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Adobe Flash Player 10.3 All New Features Presentation(Part II)

To be continued, this blog will present the remaining features of Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and again, analyze how it works with Moyea SWF Converter perfectly.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 remaining new features:

Interoperate with Network and System Resources


Asynchronous communication model; Binary sockets; Shared objects; Binary data access; Local connection.


Globalization support; File upload and download APIs; Input method editor (IME) support; Read/write clipboard access.


Browser privacy mode (desktop only); Out-of-memory management; External API; WMODE


Deliver Consistent Web Experiences


Open specifications; Open source support


Public bugbase; SWF search; Open Screen Project

Depend on the most Ubiquitous, Consistent Cross-platform Runtime


Support for mobile platforms; Cross-platform and browser consistency; Rapid adoption; Easy installation

Now, let’s come back to Moyea side. Due to the Lower-Playback-Speed technology and WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) principle, Moyea SWF converter is able to convert the flash SWF files with extremely-low frame rate and extremely-big file size, in a very easy way! Besides that, the pro-exclusive SWF editing features can also guarantee a personalized and high-quality Flash output. For more info about the collaboration between Moyea SWF and Adobe Flash Player since 10.1, please click here.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 All New Features Presentation(Part I)

From the earliest Flash Player 10.1 to the current 10.3, Moyea SWF Converter is being updated synchronously too for only one purpose: to support well kinds of Flash SWF files!

Each time whenever there is an update for Flash, Moyea has its own seamless solutions, making your Flash enjoyment on popular devices fast, cost-effective and best-quality-guaranteed.

Let us have a glance at the new features of Adobe Flash Player 10.3:

Control User Privacy

Simplified local storage management Desktop



Clear local storage from the browser settings interface just like how you clear your browser cookies.
Local settings manager Manage Flash Player privacy, security, and storage settings directly from the Control Panel.
Auto-update notification for Mac OS Stay current more easily due to the support for automatic notification of software updates on Mac OS.

New Creative Possibilities

FILTERS AND EFFECTS 3D Effects Create more intuitive, engaging interfaces using built-in support for 3D effects.
Custom Filters and Effects Create high-performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences that quickly engage users.
Dynamic Filters, Effects, Blend Modes, and Fills Add real-time dynamic effects with built-in filters for blur, drop shadow, glow and more.
TEXT Sub-Pixel Text Rendering Enjoy improved readability of text in Flash Player, especially for complex character-based languages.
Mobile Text Input Input text using native device virtual keyboards with TextField support if no physical keyboard is detected.
Advanced Text Support Take advantage of the flexible text engine that brings print-quality publishing to the web.
NATIVE DEVICE INTERACTIONS Native Custom Mouse Cursors Define custom native mouse cursors, enabling user experience enhancements and improving performance.
Accelerometer Input Leverage accelerometer input on supported devices for user input control and to control screen orientation.
Multitouch and Gestures Take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using new ActionScript 3.0 APIs for multitouch and native gesture events.

Produce Stunning Media Experiences

AUDIO AND VIDEO CODECS Acoustic echo cancellation (desktop only); Speex audio codec; High-quality video codecs
HIGH PERFORMANCE PLAYBACK Stage Video hardware acceleration; H.264 video hardware decoding; Internet Explorer 9 hardware-accelerated rendering support (desktop only)
MEDIA DELIVERY Content protection (desktop and Google TV only); Fast switch; HTTP Dynamic Streaming; Stream reconnect; Smart seek; Buffered stream catch-up; Peer-assisted networking

Deploy Dynamic Web Applications on a Powerful Runtime

EXTENSIBILITY ActionScript 3.0; Global error handling; Microphone access (desktop only); Dynamic sound generation; Drawing API; Text engine; Binary file support; Bitmap manipulation; Context menu
HIGH PERFORMANCE Audio hardware decoding; Hardware acceleration; Full-screen, hardware-accelerated mode; Graphical rendering; Multicore support for graphics; Anti-aliasing engine (Saffron 3.1); ActionScript Virtual Machine 2; Vector data type
RAPID RESPONSE TIME Optimized SWF management (mobile only); Sleep mode (mobile only); Flash Player cache; Periodic timer; Lightweight application size; Progressive application loading

So, as the partial new features of Adobe Flash Player 10.3 have surfaced, click here to know how Moyea SWF Converter ingratiate itself with them since the Flash Player 10.1!

( to be continued)

Flash Templates that Make Your Website Alive and Dynamic

Compared with SEO, website template design is kind of “skin-deep” thing. Do not get me wrong, template design is also very important and has the “first impression” effect! Let us go further, flash templates for web are the most eye-catching and dynamic one.

I’ve collected several well-designed flash templates and will show them here together with its design concept behind the screen.

Flash Template No.1 – Thumbnail Spread

Thumbnail Spread is a free flash XML gallery that features drag and drop thumbnails, click to navigate to any web page, adjust width and height of SWF from HTML tags.

Flash Template No.2 – Touch Scroller

Touch Scroller is a free flash image gallery scrolling left and right using touch control. Auto play on/off, duration, auto align to center on/off, tweener effects can be set via the XML file.

Flash Template No.3 – Thumbnail Stack

XML Thumbnail Stack is using touch and drag horizontally to scroll left or right, automatic center aligning image will open up any web page URL. 100% open source ActionScript 3.0 Flash file is available for free.

Flash Template No.4 – 3D Touch Ring

3D Touch Ring is free open source Flash Image Carousel using Papervision3D and Tweener. Drag and drop anywhere to rotate the ring. Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out and double-click on stage to toggle fullscreen.

Do not forget, those gorgeous flash templates are all downloadable from Internet and convertible to other popular video/audio/image formats for easy sharing with friends or customers.

Shop Love Play in 2011 Father’s Day – Moyea Launches Unique Sale for Your Father!

Moyea Software has officially launched the 2011 Father’s Day triple-surprise sale, which can definitely guarantee a happy and memorable time between you and dad during the upcoming Father’s Day.

Shop with ease in Father’s Day 2011 – just go ahead shopping without worrying your budget! All you have to do is to remember the coupon code DAD-45K2D467T7 so that you can instantly save up to $20! The coupon code is valid from Jun 15 – 21, 2011 and only applies to the payment made by SWREG. For more detailed information please visit here.


Love with tender in Father’s Day 2011 – feel shy to express your love and gratefulness to your dad? No problem, invite your friends on facebook and shout it out loud together. Let us know what do you think of your father by uploading a father-themed picture or video to Moyea facebook wall and get voted and liked. Whose 3 uploads receive the most likes will be rewarded with a $100/$80/$50 voucher respectively to shop anything they like from moyea websites. For the access to this event, please click here.


Play with fun in Father’s Day 2011 – if you and your father do not like crowd, play Father’s Day flash games and ecards for free can be a total relaxation. Moyea has collected several funny flash games to entertain both of you guys and to refresh your memory of being a great father. Play Father’s Day flash games now right here.


Shop, love and play in Father’s Day this year, hope Moyea has helped to create a wonderful time just for you and your father!

The Coolest 2011 Father’s Day Gifts Presented by Moyea

Have no ideas how to celebrate the upcoming 2011 Father’s Day this Sunday on Jun, 19th? Still confused what Father’s Day gifts to pick for the already-dad, dad-to-be and new dad? You are in the right place now, just scroll down and you will find the top Father’s Day gift ideas hand-picked by experts and our Moyea editors.

The most popular Father’s Day gifts for daddies:

fathers-day-gift-iphone printer

The iPhone Photo Printer – this is the first printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone or iPod touch. Requiring no computer or software, the printer is controlled from your iPhone via a free downloadable app.

fathers-day-gift-2-swf to iphone converter

The Flash SWF to iPhone Converter – this is the complementary gift of the previous one. It converts the Flash SWF files online or from PC to playable video format MP4 and image format animated GIF in your iPhone, so that you can print the Flash out with the best animation effect retained.

The Flash ecard – this is the most affordable and eco-friendly way to express love and gratefulness to your father. Send dad a Father’s Day greeting to show him that he is appreciated.

The most popular Father’s Day gifts for dad-to-be and new-dad:

fathers-day-gift-dad swag gift box

Daddy Swag Gift Box – this is the perfect gift for any new daddy this Father’s Day – look no further! It is an exclusive Daddy Swag Gift Set that has everything an expectant new daddy will need before and after the new baby arrives.


150 Tips & Tricks for New Dads – the book with a go-to guide to understanding and enjoying life as a new dad. Not necessarily to memorize all the tips, be free and creative, a unique dad that no one can copy.

fathers-day-gift-M&M'S gift box

Father’s Day Gift Box with Personalized M&M’S – new dad has to eat candies and have fun too. This delicious package is brand-new for 2011 and offers you a fun and memorable way to show Dad how much you care. Choose colors, write a creative message, add a face, or even put his favorite NFL, MLB, or NBA sports team on M&M’S!

Last but not the least, do not forget to say Happy Father’s Day to your father no matter you are near or far from each other. Let him know you really care, that matters!

New Adobe Flash Player 10.3 High Privacy Protection and Coordination with Flash SWF Converter


Foreign media report, Adobe recently released the latest version of Flash Player 10.3, including the developer tools, and the enhanced ability to protect your privacy. For developers, the key updates include video content influence evaluation and echo elimination. Flash product manager Thibault Imbert said, users can easily clear the local storage from browser settings interface, quite similar to clear the browser cookies.


Flash Player 10.3 has integrated local storage control and browser privacy settings into one. It is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 4, Microsoft IE8 and higher versions, and the upcoming Apple Safari and Google Chrome. End users will benefit from the privacy control embedded in browser, and experience the auto-update and the improved user panel of Mac OS.

Adobe is said to publish the AIR software next time containing more Flash alike functions, due to the fact that the basic codes are shared by Flash Player and Air. More details of AIR will be released soon in a couple of days. The mobile version of Flash Player 10.3 and the next AIR and AIR SDK will be released shortly as well.

Besides the high privacy protection, Adobe Flash Player 10.3 works perfectly with Flash SWF to video converter as well. The unique Lower-Playback-Speed technology enables SWF converter to capture the source Flash files with extremely-low frame rate(because it is covered accidently by other objects), the reaction of the program itself to one of the new features came along with Flash Player 10.1 and remains until now – periodic timer. For more details, please read here.

Adobe Uses Apple HLS to Make Flash Playable on iOS


It is reported previously in April that the new version of Flash Media Sever added HLS(also known as HTTP Live Streaming) protocol to play Flash movies seamlessly on iOS devices, saving the troubles for Internet content suppliers to convert Flash format and modify the web content.

Adobe announced this news during the National Broadcasting Association’s Annual Meeting that the new generation of Flash Media Server will support the Apple-exclusive HTML5 streaming protocol HTTP (HLS model), which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices. The new Adobe Flash Media Server live encoder will also support HLS as instant video broadcast.


Adobe Flash Media Server is a special media server made for playing Flashes. It originally only uses Adobe HTTP dynamic stream, this protocol compresses media files using MP4 format, transmits through HTTP, but has to be played via Flash. Therefore, HLS was added to the brand-new Flash Media Sever, which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices without changing its format and modifying the web content.

More tips to play Flash files on iOS devices and Apple portable devices:

Play Flash on iPad, play Flash on iPod, play Flash on iPhone, play Flash on Apple TV

Make Your 2011 Summer Holiday a Flash Possibility

Now comes June, probably the hottest and the most exciting summer time in a year! No matter your children are excited about the school summer camp, or you two are busy preparing the exotic summer holiday, here are some tips and ideas that may help to create a wonderful summer time 2011!

Let us see how to make your summer holidays the flash possibilities:


Go Summer Camps: correction, it is not just kids and teenagers thing, adults can also have great fun in kinds of summer camps. Summer camp categorized by regions, for example, Nevada summer camp, Las Vegas summer camp, Brighton summer camp, etc. Summer camp categorized by themes, such as summer camp for music, for art, for military, for fashion & culture and so on. You will be greatly entertained from any one of them, I am sure.


Go Summer Holidays: fly to Jamaica to wander on the beach in the moonlight, or to Maldives to snorkel in the crystal-clear water with Nemo, or to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy samba…it is all your choice! Pack your stuff and go to enjoy your summer time right now.


Go Summer Entertainments: a hard-core fan of summer movies, no problem, Kungfu Panda 2, Transformers 3, Harry Porter(the final episode), etc will all land in this summer. Just make sure you will be in the cinema on time to take those visual blockbusters.

Go Summer Media Kits: for those computer geeks and professionals, you can also spend a good summer time in the digital world! Download an online summer flash, convert a flash animation you made to picture or video format for easy sharing, record the way how you play summer-themed flash games, or send your friends dynamic summer flash ecards, like the one below.

Happy summer time and have a great day, everyone!