SWF file with 3 different video editors. Among those video editors, some can used as Flash editors directly while others need an extra conversion process.

I. SWF Editor

As a professional Flash editor, SWF Editor can support the import of Flash SWF file directly for further editing. To import the Flash file, click “Import…” option, select the Flash SWF file and then click “Open” button. Since SWF Editor is equally powerful as Macromedia Flash 8, one can edit the imported Flash SWF file freely. Moreover, new users can use SWF Editor for free in 30 days.

Import Flash to SWF Editor

II. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is non-linear video editing software that is equally powerful as Sony Vegas Pro. As the latest version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio series, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 can support the import of Flash SWF file. After the importing process, one can edit those SWF files with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11. Follow those steps.

1. Download and launch Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

2. Import Flash SWF file. To import the SWF file, click “Project” and then choose “Import Media“.

Import SWF for Vegas

3. Edit the Flash SWF file. Drag the imported Flash file to the Timeline zone and then one can edit the Flash file with those functions given by Vegas Movie Studio 11.

Add to Timeline

III. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is probably the most popular video editors in the world. As a video editor small in storage and simple in operation, it is quite welcomed by Windows users. Since it can only support the import of WMV/AVI/MPEG video, one needs to convert the SWF file to AVI video for Windows Movie Maker. Follow those steps.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Open it and click “Browser…” button. Choose “From Folder” option to import the desired SWF file.

Import SWF for converter

2. Click “Export” tab and check “Video“. Then set the output file as AVI video in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

Flash SWF to AVI

3. Click “Convert” tab and then click “Play and Capture” to start capturing. When the SWF file ends, click “Finish” button to start the conversion process.

Start the conversion

4. Open Windows Movie Maker and then click “Import Video” option in the drop-down menu of “Capture Video” to import the Flash file. Then one can edit the AVI file with Windows Movie Maker freely.

Import Flah SWF to Movie Maker

Those are the methods to edit Flash SWF file with three different video editors. One can edit the Flash file with SWF Editor and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11 directly after the importing operation. However, to edit SWF file with Windows Movie Maker, one needs to convert SWF file to AVI video first.

3 Different Versions of Mermaid Games

Though the debates over the existence of mermaid have lasted for centuries, no one dared to draw a convincible conclusion over this issue. However, things have changed after a video named Mermaids: The Body Found was aired on Discovery Channel. While supports believed that the authentic program on science had already proved their victory with The Body Found, they were told The Body Found was actually another mermaid movie made by Discovery Channel.

Due to The Body Found, the debate over mermaid’s existence is turning white-hot. Usually appearing in the fairy tales as the main character, mermaid is described as a beautiful, innocent and kind girl with the tail of fish. Thanks to the great successes of those fairy tales, the influence of mermaid has extended to movie and gaming field.

Actually, various mermaid movies have been made which present people different and impressive mermaid images. Besides that, various mermaid games have been launched which usually are quite successful. Therefore, this post will display three different versions of mermaid games.  

1. NES game: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid NES

As a NES game released by Capcom in 1991, The Little Mermaid was made based on the 1989 movie named The Little Mermaid. In the game, the mermaid needs to fights against all creatures in the ocean in order to rescue the prince and beat the evil witch. Mermaid can shoot air bubbles from the tail to trap the enemy and then throw the bubbles to other enemies.

Though mermaid spent most of the time swimming in the marine in the game, she can occasionally battles on the land. There are treasures in the ocean for the mermaid that can help mermaid to get high bonus or shoot powerful bubbles. By collecting icons scattered throughout the levels, the mermaid will either restore healthy or gain extra life.

2. PC game: Aquaria


Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure computer game released in 2007 for Windows. The PC game focuses more on exploration and puzzle-solving. Player needs to use a character named Naija to explore the underworld of Aquaria. As Naijia moves deeper, player will get to know more about the history of the world and Naijia.

In Aquaria, players can control to Naijia to sing, swim and combat. With different songs, Naija can move items, affect plants and change her physical appearance. To make it a simple exploration game, players can control Naijia to find as much treasure as possible in the marine and ignore the main plot. Aquaria was regarded as one of the most innovation video games in 2007 with over two million downloads.

3. Flash games: Ocean Mermaid and Mermaid Hearts

Small in storage and funny in content, Flash game is a good choice for those who want to have a relaxing time. Moreover, one can easily find the Flash version of almost all the popular games like Angry Birds and Super Mario. Two flash games on mermaids will be presented here so that if one is interested in them, he can enjoy them by downloading the Flash games on the Internet.

Ocean Mermaid is a mermaid dress-up game where player is allowed to decorate the mermaid with various tools. Mermaid Hearts is a shooting game where the mermaid bears the mission to collect as many hearts as possible without being touched.

Ocean Mermaid

Mermaid Hearts

Those are the three interesting mermaid games for different game consoles. Though The Little Mermaid was designed as a NES game, Aquaria as a PC game and Ocean Mermaid as a Flash game, they are all impressive games that can bring players happiness.

3 Methods to Enjoy Flash Games with Android Mobile

Since the release of Google Nexus 7, increasing attention has been paid to the latest Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean. Indeed, with open platform and friendly user interface, android mobile has soon become a mainstream in the marketplace since its release. Nowadays, android mobile and iPhone have gained over 60% of mobile market share, leaving the old ruler Nokia sighing behind.

It is estimated the 50 million units of Samsung Galaxy S3, the flagship of android mobile, have been sold in the second quarter, leaving the performance of iPhone far behind. Besides that, android mobile is also quite powerful in function. With the design of large display and responsive touch screen, android mobile can also be viewed as a good game console.

Unlike other games, Flash game is unique in design, funny in content and small in storage. One can always find the Flash version of popular games like Angry Birds and Super Mario. Therefore, with low CPU occupancy and little storage usage, Flash game is fit for android mobile. This post will present three ways to play Flash games with android mobile.

1. Adobe Flash APK

Adobe Flash APK

Though Jelly Bean has officially refused to support Adobe Flash, android mobiles with lower systems can still run Adobe Flash. After being rejected by Apple products, Adobe Flash has spent quite a long time with android mobile. Consequently, Adobe Flash APK has become an important app for android mobiles.

With Adobe Flash APK, android mobile users can either play online Flash games or enjoy the games after downloading Flash games from the Internet. However, android mobiles with systems higher than v4.0 or lower than v2.0 will not be supported by Adobe Flash. Moreover, since the mobile version of Adobe Flash is not as powerful as computer version, one may fail to enjoy Flash games with larger storage occupancy.

2. Scaleform


According to CNET, Scaleform is an app developed by Autodesk that enables android users to convert Flash games to android mobile games. It is said that the program is able to read Flash data and interpret it as mobile apps. What users get to do is just to download the Flash games they want to make for android mobile and then import it to Scaleform. In less than an hour, the Flash game will be deployed. Of course, users need to get Scaleform with a price tag of $295.

3. Convert Flash to APK

Flash to APK

As is known to all, games running on android mobiles are usually APK files. There are some advantages of converting Flash to APK files. For one thing, android mobile users can get rid of the trouble of compatibility issues; for another, android mobile users can better enjoy the Flash games. However, professional knowledge on both Flash and android system are required in this method.

Actually, plenty of tools can help users to convert Flash to APK file for android mobiles. If one is familiar with Flash CS5, he can export the Flash game as an APK file after installing a plug in named Air for Android. If one is familiar with Java, he can convert Flash game to APK with Java.

Therefore, those are the three methods to help users to play Flash games on android mobile. Simple as the first method is, it fails to support Flash games flawlessly. The second method is better with less knowledge required, but it is quite costly. As for the third method, it calls for too much professional knowledge. Consequently, android mobile users shall choose the method that best fit them.

2 Fatal Eddie Murphy Movies on Police in Eddie’s Early Career

Is the death of Eddie Murphy in a snowboarding attempt true? At least Twitter makes people believe so. However, this has proved to be Twitter’s new attempt to murder another comedian after similar news about the death of Robin Williams spread on Twitter several months ago. Actually, Eddie Murphy’s family said he had neither desire nor intention to go snowboarding.

Anyway, the death hoax has indeed shown us the embarrassing situation than Eddie Murphy is facing now. It seems that people cares more about his life that his movies. Actually, the acting career of Eddie is marching downhill in recent time which makes Eddie Murphy movies like A Thousand Words real commercial disasters.

Though going through major ups and downs in acting career, Eddie Murphy has provided people impressive images in some Eddie Murphy movies. However, if you are careful enough, you can find that Eddie’s early acting career is influenced by two police movies. One started his promising acting career and the other made his career marching downhill. This post will illustrate you those two fatal Eddie Murphy movies on police.

1. Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop was a turning point of Eddie’s acting career. After starring in this movie, Eddie gained great success in some other Eddie Murphy movies, making him the most favored comedian in American at that time. As a movie released in 1984, Beverly Hills Cop gained over 300 million dollars in box office incomes, a performance even better than Madagascar.

Beverly Hills Cop is all about how a brave cop named Axel Foley tries to investigate a murder case in Beverly Hills, a gathering place for rich men and the upper-class. Of course, the rude cop will get some troubles in the area and suffers some funny story. Since this movie, the witty language and blackguard style behavior has become two features of Eddie Murphy comedy.

2. Metro


In 1990s, while the acting career of Eddie was marching downhill, Eddie regained his fame with a movie named The Nutty Professor. However, the happy time didn’t last too long because a year later, Eddie ruined his promising future with a movie named Metro. Coincidently, Metro is another Eddie Murphy movie about police.

Metro is about a story of how cop prevents a heist and catches the escaped criminal who wants to take revenge on him. Basically speaking, Metro won’t impress you too much with the old-style plot. Eddie is still funny in Metro but not in an appropriate way. In this Eddie Murphy movie, his funny image as a comical hostage negotiator is quite annoying sometimes.

Those are the two Eddie Murphy movies that influenced Eddie’s early acting career. Beverly Hills Cop helped Eddie to gain unprecedented success while Metro made Eddie’s acting career marching downhill. Moreover, Flash game depending on the plot of Beverly Hills Cop had been made. If you want to play the Eddie Murphy game offline, you can download the Flash game.

Celebrate London 2012 Olympics with Olympic Songs, Olympic Flash Cards and Olympic Flash Games

About a week ago, UEFA Euro 2012 had ended with Spain became the final winner. A few days age, Wimbledon finished with Federer won 7th title. However all sports fans will not feel grieve for the ending of all those matches because about half a month later, London 2012 Olympics will be available.

As one of the most influential and ancient sports event, the Olympic Games never failed to attract the world’s attention. Since its origin in ancient Greek in 8th century AD, the Olympic Games have developed into the world’s foremost sports competition with the participation of more than 200 nations. As the host of 1908 Olympics and 1948 Olympics, London becomes the first city with three successful Olympic bids.

Though football stars like Beckham will not present in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the charm of London Olympics will not be affected. In order to celebrate the approaching London 2012 Olympics, the post will present you Olympic songs, Olympic e-cards and Olympic Flash Games.

I. Olympic Songs

The following is the theme songs of recent five Olympics Games. They are all available on YouTube. So if you want to listen to those songs, you can download those songs from YouTube.

1. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury in 1992 Olympics

2. Reach by Gloria Estefan in1996 Olympics

3. The Flame by Tina Arena in 2000 Olympics

4. Oceania by Bjork in 2004 Olympics

5. You and Me by Sarah Brightman in 2008 Olympics

II. Olympics Flash Cards

Usually cards are necessities to celebrate great events like London 2012 Olympics. To make your cards unique and special, you can use e-card or Flash card. Here some Flash cards for London Olympics are provided for you, you can download them with Free Flash Downloader.

1. Flash Card for London Olympics 1

2. Flash Card for London Olympics 2

3. Flash Card for London Olympics 3

III. Olympics Flash Games

Those are some Flash Games for London 2012 Olympics, if you are interested in them, you can download those Flash games with Free Flash Downloader.

1. London 2012 Olympics Quiz

This game is designed to test your knowledge about London 2012 Olympics. When question is given, you just need to click the answer you want to choose. In this way, you can learn more about 2012 Olympic Games in an easy way.

2. Dolphin Olympics 2

In Dolphin Olympics 2, you need to swim and flip your dolphin in the limited time to gain as much scores as possible. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

3. Naruto Olympics Game

If you are Naruto fans, you will love this RPG game. Generally speaking, your mission is to guide Naruto to reach to the Olympic fields so that he can enjoy the Olympic Games.

With Olympic songs, you can experience the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. With Olympic Flash cards, you can express your anticipation towards the approaching Olympics Games. With Olympic Flash games, you will spend some leisure time before London 2012 Olympics is available.

An Efficient Method to Convert SWF to PDF

The year 2012 has witnessed the prosperity of The new iPad, the innovation of Microsoft Surface, the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S3 and the poor situation of Adobe Flash. In recent days, Google had declared that support to Adobe Flash in Google Nexus 7 is not included in their plan. Moreover, though Microsoft is still considering whether to support Adobe Flash or not in its Surface tablet, it is predicted that the software giant will probably follow suit.

However, though Adobe Flash is marching downhill, it is still widely used in many fields at present. When we want to watch a video online, we usually find that Adobe Flash Player is still a necessity to manage this. Moreover, many educational organizations tend to keep their training documents as SWF files because they are small in storage and no compatibility will ever occur once they are converted to .exe files.

However, this brings some troubles to those learners because they only get a limited time to view all the content. A feasible way to help them solve the problem is to convert SWF files to PDF files which are usually recognized as e-books. Here the post will present you an efficient method to manage the conversion from SWF to PDF.

I. Convert SWF file to JPG images

In order to convert SWF file to JPG images, one can refer to Moyea SWF to Video Converter, a powerful SWF to image converter. Do the following steps.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter and then open it. Click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folders” in the drop-down menu to import the SWF file.

Import SWF

2. Click “Export” tab and then check “Image series“. Set the output files as JPG images in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

Choose JPG

3. Click “Setting” button to enter Profile panel. Then set related image parameters like “Image Size“, “Frame Rate” and “Compression Quality“.

Settings Panel

4. Choose “Convert” tab and then click “Play and Capture” to start capturing. When the Flash file ends, click “End” button to start the conversion process. Pretty soon, the SWF file will be converted as JPG images.


II. Convert JPG images to PDF file

Actually with Microsoft Word 2007, you can easily convert JPG images to a single PDF file. Follow those steps below.

1. Download and launch a plug in for Microsoft Words 2007 named Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.

2. Then open Microsoft Word 2007, click “Insert” tab and choose “Picture” icon to import all the JPG images you have just converted.

Import JPG

3. Click Office Button then click “Save As” and choose “PDF or XPS” option in the drop-down menu. Then click “Publish” button.


4. After all those steps, the JPG images will be converted to PDF file.

All in all, with all those steps, users can convert SWF file to PDF file. Then with related applications like Adobe PDF Reader, users can watch the PDF file easily and freely. For more ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

Convert Flash to HD Videos with Low CPU Occupancy via Updated Flash Converters

Shenzhen, China, July 6th, 2012 – Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter has released the 4.0 version of Moyea SWF to Video Converter series (Moyea SWF to Video SDK excluded). Besides some fixed bugs in the latest 4.0 version of Moyea Flash Converters, new functions like 64-bit support were also added to make sure 64-bit system users can enjoy upgraded Moyea Flash Converters freely.  

Moyea SWF to Video Converters are powerful tools to convert Flash files to popular video formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. or image formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and Animated GIF for viewing on popular devices like The new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus 7.

What’s new in the 4.0 version of Moyea SWF to Video Converter series?

1. Added support to Flash Player 11

Running previous version of Moyea Flash Converters on computers with Flash Player 11 would lead to the failure of the conversion process due to incompatibility issue. Therefore, support to Flash Player 11 was added to the upgraded version of Moyea Flash Converters so that users could perfectly complete the conversion process in computers with Flash Player 11.

2. Made improvement in its support to 64-bit systems

With improved 64-bit support, the updated SWF to Video Converter series could perfectly run in 64-bit system. Consequently, the errors appeared in the previous version of Moyea Flash Converters while executing the conversion process in 64-bit system would not appear again.

3. Adopted low-speed capturing technology to record HD videos from Flash with low CPU occupancy rate

When converting Flash to HD videos with previous version of Moyea Flash Converters, the converters would capture the video at a certain speed which might lead to high CPU occupancy rate of the computer. Therefore, in the 4.0 version of Moyea Flash Converters, low-speed capturing technology was employed to lower CPU occupancy rate by enabling the converters to capture the video at a lower speed. Of course, the video quality of the converted HD video wouldn’t be affected.

4. Fixed the bug of failing to record sounds in some versions of Flash Player

The 4.0 version of SWF to Video Converters had fixed the bug to make sure the phenomena of failing to record sounds in some versions of Flash Player wouldn’t appear again. Therefore, users would definitely get a converted video with synchronized video and audio instead of a muted one.

5. Made improvement in coding efficiency

With improved coding efficiency, the upgraded SWF to Video Converters could not only make significant improvement in stability of the converting process but also accelerate the converting speed. Therefore, users can get better video quality in a shorter time.

6. Fixed some small bugs

To perfect the converters, some small bugs had been fixed in the latest version of SWF to Video Converter series.

How to upgrade Moyea Flash Converters to the latest V.4.0?

In general, free upgrades of software program purchased from Moyea Software are provided. However, users need to pay for upgrades of SWF to Video Pro, SWF to Video Std and SWF4Tube under certain conditions.

Free upgrades of SWF to Video Pro, SWF to Video Std and SWF4Tube to the latest V.4.0 for orders after July 5, 2011 are provided. For orders placed before July 5, 2011, upgrades need to pay according to the Upgrade Price List.

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3 Ideas on Celebrating Independence Day 2012: Flash Cards, Songs and Games

Independence Day, also known as Fourth of July is a great turning point in American history. The launching of the United States on July 4th 1776 not only witnessed the release of Declaration of Independence but also American citizens’ desire for freedom and independence. Since then, the United States had begun its way to become a prosperous and powerful country.

Moreover, Independence Day not only brought America freedom and promising future but also impressed Americans with democratic and free thoughts. At present, various celebrations are presented as a way to celebrate the approaching Independence Day 2012. Of course, most of the observations tend to celebrate the day in traditional manners.

Traditionally, firework, fairs, picnics, concerts and parody are associated with Fourth of July observations. However, to experience an impressive Independence Day 2012, fresh ideas on the celebration is required. Here the post will present three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012.

I. Fourth of July Flash Card

Sending cards on holiday is a tradition in many countries. However, for those who want to make their cards impressive, they can refer to the Flash cards below which are not only excellent in design but also funny in content. Moreover, one can even play the Flash card on mobile by converting the Flash card to 3GP video.

1. Fourth of July Flash Card 1

2. Fourth of July Flash Card 2

3. Fourth of July Flash Card 3

II. Fourth of July Songs

Song, as a tool attached with person emotions, is useful to express personal thoughts. A good song is not only impressive but also infectious enough to arouse people’s resonance. Therefore sharing Fourth of July songs with friends is a good idea to celebrate Independence Day 2012. Moreover, one can make YouTube videos with Fourth of July songs and wallpapers.

1. The Star-Spangled Banner

2. God Bless America

3. America the Beautiful

4. Independence Day

5. 4th of July

III. Fourth of July Games

Firework is usually used in American Independence Day as a way to bring happiness and joy to everyone on that day. Therefore many Fourth of July games are pertaining to fireworks. Here are two Fourth of July games designed for the sake of entertainment on that day. With those games, one can experience a happy and relaxing Independence Day 2012. Players can also download the Flash games.

1. Fourth of July Game 1

Click the tiny points on the screen to let off the fireworks. Each successful click will gain some scores for the players. Players can get to the next stage once they have earned enough scores.

2. Fourth of July Game 2

Control direction of the rock with the mouse and hit the tiny point to display fireworks. If one fails to hit the firework for a few seconds, the rock will explode.

Those are three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012. With Fourth of July Flash cards, one can share those cards with friends. With Fourth of July songs, one can make DIY video for YouTube. With Fourth of July games, one can spend a relaxing Independence 2012.