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Early “I Love You Mom” Flash Greeting for Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s Day 2012 seems still far, probably 15 days to go, but it’s never too early to say I Love You to your dearest mom no matter it is Mother’s Day or not.

Mother’s Day this year will fall on May 13th, 2012, what greetings or gifts are you planning to give to your mom and for the future Mother’s Day? And do you know that Mother’s Day can even be different dates if you live in different regions.

Before we head to those possible but not material gifts that mothers will like, it’s quite necessary to know some exact dates of Mother’s Day in the past and future. Here is the list.

Year Mothering Sunday

in the U.K.

Mother’s Day

in the U.S.

2010 March 13 May 09
2011 April 03 May 08
2012 March 18 May 13
2013 March 10 May 12
2014 March 30 May 11
2015 March 15 May 10
2016 March 06 May 08

Use this list as guidance to greet your mom every year on this special day.

When you are going to pick some gifts for mom, always bear in mind that it does not have to be expensive and bling-bling items, what they really want is something simply, warm, sweet and from the bottom of your heart. For example, an oversea phone call, a kiss, a big hug or a Flash card that will tell how much you love her and how deep your love for mom is.

You can choose from Mother’s Day Flash eCards collection below, send her one to show your appreciation.

For Mom – she is always there, she does not ask for much.

Thank You Mom – thanks for everything you do.

Mom Song – applause for a beautiful song for all the mothers.

Mother’s Day – wishing your mom beautiful, funny and full of love.

Those Mother’s Day Flash Cards above could be the sweet gifts to all the mothers. Send it now or you have better ideas, let’s talk about it in the next blog. Cheers for all the mothers in the world.

Earth Day 2012 – Let’s Make a Better World to Live in – Earth Day Dates, Flash Cards and Flash Mobs

What can we do to make a better world to live in? This is the question that everybody should bear in mind everyday not just on Earth Day, which falls on Apr 22nd this year.

Below are some themes and what-can-you-do lists that we can definitely follow on Earth Day 2012.

Three of Earth Day 2012 Themes

Faith – faith leader is always the driving force;

Action – know green and go green;

Knowledge – books can inspire your environmental literacy.

Several To-Do Lists for Earth Day 2012

Know the exact dates for Earth Day in the past and following years:

Year Equinox Earth Day (Northern Hemisphere) April 22 Earth Day Celebration
2009 March 20 April 22
2010 March 20 April 22
2011 March 20 April 22
2012 March 20 April 22
2013 March 20 April 22
2014 March 20 April 22
2015 March 20 April 22


Send Earth Day Flash cards to friends:

Earth Day Flash card 1: Your Hands

Earth Day Flash card 2: Earth Cake

Earth Day Flash card 3: Earth Day

Earth Day Flash card 4: World

Organize or Participate an Earth Day Flash Mob

Grab some good ideas and close friends to be a part of Earth Day Flash Mob to raise people’s interest and reach their attention, making it an obligation for everyone to protect our earth and urge people to take actions right now and right here.

Adobe Flash Roadmap for Runtimes – Game and Quality Video Oriented

It has been such a shame for Adobe since last year it admitted to cease the development of Flash Player for mobile equipments. However, it does not necessarily mean that the company has completely given up this rich media network format which has been considered ubiquity for a long time. Recently Adobe announced the new Flash roadmap file for runtimes, which lists the prior development projects and reveals the way how to continue and support Flash.

The future vulnerability repair and development will focus on two key areas: game and high quality video deploy. Due to its huge ubiquity, Adobe wants to see the situation that Flash is able to maintain its leading position in online games, and to support the developers through official game development plan and a set of game services. As for video, it’s Adobe’s commitment to work closely with hardware partners, and to provide video streaming and content protection technology to more platforms with local format.

Adobe promises to release Flash Player 11.2 in the first quarter of 2012, adding the support to mouse right-click and middle-click. Moreover, Adobe is planning to launch Flash Player “Cyril” in the second quarter of 2012 and “Dolores” in the second half of 2012. Although Cyril and Dolores aim just to increase the updates of product game function, Adobe has finished the regulation completely for Flash Player “Next”, which will be released sometime in the next year.

The platform support will be shrinking after the release of Flash Player 11.2, and Adobe then will stop the direct download of Linux version Flash browser plug-in. Alternatively, Adobe leads customers to use Google Chrome, which has Flash playback function integrated in default. Adobe cares Windows 8 very much as well, but as the operating system can be run on a variety of configurations, the Flash support configuration and time are unknown yet.

As for mobile field, the roadmap reminds us Flash Player 11.1 will be the last version with mobile equipment support, Adobe will afterwards only release the updates regarding vulnerability repair or security issues.

Moyea 2012 Easter Photo Contest, Easter Big Sale and Easter Free Resources

Moyea has officially launched the triple-bonus 2012 Easter campaign which includes the Easter Photo Contest(upload funny Easter pics and get up to $100 voucher), Easter 20% Off Discount Sale and Easter Free Resources Grabbing!

Moyea Easter Photo Contest

This contest is open for both Moyea facebook fans and twitter followers. What we want from you is just to share a funny Easter picture with us and what you have to do for us is just to interact with the picture uploaded, for example, ask your friends to like, comment and share on facebook and retweet the tweet on twitter.

Winners Prize: $100 voucher for the most liked and retweeted picture uploader and $60 voucher for the rest of the top 10% picture owners.

Moyea Easter 20% Off Sale

The 20% off coupon code EST-45K2D46B9F can be applied to almost all the flagship products of ours, belonging to any category of these three: PPT to Video, Flash SWF to Video and Web Player Creation.

Besides, you can shop with ease and confidence on any Moyea websites out of six to use this 20% off coupon, as long as the SWREG is chosen as your final check-out payment platform.

Moyea Easter Free Resources

Grab some funny Easter freebies like free Easter PowerPoint templates, free Easter Flash games and free Easter player skin designs to make this Easter more special with Moyea.

Getting excited and ready to go for our Easter triple-bonus reward? It’s really just one-click away from

Enjoy and Happy Easter Day!

Be a Voluntary Translator on Easter 2012 and Crown Yourself on Moyea Software

Do a little bit literary thing on this upcoming Easter Day falls on Apr 08th, 2012 and honor yourself a big Easter prize that we will display the names of the most qualified litterateurs on our software. Moreover, if you also own your website or blog, those sites will have the same chance to be exposed to the public like you, from our software or our company site.

Why you are chosen? Because you know foreign languages much better than us!

We are looking for someone who can translate English to other foreign languages like French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You can be native speaker of those mentioned target languages, or you can be a genuinely excellent multi-language speaker.

What you are asked to do? Translate our software English-based interface language!

It will definitely contribute to a more accurate translation if you know software a little bit or you are just a computer geek. But no worries, you can get to know the software you are going to translate by downloading it here.

And for your convenience, we will send you a separate source file which contains all the contents you are required to translate. You will get this file immediately upon we receive your application.

When you can start? Submit your supplication from now until Apr 30th, 2012!

Take it easy, you have up to 1 month to submit your translate application to our assigned email, and together with your application, you are encouraged to include some personal info like name, email, mother tongue, nationality, etc. in the email, for future contact purpose only.

What you can get as prizes? Free license of our software and permanent name listing on software Help document and campaign page!

Sounds exciting! Moyea PPT to Video Converter is one of our flagship products and there are thousands of users out there. What a great honor if your name will be exposed to such a majority.

Where you can get more info? Moyea official site and facebook page!

For more detailed info of this Moyea translate campaign, please visit the campaign page here or Moyea facebook page here.

Apply now and hope to see your name on our software soon!