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How to Train Your Dragon – Another Blockbuster 3D Movie

3D movies now are the trend! After Avatar, came the Alice in the Wonderland, after that, comes the newest one: How to Train Your Dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon is a 2010 computer-animated fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation loosely based on the 2003 book of the same title.

Set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the action comedy tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn’t exactly fit in with his tribe’s longstanding tradition of heroic dragon slayers. Hiccup’s world is turned upside down when he encounters a dragon that challenges he and his fellow Vikings to see the world from an entirely different point of view.


If you haven’t seen it yet in the movie house, watch the trailer below to satisfy you curiosity a little bit. See you soon in the cinema!

Player will show here

Download Flash SWF and Convert to AVI, MOV, Animated GIF

A few days ago when I was looking through Yahoo Answer, accidently I saw some questions about the conversion between flash SWF and other video/picture formats. The frequently-asked questions are: how to convert SWF to AVI? How to convert SWF to MOV? And how to convert SWF to animated GIF?

Of course there are some very nice answers there, however, when I see somebody saying “It’s just impossible to convert SWF to animated GIF because SWF is flash, while GIF is picture format, so it’s not possible…(Sorry, I forgot how exactly the answer said)”, it was a big shock for me! What I want to say is: it is possible to convert SWF to animated GIF, and it is very easy as long as you find the right program!

Also, they are a lot of questions are asked about WHERE and HOW can I download flashes, well, my answer is ANYWHERE you want and it is very easy too, but here you go again, you have to find the right program!

Next, I’ll extract some pictures to illustrate how I solve the above questions:

Question 1: Where and how can I download flash SWFs?

Usually, you should focus on some online game websites cause most of the little games there are made in SWF format. Also, most advertisements and banners on the websites are made in SWF format too. If you are still not sure where to find them, just type the URL of the website that you think there may be flashes, and the program will automatically detect and download(if any).

Look at Figure 1, i just randomly type and actually I’m not sure whether it has flash there or not, click “Go” to perform search, if there is, the SWF URL will be listed, if there is not, just change another URL to try.

download flash swf

Figure 1

Question 2: How to convert SWF to AVI?

I have to say this is one of the basic SWF to video conversions and is extremely useful for those who want to play SWF files on PC players and with excellent picture and sound quality. Please see Figure 2.

convert swf to avi

Figure 2

PS: if you are a professional video editor, you can choose “Video with alpha” option to convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel.

Question 3: How to convert SWF to MOV?

Apple! Apple! Apple! SWF to MOV conversion is made for mac users to play SWF file in Apple QuickTime Player. Please see Figure 3 for details.

convert swf to mov

Figure 3

Question 4: How to convert SWF to animated GIF?

This is a challenge because somebody already said it is just impossible, I want to say: just impossible for some programs! Here comes the solution(see Figure 4).

convert swf to animated gif

Figure 4

Not only that, you can customize the frame rate, image size and compression quality during the SWF to animated GIF conversion. Test the finished GIF and the excellent quality will definitely WOW you!

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg, keep exploring and you will find more! Enjoy the Flash World!

Microsoft IE9 will Support VP8 Video Technology and May Replace Flash

May 20th, 2010, manager of IE department Dean Hachamovitch said Microsoft IE9 browser will support VP8 video CODEC technology, the purpose of which is to improve IE9’s openness and compatibility.

WebM Project

Google has announced the debut of WebM project on Wednesday’s I/O developers technology conference. WebM is an open, royalty-free network media file format, and is supported by the commercial software giants such as Mozilla(the developer of Firefox browser), Opera(the developer of Norway browser), AMD, Nvidia , Oracle and so on.

WebM adopts VP8 codec technology, which is Matroska media technology based on the network video technology developer On2.. Early this February, Google has taken over On2 with $1.06 million dollars. On2 is well-known for video compression technology, and this technology has been widely applied in all kinds of desktop software and mobile applications. On2 customers include Adobe, Skype, Nokia, Infineon, Sun, SONY, American network television servicer Brightcove etc.

Microsoft Response

Regarding Google WebM, Hachamovitch said on Wednesday’s night in blog: “IE9 supports not only HTML5, but also H.264 video and VP8 video. However, the premise is the users must have the VP8 codec pack installed in Windows.” He stressed that there are still some specific technical problems need to be solved before IE9’s perfect support to VP8.

Hachamovitch said: “I want to make it clear that we hope to maintain IE’s security and stability, but at the same, improve its openness and compatibility. We promise to the customers that IE9 shall support all the frequently-used media formats. Meanwhile, the intellectual property rights of Windows clients, developers, and all internet users, will be protected.

Standard Competition

Fully support to networl video is one of the new functions of HTML5 internet browsing standard. But for the network video standard, Ogg Theora and H.264 are deadlocked. Microsoft, as one of the important contributors to H.264 standard, decides to continually support it in Windows operating system and IE9 browsers. Apple also stands by H.264 and said the H.264 video technology will become the alternative products of Adobe Flash.

However, Mozilla and Opera have different voices. They disapprove H.264 format. In addition, the insiders who establish the the technical specification of HTML5 also said, network video standard should not only choose specific codec.

Insiders said, WebM project may help reduce the conflict between Ogg Theora and H.264. But if WebM can not get the support from Microsoft and Apple, it is very hard to be the actual network video standard. Apple hasn’t comment on Google’s release of WebM project yet.

Highly recommended by Mozilla

Mozilla preachers Chris Blizzard wrote in blog on Wednesday: “VP8 is superior to Ogg Theora speaking of codec quality, and it can compete with H.264 speaking of picture quality. We will support WebM in Firefox, and today we released the beta Firefox 4.0, with the early support to WebM.”

Opera also launched a beta browser which supports WebM format. Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie said: “HTML, CSS and JavaScript have never had patent, Internet should always be open.

Although the video function of HTML5 standard may be a significant threat to Adobe Flash, Google and Adobe are already in the alliance and Google has decided to integrate Flash to its Chrome browser. Because of this, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch said on Wednesday that Flash player will be integrated with VP8 function and the new product is set to be released within one year.

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The Contradiction between Adobe and Apple is Getting Fierce

According to foreign media reports, Adobe company delivered an advertisement and open letter on May, 13th, strongly accused Apple for strangling the competition. Apple previously had made it very clear that the Adobe software applications were totally banned on iPad and iPhone.

Adobe said in the advertisement: “We like Apple. What we don’t like is the person who grabs your freedom to choose. You definitely have the freedom to choose what are you going to create, how to create, and what to experience on the internet.” Adobe also bought a full-page on Washington Post today, gave all the details about this dispute between Adobe and Apple. At the end of the open letter were the signatures of co-founder Geschke Chuck and John Warnock.

In this letter, Adobe declared: “the essence of the problem lies in: who is the real controllor of Internet? We think the answer is the Internet users, rather than any of the powerful company.”

It is reported recently that Apple is developing the Flash-alternative project Gianduia, which was revealed in WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) last year.. Apple has said it will support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, but not Flash.

The insiders think the Adobe open letter is a strong evidence that the divergence between Adobe and Apple is getting worse. Two weeks ago, the CEO of Apple just issued a 29-paragraph-long article to accuse Adobe Flash for “major technology defect”. It is said that Adobe has officially sued to America Anti-Monopoly Government Department and it may investigate this case accordingly. This means the contradiction between the two is intensified thoroughly.

Some useful links for your reference if you want to convert flash SWF to other popular video/audio/picture formats.