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Advantages and Disadvantages of SWF Files

SWF – short for “Small Web Format” or “Shockwave Flash”, is a kind of popular format intended to be small enough to publish various animations or applets on the web.

SWF has come under the control of Adobe and can be generated from within several Adobe products: Flash, Flex Builder (an IDE), as well as through MXML.

Early SWF format was praised because it created compact animations that were fast loading. Now, SWF files can incorporate sound and video and even bitmap files.

Major Advantages of SWF Format

1. SWF is vector based. This means that the graphics can be scaled easily, so they can be zoomed in or be fit onto different size screens, and the file will still look very clear and play very smooth (unlike bitmap animation).

2. SWF is fast loading. It was intentioanlly created small and light to display entertaining animations and could be reused by a player running on any system and which would work with slower network connections.

3. Easy and smooth compression. Like PNG format, SWF uses a non-patented lossless data compression method known as DEFLATE, which is the same algorithm used in the zlib compression library.

4. Supports transparencies (like PNG and GIF). SWF offers a variety of transparency options. With truecolor and greyscale images either a single pixel value can be declared as transparent or an alpha channel can be added (enabling any percentage of partial transparency to be used).

Major Disadvantages of SWF Format

With all the formats though come their disadvantages however, there are not many with SWF but a major one is compatibility. One can not play an SWF video unless it has Macromedia Flash installed on the computer.

Some Tips about SWF

Grab online SWF files for free and with ease.

Convert SWF files to pupolar video formats for playback on various portable devices.

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New Moyea Free Flash Downloader Downloads Online SWF Files with Ease

To find and download online SWF files and SWF games can never be this easier with the newly-released Moyea Free Flash Downloader. Just type the target website address and this handy flash downloader will do all the others.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Oct 14th, 2009 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially debuts the brand-new Moyea Free Flash Downloader with focused SWF downloading function, user-friendly interface, fast downloading speed and flexible downloading options.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader is an easy-to-use flash downloader that can download SWF files and SWF games from Internet. With the built-in flash player and simple integration of embedded SWF to Video Converter, this free downloader is also capable of previewing SWF files prior to downloading, and then convert those downloaded SWF files to other popular video formats with just several mouse-clicks.

What’s hot in Moyea Free Flash Downloader?

Download all online SWF files and SWF games

Just type the target website address, this program will automatically list all the URLs of flashes found for downloading.

Fast downloading speed

This free flash downloader supports multi-thread and batch-mode downloading, which accelerates the downloading process and saves time.

Flexible downloading options

Users can choose to download all the SWF files or a specific one to the preferred destination folder with just a mouse-click.

Built-in flash player

Easy access to preview SWF files prior to downloading via the built-in flash player and then select the preferred one(s) to download.

Extra SWF converting function

With the simple integration with a SWF to Video converter, users can easily edit and convert those downloaded SWF files and SWF games to other popular video formats for playback on various portable devices.

Other useful feature(s)

“Copy URL” function enables its users to copy the original website address of SWF file for future reference: download, save, edit or share, etc.

Price and Availability

Moyea Free Flash Downloader applies to OSs like Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista. And it’s a free program available for downloading from the below links.

Company Website:
Product Webpage:
Product Download Link:

Contact Person:
Moyea Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

Convert Files into Web-Ready Flash Documents or PDFs

Let’s say if you want to publish Microsoft Word documents on the Internet for sharing with other people, usually we will save it as web page format .mht or .mhtml, however, the layout will be changed if we use this way. Is there any better solution to convert Word to web-ready documents like flash SWF without changing its layout? Definitely yes, FlashPaper is the key!

FlashPaper allows anyone to convert printable files(here we use Microsoft Word for example) into Flash documents or Adobe PDF files with one click. Instantly generate Flash documents that can be accessed by over half a billion web users. Or transform files into secure, compact PDFs for e-mailing, archiving, and printing. FlashPaper is an affordable solution to create web-ready documents easily that can be shared on any website.

The brief tutorial below demonstrates exactly how to convert Word to Flash SWF with FlashPaper in seconds:

Step 1: Simply download and install FlashPaper program. The free trial versiom is available at Adobe official website.

Step 2: Open one Word document that you want to convert to flash, click “FlashPaper” menu on Toolbar.

click "FlashPaper" on toolbar

Step 3: Click “Convert to Macromedia Flash(.swf)”, and then save it in the destination folder.

choose "convert to macromedia flash(.swf)"

Step 4: Open the SWF file you just saved in the destination folder, you will be amazed how excellent job the FlashPaper has done: layout is exactly the same and everything is the same. By the way, FlashPaper can also convert Word to PDF. Try it!

convert Word to PDF

Kind notice:

Want to be more creative? No problem, try to convert those generated SWF files to other popular video formats like AVI, MP4, VOB. MPG, RMVB, etc with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std/Pro, so that you can watch them via various portable devices, iPod, iPhone for example. Have fun!

convert SWF to Video formats

Asian-Based “Astro Boy” Rocks Hollywood Film Screen

First sketched by Osamu Tezuka in 1956, “Astro Boy” became an instant classic of the Japanese-invented manga-style comics with its tale of a powerful little robot boy built by a scientist in the image of his deceased son.

First broadcast in Japan from 1963 to 1966, “Astro Boy” was adored by the children across the globe because of his extraordinary charisma and courage.

And now, this world-famous Asian-based animation which will take on Hollywood film screen on Oct, 23rd, 2009 in computer-animated 3-D way presented by HongKong-based Imagi Animation Studios.

In the up-coming movie, the filmmakers have taken the traditional story — which saw Astro Boy abandoned to a circus and then reborn as a superhero — and updated it not only with modern 3-D CGI technology but also with modern themes.

This is going to be an excellent Astro Boy story with action, humor, courage, touching moments and heart. It will be totally new for North American audience, but very familiar for Asian audience.

Three of the worldwide box office’s top10 hits so far this year have been made in 3-D CGI technology—“Up”coming in 3rd, “Monsters vs Aliens” at 6th and “Ice Age3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” at 7th. Let’s see what surprise our favorite “Astro Boy” will bring for us!

Watch the 2009 Astro Boy Trailer Right Now and Right Here:

Player will show here

V2 Technology Innovates Flash Video Conference

What is Flash Video Conference?

Speaking of flash video conference, many people will have confused question: to have such a conference really does not need any plug-in installation? V2 Technology, a leading force in Greater China in terms of network video-conferencing technologies and multi-media communications domain, gives us a very definite answer.

V2 Technology CEO Mr. Ye said: “Flash video conference can be as easy as visiting some video websites like YouTube and youku, all you have to do is to open these websites, search and browse what you want to see. As long as you can use computer and the computer is connected to Internet, you can use flash video conference, completely without technical and operation difficulties.”

Technology Innovation Pushes Flash Video Conference a Big Step Forward.

CEO Mr. Ye said that in early 2004 they have found this new technology. However, it was just started at that time abroad, so how to discard the dross and select the essence has became V2’s focus in recent years.

The difference between western and eastern users is the former care more about the functions while the latter care more about the effects. In the past ten years, many video-conferencing system manufacturers were competing the best technology to the highest quality, however, they didn’t know it can limit the products in an opposite way. For example, there is a huge difference between the flash video conferences for executive managers who will be assisted by the technical personnel and the common enterprise staff who have to do the video conference plug-in installation and debugging by themselves. Maybe it will take 30 minutes to prepare for a just 30 minutes meeting. A lot of time is wasted and such technical difficulties hinder the popularity of flash video conference.

How to make flash video conference as simple as MSN or QQ, and at the same time, economic, easy-to-use and stable? Mr. Ye mentioned two patents of V2: flash technology, cloud computing and SaaS. Undoubtedly, these technologies are the hottest right now and with them, the video conference can be started in 5 seconds and with total support to high-definition and large volume of video conference; seamless docking with many other software; expansion and upgrade without the client personally operation; with data security and encryption technology, and the most important one, no any plug-in needed. Mr. Ye said that this kind of simplicity brought by V2 video-conferencing technology is a milestone in this industry.

Flash Video Conference: Easy to Imitate but Difficult to Overcome.

Speaking of other newly-released products from different manufacturers in 2009, Mr. Ye is very confident because since the first day V2 has dedicated a lot of development and testing force, more than 100 people’s research team will achieve every function and every effect. Such focused research strength and technology can never be that easy to overcome.

Indeed, from the SARS in 2003, to the 2008 Olympic Games, Sichuan earthquake, we can see and experience the power of V2 flash video conference. Many large-scale enterprises, such as Wal-Mart, Bank of China, the National Postal Bureau, Lenovo, Guangzhou Honda, Coca Cola, Pepsi, TCL, DHL, China Telecom and so on have applied and all leave very good comments.

More Wonderful Experience of Flash Video Conference with 3G Technology.

Partner with Huawei in 3G domain, they have developed many excellent projects together so far. “V2 doesn’t aim to earn money, V2 is to guide the industry, guide the customers, lead the industry to positive development, let more customers know the exist of such advanced video conference technologies, let 99% of the small and medium-sized China enterprises use flash video conference with affordable price.” said Mr. Ye when talking about V2 flash video technology.

Most important, the application of V2 flash video technology means video conference gradually escaping from the complex meeting security and slightly higher demand of local configuration, begining to bring more exciting experience for common enterprise users. With brilliant and higher-quality application, high market share and V2’s successful operation model support, flash video conference’s prospect is definitely immeasurable.

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