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Thanksgiving Day Black Friday and Cyber Monday Triple Sale and Fun!

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone! And the next day to the Thanksgiving Day, it’s the more exciting Black Friday, and the excitement remains even two days after the Black Friday, you are right, we are talking about the Cyber Monday!

I have written a blog previously about some background info(different Thanksgiving Day dates) of Thanksgiving Day, and you can read it here. This is the day you can express your gratefulness to someone that matter to you, with a special Thanksgiving gift that presented by the numerous Thanksgiving giveaways, sales and offers.

If you are looking for the perfect Thanksgiving gifts, look no further than the Top 10 Thanksgiving digital gift ideas below:

1. Tablets 2. MP3 Players
3. Video Game Consoles 4. Digital Cameras
5. Digital Photo Frames 6. E-readers
7. Laptops 8. TVs
9. Portable GPS 10. Portable DVD Players

To make this list better and complete, a Thanksgiving Giveaway item of free DVD4Web Converter will definitely do! It is a great help to convert all your Thanksgiving DVD files to the web-friendly format for easy sharing on the internet.

Black Friday comes the second day of Thanksgiving Day and usually it is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

The day’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that “Black Friday” indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or are “in the black”.

So since Black Friday is made for shopping, here are some shopping tips and strategies that can save you a lot of money instantly.

1. Make up your Christmas list.

2. Scan for those items.

3. Compare prices.

4. Look for coupons or direct discounts. This is ask you to subscribe the vendor’s newsletters or visit their websites frequently during the holiday seasons. Usually they will send you coupons via the registered email or allow you to purchase directly with 20%-40% off discount, or even higher discount. Here is a real high-discount example for Black Friday sale.

5. Know store price-matching and return policies.

6. Hit the Web first. Check early and often for deals.

7. Get some money back.

8. You might want to wait.

The end sale of this shopping festival should be the Cyber Monday, a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, created by companies to persuade people to shop as much as they can online.

I’m pretty sure a lot of shopaholics almost gone broke after the previous Thanksgiving and Black Monday blockbuster sales. Well, let’s slow down, take a break, do some window shoppings and grab some freebies instead. The free stuff and free resources provided may be interesting and useful some time. Like the free Thanksgiving-themed templates for PowerPoint from this software vendor.

Again, happy festival and happy shopping as well, everyone!

2011 Thanksgiving Day Flash Games, Gifts and Last-Minute Getaways

Have some ideas about how to spend the upcoming 2011 Thanksgiving Day? No matter you prefer to play Thanksgiving Flash Games on the internet at home; or visit your friends and relatives to give and exchange Thanksgiving Gifts; or just escape with your loved one to have the last-minute Thanksgiving Getaways probably in an isolated but beautiful island in Maldives or Fiji, you can find something useful here in this blog to make your Thanksgiving Fantasy come true and memorable.

The easiest and virtual Thanksgiving Animation Card and Thanksgiving Flash Games.

This is fun to play crazy turkey online games and greet your netizens by sending an interesting catch Mr. turkey Flash e-card. It is indeed a quiet, eco-friendly and conservative way but uses the latest technology, to express your love and gratefulness to the one you really care.

Check our mixed Thanksgiving e-card and Flash game collection below to get inspired.

Thanksgiving E-Card: Turkey Flight

Thanksgiving Flash Game: Hidden Objects

Thanksgiving Flash Game: Turkey Flying

The actual and best 100 hardware, software and service products and gadgets of the entire 2011 can be your coolest Thanksgiving Gifts this year.

Tablet computers, smartphones, home TVs, cool cameras, useful programs and applications… are all available to pick and make your selection stand out of the crowd.

Hover your mouse over the individual item to see more details.

10 most breath-taking Thanksgiving Getaways let you get out of town to enjoy a hassle-free holiday and with all the trimmings.

Don’t have to go home for Thanksgiving this year? Take advantage of the upcoming long-weekend for a quick beach escape, urban adventure, or early-season ski trip. Check our 10 easy Thanksgiving Getaways slideshow below and this is called life.

Flash is Dead Long Live HTML5 – Adobe Quit Mobile Browser Flash Development in Favor of HTML5

November 10th, 2011 news – Adobe vice President and the general manager in interactive development business, Danny Winokur has recently posted a blog on company’s website, saying Adobe will stop the Flash Player development on mobile browsers.

The following is the edited version of Winokur’s blog:

No matter speaking from the platform or technical level, Adobe will always support the designers and developers to create the most inspirational content. In the past 10 years, Flash has made it true to let people create and deploy the most abundant content on the Internet, which is impossible for the browser itself to realize. This is also our new technical standard blueprint for HTML, the one was mentioned so many times by us. In the past two years, we have launched the mobile version Flash Player for mobile browsers, which created totally innovational network experience for many mobile equipment users.

The major mobile equipments now are all with HTML5 support in addition to some special exceptions. This therefore makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content on mobile platforms. We are so excited and will cooperate as always with the HTML community main members including Google, Apple, Microsoft and RIM to promote HTML innovation and improve the performance of mobile browsers.

In the future, to allow Flash developers to pack the original applications in the main app stores using Adobe AIR will become the main task of mobile Flash business. After the launch of Flash Player 11.1 optimized for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook, we will no longer develop the mobile version Flash Player. Of course, we will continue to provide the current equipments with important patch and security updates. And our source code will continue to be effective.

These adjustments could encourage us to increase the investment for developing HTML5 and intensifying Flash innovation.

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn – Movie Release Date, Movie Trailer, DVD and Flash Games

After the huge success of the previous three Twilight movie episodes: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, here finally comes the fourth one in this Nov, 2011 – Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn.

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Story Line

It is the story basically about the after-marriage adventure and the half-vampire-half-human daughter – Renesmee- of the couple Bella and Edward. Bella had a huge difficulty giving birth and the worse is Renesmee was mistaken as an “immortal child” by another vampire coven. So an intense confrontation about whether Renesmee is immortal or not begins. At last, the child was verified harmless to vampires or their secret, and the family are left in peace finally.

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date

The good news is you do not have to wait so long for this movie because you can watch it soon in cinema next week!

Here are some information on this fourth episode of Twilight saga:

English Title: Breaking Dawn part I
French Title: Twilight Chapter 4: Revelation Part 1

Director: Bill Candon
Adapted from the novel by Stephanie Meyer – Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn

Theatrical Release Date in the United States: November 18th, 2011
Theatrical Release Date in France: November 16th, 2011

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer & Behind the Screens

Click the video below to watch what actor Robert Pattinson says about Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn.

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn DVD Release Date

We may expect the DVD release date in the first half of 2012 because the movie itself is not released yet in US until Nov 18th, 2011, which was mentioned previously.

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Related Flash Games

Play the funny Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn dress up Flash game online and right here in our blog. If you want to download this game for offline play at anytime or convert the whole process of how you play this game to other popular video formats for easy sharing and upload to Internet, the handy Flash SWF Downloader and Flash SWF to Video Converter await you to explore more.

Thanksgiving 2011 Dates and Observances in Different Regions

Thanksgiving Day 2011 seems a little bit far for those who live in USA, however, do you know people in other different places they already celebrated Thanksgiving? Do not be shocked too much, it is absolutely normal because actually Thanksgiving Day falls on different dates if the regions vary.

The Thanksgiving dates even vary for the same region in different years. It is quite abstract to say so, visualize it in the chart below is much easier to demonstrate and understand.



Date Description Thanksgiving Day 2011 Thanksgiving Day 2010 Thanksgiving Day 2009
Canada 2nd Mon in Oct Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct 12th
Liberia 1st Thu in Nov Nov 03rd Nov 04th Nov 05th
The Netherlands 4th Thu in Nov Nov 24th Nov 25th Nov 26th
Norfolk Island Last Wed in Nov Nov 30th Nov 24th Nov 25th
United States 4th Thu in Nov Nov 24th Nov 25th Nov 26th

So, as indicated above, November is really a good month to express your thank and love. Be prepared for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day and thank you to all of our customers and blog readers in advance.