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HP webOS Brief Intro and the Ways to Play Flash SWF Files on webOS Phones

webOS, rather than WebOS, is an HP-owned mobile operating system. There are not too many stories behind this adjacent logo because its initial release was just two years ago in 2009.

Very recently, HP announced several new webOS devices, with various versions of the operating system, including the HP Veer and HP Pre 3 smartphones, running webOS 2.2, and the HP TouchPad, a tablet computer released in July 2011 that runs webOS 3.0.

Let us have a look at the webOS features in the chart below and get to know why webOS is called the new ways to be amazing.

webOS Features
Just Type Whenever you want to do something on your phone, whether it’s emailing, texting, searching, or almost anything, just type.
True Multitasking Your open apps are logically grouped together in card stacks, so managing multiple tasks is ridiculously easy.
HP Synergy Synergy has been made open to developers, meaning you can pull more of the web into your phone.
Exhibition Exhibition works with compatible apps on your phone and more coming soon to the App Catalog—and it’s only from HP.
Apps There are already thousands of great apps for HP webOS, and the redesigned App Catalog makes it even easier to find the hottest apps out there.
Favorites Tag your favorite contacts, and they appear as Favorites in Phone and Contacts views. Favorites makes it simple to get in touch fast.
Web You can access your favorite Flash-based content through the browser. HTML5 enhancements including geo-location is also supported.
Messaging and Email Yahoo! Messenger is now available as an IM account. We’ve also made upgrades to Email, making it even easier to manage your inbox.
Productivity Updates Thanks to Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite and the support for IPsec VPN and Cisco’s SSL-based AnyConnect.


Sounds great! And now you can find the definite answer to the question: does webOS devices support Flash playback? That is for sure! webOS comes with the support for the Adobe Flash Plugin 10.1, so does the Flash content display!

However, is this the only way to play Flash on webOS devices? Absolutely not! There is an indirect way to do it: convert the Flash file to regular video/audio/image formats, which are easily accepted by almost all the devices no matter which OS it is using.

All you need is a Flash to Video Converter like this one:

And the operation is as easy as ABC. Step 1 to import your original Flash file, step 2 to choose your desired output video format, and last step 3 to customize other advanced settings and start the conversion.

Flash Slideshow- 21 Great Free Games You Can Play in Your Browser(Part II)

To be continued, below are the rest 11 great free browser games for your reference. Together with the previous post, it’s the complete collection of the fabulous 21 free games that you can play inside your browser! Enjoy and cheers!

Flash Slideshow- 21 Great Free Games You Can Play in Your Browser(Part I)

Hardcore fans or new gamers, no problem! Pay for those expensive online games or buy expensive gaming devices, no way! Then what are we going to play? The answer is browser game! And a new generation of games is showing that browsers are capable gaming platforms in their own right.

Today we have gathered together 21 great games ranging from 2D fighters to role-playing games that you can play for hours from right inside your computer browser. Let’s have a look one by one.

The amazing flash slideshow below with brief game description will present the first 10 browser games.

By the way, Google each game’s name highlighted in red in the flash presentation you will find its website easily and can start to play immediately. For your reference again, most online games are in the format of flash SWF, in this case, you may download and save it using a flash downloader and record the way how you play it to popular video format using a flash converter, so that you can share your secret on the internet with more game fans.

To be continued!

The Fight and Criticize between Flash and Apple Never Stops

The fight and criticize between Adobe Flash and Apple is just like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger!

First, let us take a look at what Apple says about Flash: full of bug, causes system crash, and a lazy company!

And what Apple does to Flash: obviously, Apple refuses Flash to be installed in any of its gadgets, iPod does not have it, iPhone does not have it, the latest iPad does not either.

Here is how Flash defends for itself: Adobe is definitely willing to, and has the power to make Flash applicable to iPhone, iPad and any other Apple product. However, the initiative is in Apple’s hand. Once Apple says Yes, Flash is guaranteed to be browsed smoothly on those devices. Unfortunately, Apple does not seem to do so.

Flash and other partners: the mobile-exclusive Flash 10.2 designed for smartphones is already available, it is supported by almost all other smart mobile phones brands like BlackBerry, Nokia, Google Android and Palm Pre. If they can support Flash, why Apple just can’t?

The real enemy of Flash: The real threat comes from HTML5, especially from the point of video display. Flash now is playing 75% of the videos on the Internet, and once HTML5 comes out, this figure will definitely be shrinking. The worse, HTML5 is promoted by many enterprises including Google. Adobe said they also support the development of HTML5, but it will cause a huge negative influence on the Internet due to the its incompatibility with different browsers.

HTML5 is currently under the development, and the compatible problems will be solved step by step. At present, Flash is no doubt the better video broadcast technology, but HTML5 grows faster as well. HTML itself is a web standard and has many other advantages, which may help win the competition for the long-term perspective.

The efforts Adobe Flash made to keep itself strong: Adobe is trying to please the software developers by promoting its Creative Suite, which can produce all kinds of Flash applications. As long as Flash is still considered the actual standard in video and animation broadcast field, the sales can be guaranteed. However, if Flash application developers turn to make applications for the web site and portable devices like iPhone and iPad using other technology, the competitiveness of Adobe will definitely be threatened. There is no doubt that the company will do its best to protect Flash from collapsing.

The alternative way to make Flash playable on Apple: since the fight between Flash and Apple is still going on, we need a third-party tool that can convert the Flash SWF files to Apple-friendly format MP4. It could be an SWF to iPhone Converter, or an SWF to iPad Converter, or an SWF to iPod Converter, etc.