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Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0 Released with Synchronous DVD to FLV Conversion and Bug-Fixings

The newly-released Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0 converts DVD to FLV with exact synchronization of video and audio files and perfectly solved some small bugs.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Dec, 29th, 2009 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the release of upgraded Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0 version with exact video and audio synchronization, perfect bug-fixings during conversion and the optimized profile settings.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter is a handy program that can perfectly convert DVD to FLV, DVD to other web-ready flash video formats in H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP and 3G2 for uploading to video-sharing websites like Youtube, Google Video and MySpace, etc for playback and sharing with friends and families. Additionally, this DVD to FLV converter is also able to convert DVD to MP3 , AAC, and M4A for audio enjoyment.

What Makes Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0 Different?

1. The ability of keeping output video file’s data and audio from losing – this enhancement ensures a complete output video file with data and audio. Also, thanks to the lower-playback-speed technology while converting, the program is able to extract both video and audio at the same time and present a high-quality output file with exact video and audio synchronization to its users.

2. The ability of implementing watermark function successfully – the proper execution of adding watermark enables its customers to add unique image/text watermarks on the generated FLV videos for copyright protection or piracy prevention. The watermarks’ transparency and location are also very easy to adjust.

3. Optimized profile settings – more parameter options of each output format such as video, audio and misc are available now in advanced profile settings to make sure a better output quality.

4. The ability of carrying on a faster and steadier DVD to FLV conversion – the perfect bug-fixings during conversion process take no more time to wait. This new V2.2.1.0 version converts DVD to FLV with higher speed and few clicks.

What Costs to Have Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0?

Moyea DVD4Web Converter has a free trial version for downloading via the below link. It functions equally as the registered one except there is a watermark logo on the converted files. It just costs a little to upgrade to registered verson to enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports.

System Requirement of Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0?

Moyea DVD4Web Converter V2.2.1.0 runs well on Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista. It won’t occupy too much space either due to its small size.


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Firefox Plugin Detection Mechanism Leads to 10 Million Flash Downloading

According to the foreign media reports, Firefox developer Mozilla said recently that the newly-released Firefox upgraded version with flash auto-detect mechanism has led to 10 million latest flash downloading from Adobe website in a week.

Mozilla released Firefox latest upgraded version 3.5.3 and 3.0.14 last week which perfectly fixed three critical security flaws in the previous version. In addition, in order to prevent attackers using Firefox plugin flaw to attack its users, new versions will initially detect whether the flash player that Firefox using is the latest or not.

Mitchell Baker, chairman of Mozilla, said that in the last week, about 1/3 new version users have downloaded the latest flash player from Adobe after seeing the reminding message. “User response rate is very high, usually the response rate is only 5% when they see software upgrade information.”, Mitchell said.

Mozilla security team personnel Jonathan Nightingale explains that the fact a large number of Firefox users would like to update flash player indicates the importance of network security issues. He said last week the reason why new Firefox has to detect whether the flash player it is using the latest version or not is: first, flash player is very popular; second, 80% Firefox users are still using the old version flash player according to a corresponding survey.

Adobe company also confirmed that the visitors of flash player upgrading webpage in the past week had a rapid growth. Adobe products security and privacy department director Brad Arkin appreciated the latest detecting mechanism very much by saying “For Adobe, it’s definitely a good thing for massive users to have the upgraded flash, it assures their security and we are very happy to see Mozilla sending the flash upgrading message to its users.”

P.S. You may be also interested in another blog about How to Delet Flash SWF Cache under Firefox.

2009 3D Christmas Movie – A Christmas Carol

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, how will you spend that special night? Have a delicious turkey meal in a nice restaurant or watch a festive Christmas movie in cinema?

No matter what will you do to celebrate Christmas, i just want to wish you a nice and safe 2010!

By the way, speaking of Christmas movie, i kindly recommend the latest one named A Christmas Carol. Have a look at the splendid trailer below and enjoy the 3D version in cinema tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

Merry X’mas and Happy New Year, guys!

Player will show here

Up to $20 Saving on Massive Christmas Sale of Moyea SWF Converter Series

Moyea Software has recently launched the blockbuster Christmas sale which covers 9 featured products of Moyea SWF Converter series and saves maximum $20 for customers to celebrate 2010 Christmas.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Dec, 22nd, 2009 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the massive 2010 Christmas sale up to $20 off for its SWF converter series including Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std, Moyea SWF4Tube Converter, Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter, Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, Moyea SWF to iPod Converter, Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter, Moyea SWF to Apple TV Converter, Moyea SWF to Zune Converter and Moyea SWF to PSP Converter.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std is an all-in-one flash SWF converter that can perfectly convert SWF to all kinds of video/audio/picture format for playback on various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP etc. While other mentioned SWF converters are focused one-type flash SWF converters that shall convert SWF to one of the specific video formats for playback on the relevant devices like cell phone, Apple TV, Zune player and so on.

What’s the Big Deal of This Moyea SWF Converter’s Christmas Sale?

Surprisingly $20 off for Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std and $10 off for all others.


All the above-mentioned Moyea SWF Converters can be found on and enjoy the adorable Christmas discount rates immediately.

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Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Watch Flash Safely-Be Aware of Flash Virus

Flash is a very common format used to deliver animations over Internet. Flash brings us a lot fun but at the same time, flash viewers have to concern the security issues as well. The first flash file virus WF/LFM.926 appeared in early 2002 but was fortunately refused by patch tools emergently released from Macromedia company. However, just after two years in November, 26th, 2004, another new virus DJ2005 (Win32.Troj.QQMydj2005) which can be downloaded automatically with the flash file was found. When you are browsing the exquisite flash files, be extremely careful if another website is opened simultaneously or an irrelevant program is downloaded automatically, because that might be the virus! It can modify explorer. exe process and registry, besides, it can also send messages through QQ to cajole other users.

Strategies: first, scan DJ2005 trojans through free online virus check; second, make sure your virus database is up to date to prevent any new virus; third, make sure your flash player, flash converter or other flash relevant programs are clean and safe, 100% virus free.

Recommend Several Flash Standalone Players under Linux

Now there are many teaching videos in the form of SWF spreading on the Internet. Quite useful, but how to watch those teaching videos under Linux operating system?

In fact, these SWF format videos are compiled flash bytecode files and can’t be played by regular video players like MPlayer and VLC Media Player, which otherwise is capable of playing other flash-delivered FLV files. Here comes the topic today: the introduction of three flash SWF players under Linux OS.

1. Swfdec

The earliest open-source flash implementation scheme, is able to play the most of flash 7 format videos and contained in almost all release repositories. Both 32 and 64-bit versions are available.

Installation under Fedora 10: su-c ‘yum install swfdec-gnome’

2. Gnash

Gnash is an emerging open-source flash implementation scheme, currently only supports flash 7 format videos. It’s quite active in the recent two year’s release, there are 32 and 64-bit versions.

Installation under Fedora 10: su-c ‘yum install gnash’

3. Adobe Flash Standalone Player for Linux

Adobe Flash Standalone Player was included in the Adobe Flash Debugger and can be downloaded from Adobe’s official website. There is only 32-bit version available but with the best SWF compatibility due to the official version.

Installation under Fedora 10: download and unzip with 7-zip, double-click the generated flashplayer icon to start. If you want to create SWF play association under GNOME, right-click any SWF file, choose “properties”-“open”-“add”, find and select the unzipped flashplayer, click “ok”. Then check the radio in front to make it the default SWF player, click “close” at last to quit settings.

4. Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std/Pro

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std/Pro is a SWF player as well as a SWF converter which can convert SWF files to all kinds of popular video formats efficiently and swiftly.

Installation: click here to download and install the trial version for free.

5. Windows Media Player

Usually Windows Media Player can’t play SWF files under the default settings, however, if we manually change some settings, theoretically it can play. To be more precise, I’m still testing it and will write another blog about it when it’s done.


After the personal test using several English grammar SWF videos, Gnash sometimes may have the asynchronization between video and audio, Swfdec performs well, so does the Adobe Flash Standalone Player and Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std/Pro.

Which among the above-mentioned standalone flash players is your favorite? Pick one and enjoy the SWF teaching videos now!

By the way, If you only have a few SWF files, those standalone flash players might be troublesome. In this case, what you need is just a web browser with flash plugin. Drag the SWF file to the address bar and that’s all it takes to enjoy your nice teaching videos.