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Media Players to Play Flash SWF both on Your PC and Android Devices

How to play and where to play Flash SWF files is one of the frequently-asked questions. We have written some articles about this before, but not in a systematical way. Therefore, we are going to summarize several media players today that can play Flash SWF files both on your PC end and Android supported devices.

Media Player for Playing Flash SWF on Android Devices

RockPlayer – The first multi-device, multi-format video and audio player for Android. RockPlayer gives your Android phone (more on which ones later) a formidable array of media playback capabilities which not even the iPhone can hope to match.

Below is the long list that RockPlayer supports:

Supported File Formats avi, mkv, rmvb, mp4, mov, wmv, asf, wma, wav, mpg, ts, mpa, dvd, au, mp3, mid, ivf, aiff, ogm, ogg, cda, flic, d2v, aac, roq, flac, drc, dsm, swf, pls, pmp
Supported Audio & Video Encoders AAC, AC3, DTS, FLV4, LPCM, ALAW, ULAW, MPEG Audio, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo, RealAideo, Vorbis, AVC (H264), VC1, XVID, DIVX, SVQ, Theora, Bink
Supported Android ARMv Devices ARMv7 version, ARMv7 instruction set version, ARMv6+VFP version, ARMv6 version:

Media Player for Playing Flash SWF on PC End

SWF Opener – Double-click any SWF file on your hard drive to get it played right away or conveniently view and save cached SWF files from the attached SWF Cache Viewer.

Flash SWF Downloader – Perfect online Flash SWF viewer and downloader as well. Just enter the webpage URL of where the Flash is to play directly in the program. Proceed to download this Flash if you feel like to.

Flash SWF Converter – The built-in Flash player provides instant preview of your saved Flash SWF files. The property of this selected SWF is also available aside for your reference.

Media Player for Playing Flash SWF on both Android Devices and PC End

Flash SWF Converter – convert all kinds of Flash SWFs to MP4 exclusively optimized for Android devices or to other popular video in a variety of formats for playback on other portable devices and computer media players.

Something You Want to Know about Brand-New Windows 8

It is time now to embrace the brand-new Windows 8 though its release date is still not confirmed. No matter you already fall in love with Windows 7 or you still have hatred towards Windows Vista, let us forget it, because Windows 8 is definitely a very exciting thing and has so many differences from the previous versions ever.

We have the first-hand information from Microsoft side about Windows 8 and I can not wait to share some with you.

New and Beautiful User Interface

Metro Style – Windows 8 introduces a new Metro style interface, which shows the information important to you, embodies simplicity, and gives you control.

New Start Screen – The new Start screen gives you a fast way to interact with all of your apps and content.

Touch Keyboard – Windows 8 has two touch keyboards for ultimate mobility and flexibility. An improved, full-sized touch keyboard with larger buttons and a unique thumb keyboard make it easy to use your computer on the go.

One Windows – Many Shapes – Support for ARM-based chipsets, touch, and sensors makes Windows 8 work beautifully on your choice of a full spectrum of devices.

Powered by Apps

Your Apps Come with You – When you sign in with your connected Microsoft account to another PC running Windows 8, your Metro style apps and settings go with you, so it’s just like you’re using your own PC.

Apps can Work Together – Apps can communicate with each other in Windows 8.

Always on and always Connected – Metro style apps run and stay up to date even when the PC is on standby.

Great Apps Right out of the Box – Whether it’s entertainment, getting work done, staying in touch, being informed, or keeping memories, you’ll have the important apps you need.

Internet Explorer 10: the Web by Touch – Metro style Internet Explorer 10 provides a fast and fluid touch-first browsing experiences:

a. Touch browsing, not just browsing on a touch device – Internet Explorer 10, optimized for touch browsing, is built for speed and fluidity.

b. Your sites are at the center – The Metro style interface of Internet Explorer 10 is cleaner and the browser gets out of the way, so the focus is on your favorite sites.

c. Experience a more beautiful web – By taking advantage of Windows and your device’s hardware, IE10 continues the IE9 commitment to loading sites so fast that it feels nearly instantaneous.

Windows Store – The new Windows Store features great apps you might be familiar with and others you’ll love getting to know.


Compatibility – On x86 and x64 PCs, Windows 8 supports Windows 7 desktop applications and devices so you don’t have to compromise or give up what you’re used to.

More for power users – If you want to push the limits of your PC experience, we’ve invested in the features most often used by power users.

a. File management with ease – We’ve enhanced Windows Explorer to make file navigation and common file management tasks straightforward.

b. Task Manager – The new Task Manager is your easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard for monitoring and controlling your PC so you always know what’s going on with it.

c. Multi-monitor options – Using multiple monitors is more flexible than ever before.

d. Push-Button Reset – Windows 8 comes with a number of options to restore your PC to its original state.

Windows Update – Windows 8 takes care of keeping your computer up to date, including most maintenance activities, without getting in your way.

The Latest Flash Spy Vulnerability, The Biggest Security Threat to Gmail

Gmail users attention! The newest Flash vulnerability is undergoing hacker attacks, it may lead to Gmail info leak, malicious use of email and other consequences. Adobe has currently released the upgraded version of Flash Player to repair this serious issue.

According to the analysis, when Gmail users open the malicious web page with Flash vulnerability attack codes, a “spy” account will be secretly added by hackers in your Gmail. This “spy” account can read not only all the emails, but also send emails in the name of Gmail master, so that the hackers can release malicious ADs, fraud information etc.

Flash is widely used in the fields like web video, web games and so on, and Adobe Flash Player has been installed in almost 90% home computers. At the same time, Gmail has a large number of loyal users as well. Therefore, the exposure of Flash “spy” vulnerability will be a great threat to Gmail security.

At present, Adobe company has released the upgraded version of Flash Player to repair this vulnerability. It is highly recommended to download and install the latest Flash Player from Adobe’s official website, to protect the safety of your Gmail account.

Flash Photo Gallery to Memorize 9/11 Event – 10 Years, 16 Photos, 1 Lifetime Memory

It is actually a very sad and hard decision to memorize the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 using photos. Text can talk, picture can talk 10 times more than the plain text. The moment, the pain, the emotion will be revealed again directly in front of us.

However, we have leant a lot from the pain, we have become much stronger, and we have proved we can conquer any difficulty when we united together. 10 years with so many up-and-downs, 16 photos full of tears and joys, let us profoundly remember this 9/11 event, in our entire life.

9/11 Remembered Flash Photo Gallery to All the Dead and the Living

Old Question: Can iPad Play Flash? New Answer: Probably!

The Wall Street Journal microblog news: According to Dr. Walt Mossberg’s answer to readers’ letters, the columnist of The Wall Street Journal “personal digital life” section, Apple MacBook and iMac can actually run Adobe Flash Player, can also browse Flash video and Flash websites like the Windows computer does. Although Flash software is no longer pre-installed, users can download and install by themselves.

Q: I will go back to school in this fall, and I have contacted the school to know which laptop or tablet computer should I use. They said the Adobe Flash Player is needed to demonstrate the courses. I like Apple, but I know the latest Apple MacBooks and iPad are without Flash support. Is that true? If so, what should I buy?

A: There are many misunderstandings, the truth is that: MacBook and iMac can actually run Adobe Flash Player, can also browse Flash video and Flash websites like the Windows computer does. Although Flash software is no longer pre-installed, users can download and install by themselves for free. The download URL is After installation, you can browse any Flash video and website on your Mac normally.

In contrast, the built-in browser in iPad does not support Flash Player, so you can’t run Flash video or website. However, there are some third-party browsers exclusively for iPad can run Flash, such as Skyfire and Puffin. Although the support is just a little bit crappy sometimes. Puffin is already available for purchase in iPad App Store. If you are looking for a tablet PC with natural Flash support, you can consider of buying a new Android model or HP Touchpad, even though, some Flash video and website still can not be displayed properly on the current generation of tablet PCs with default Flash support.

Q: how to sync the calendar and contacts between PC and iPad? Please give some advice.

A: There are two ways to do that. Use iTunes or use the calendar and contacts on networking service providers like Google, Apple auto-sync service MobileME or Microsoft Exchange to auto-sync the data between PC and iPad.

PS: An SWF to iPad converter is also another very easy way to make Flash SWF files playable on iOS devices like iPad and many others.