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Be a Part of Flash Mob to Celebrate New Year 2011 Uniquely


Hello, newbies, when the first time you hear Flash Mob, I guess your immediate reaction is to think is this flash the same one as flash swf file that we always talk about here and what kind of tools we can use to convert it to regular video for easy playback on more platforms.

Well, I admit I had the same first reaction as you did. However, flash mob and flash are totally two different things! They share nothing in common except the same English word – “flash”. Seriously, flash mob refers to a large group of people who assemble suddenly via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.


Some basic background info about flash mob you should know:

The first flash mob – created in Manhattan in May 2003, by Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper’s Magazine. The first attempt was unsuccessful but the second one was, which subsequently occurred on June 3, 2003 at Macy’s department store.

Notable flash mob 1 – the second largest and well-known flash mob was the April 2006 silent disco in London. At various London Underground stations, people gathered with their portable music devices, and at a set time began dancing to their music. It was reported that more than 4,000 people participated at London Victoria station.

Notable flash mob 2 – the world’s largest flash mob to date: Worldwide Pillow Fight Day (or International Pillow Fight Day) was a pillow fight flash mob that took place on March 22, 2008. Over 25 cities around the globe participated in the first “international flash mob”.

Will you be a part of flash mob to celebrate New Year 2011?


I personally think it is a good idea and definitely you can give it a try! New Year 2011 is just around the corner and a flash mob new year celebration is no doubt a unique start. By the way, the only flash mob I have participated is Free Hugs, wow, that feels good! LOL!

Embed a 2011 New Year Flash Card to Your Blog with Ease

I did see a lot of questions posted on Q&A sites asking: is that possible or how to insert flash swf files in personal webpages or blogs? According to my own experience, I can definitely tell it is possible to insert flash swf files in your blog and you can have at least 2 simple ways to do it!

In order to be more specific, I will take Leawo official blog for example to demonstrate the way:

1. Upload Flash in .swf Format to Blog Directly

This is the simplest and the most convenient way to upload the existing swf file to blog. When we say “existing swf file”, it means the swf files saved in your PC and they can be either created by your own or downloaded from internet.

Most blogs powered by Word Press support this direct flash swf upload. Click “Add Video” to start uploading process.


Wait until the uploading completed, the final effect is available to preview like this:


However, the only inconvenient thing is you have to click the flash swf link and enjoy it in another window.


2. Upload Flash in Regular Video Format to Blog Indirectly

To avoid the invisible flash problem mentioned above, better try this way. First download the online new-year-themed flash cards by entering the webpage URL where contains the flash card you want to download.


Second, proceed to convert the downloaded New Year flash card to popular video format in its parental program swf to video converter.


Then upload the converted flash swf in flv format now to blog. And frame it with a free flash video player which can be downloaded here for free. Preview the final effect like this:

Player will show here

Now you can enjoy the animated New Year flash card in video format which keeps the original flash quality and effects.

Keep Tuned and Surprised with Moyea Christmas Promotion Unexpected Giveaway and Lowest Price Sale

Moyea Software is bound to surprise all over its customers in this 2010 Christmas with random giveaways and lowest price sales for the most popular products non-stop from Nov, 28th, 2010 to Jan, 08th, 2011.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Dec 01st, 2010 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially launches the early-bird promotion for the upcoming Christmas which includes the unexpected software giveaways and lowest price sales that will take place once in a week on a randomly-chosen day from now on until Jan, 08th, 2011.

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moyea christmas giveaway and sale

Moyea Christmas Promo Contents: the selected product giveaway or lowest price sale once a week on a random day plus the up to 50% off discount for others.

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Moyea Christmas Promo Current Status: the first week giveaway for Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter during Nov, 21st – Nov, 27th, 2010 has completed; the second week lowest price sale for Moyea PPT4Web Converter during Nov, 28th – Dec, 04th, 2010 as low as $9.95 has ended as well. There is going to be another item Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter for sale on a random day in the upcoming week.


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